Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Have you ever had that lonely ache
that crushes the heart till it's likely to break
that crying out for the human touch
to fill the gap that has grieved you much?

Then suddenly, around the bend you meet a friend
just when you thought it was the end!
You clasp each other's hands, a joyous thrill envelopes you!
You, who thought the night was dark!
But, all you needed was the magic spark!

Now you know that heaven awaits around the bend!
Where skies are blue and wild flowers blend!
The blue birds sing and you have found a friend
Around The Bend!

It's been so long since I have posted a poem.
Thought today was a good day to write and share a poem.
I hope that maybe I might have a few of my friends stop on by to read it.
I think I'm probably long forgotten, as I have not been able to visit you all very much.
I'll be back to posting on a more regular basis in the Fall.
Take care, dear friends!


Thanks to all you sweet people that have visited me!
I'm sorry I've had no time to come by and visit all of you, or even reply to your wonderful comments on this post!

I'm leaving for Nova Scotia, Canada Aug 23rd and will be back home Sept 6th.
I'm so looking forward to my trip!!!!!
Hope so much to get back to posting shortly after I return.
Enjoy the rest of your Summer and enjoy each and every moment of your life!
Take care!
Be happy!
Hugs and smiles to all of you!


Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Because you are my friend, my heart contains
a peacefulness I never knew before.
I do not seem to mind life's blows and pains . . .
They do not seem to hurt me anymore!
I do not feel as lonely nor as blue
as once I did when days seemed without end,
for now the hours are filled with thoughts of you,
and I am glad, because you are my friend!

Because you are my friend, the whole world seems
more beautiful than I had thought it was . . .
Sometimes I cannot tell the real from dreams,
Nor do I care , because . . . well, just because!
One thing I know, you seem to understand
all of the faults I try so hard to mend!
Nor have you failed as yet to lend a hand
when needed most, because you are my friend!

Because you are my friend, I feel I own
a wealth that far excels all earthly things . . .
The song of life that none should sing alone . . .
The symphony of souls that friendship brings . . .
And as I journey on life's winding road . . .
with someone true on whom I can depend . . .
I walk with lighter feet and lesser load . . .
and happier heart, because you are my friend!

Because you are my friend, I know that I
have found a refuge from the storms of strife . . .
And like a rainbow's trail across the sky . . .
You color all the drabness in my life . . .
The flowers you have strewn along the way . . .
perfume my path wherever I may wend . . .
I guess there's nothing else that I can say . . .
except give thanks, because you are MY FRIEND!

Hi everyone!
I am going to be taking an extended break . . . probably be back in the Fall!
Life is soooo busy for me now, but it's all good!
I'll drop in to visit all of you now and then.
Hope you all have a wonderful spring and summer!
Hugs and best wishes for much joy in your lives!
See you later!


Sunday, March 18, 2007


Happiness . . . holding hands
with suspended time . . .
flickering flames casting shadows of dreams . . .
Remembering yesterday's stolen kiss . . .
Or, seeing the exuberance
of undaunted youth
excited in their own discoveries.

Happiness . . . counting colors
in Autumn's leaves . . .
Tasting rain that relieves
a long dry period . . .
Listening to the wind
whistling outside a snug cabin . . .
Or, basking in the warmth of
rocking a baby to sleep.

Happiness . . . that state of being
which is so solid in the contentment . . .
of quiet hours and so alive
in the breath of bustling activity. . .
But more than anything else
the realization that the gift
of life is yours to enjoy.

Hi, to all of you . . . my special blogger friends.
I am taking a break from blogging for about a month or so.
Need to give lots of attention to our newest family member, Jake.
Having a puppy is wonderful , but lots of work too.
Also, our son will be leaving us soon for college, and I don't want to
miss any of the special times we will be sharing . . . those moments will never come again, and I can't miss a single second spent with him.
Just not enough time now . . . for writing . . . or visiting your wonderful blogs . . .
Will try and visit now and then. . .

Will miss all of you . . .
Till I return. . .
Be happy . . . take care . . . enjoy life . . . and be well.
Love to all!

Margie :)

Thursday, March 15, 2007


The way to nowhere is a beautiful road
that winds through the Garden of Fairest Dreams . . .
No pebbles of Cares are ever found there . . .
And Nature with softest rays of soul light gleams!

Where the highway to Nowhere comes to an end
there gorgeous flowers of haunting Heartsease grow . . .
and rest lies deep within the shadows that creep . . .
in the land where the winds of contentment blow!

There are no hours of time in this magic land
For the sun never rises, nor does it set . . .
For the light that shines apart comes from the heart . . .
in the throbbing breasts of those who live . . .
in the land of "Contentment, No Cares, No Fret!"

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


The love a dog will give to you
remains a thing forever true . . .
Nothing in the world can dim it
completely yours, every minute . . .
Constant as the day is long
Such a love is forever strong . . .
All you have to do to earn it
is take it, cherish and return it!

(Dedicated to Jake . . . my new Best Friend!)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Caged like a bird with drooping wings
my heart kept fluttering deep within . . .
One day it broke the prison walls . . .
and let the God of love come in!
And now my heart just sings and sings!

Sunday, March 11, 2007


I like the radiance of the sun
and the friends in my life . . . that add so much joy and fun!

I like the beacon in the light
and the stars at night.

I like the ebb in the tide
and the ocean deep and wide.

I like the ripple in the sea
and the thrill that's left to me.

I like the silver in the moon
and the summer's sweet bloom!

Friday, March 09, 2007


His name is Jake. He became a member of our family today! We are so thrilled and happy to have him join our family! I would write a poem about him, but, the little guy tired me out today. Jake is sleeping now, after a very busy day. I guess I had better get to bed, as I know Jake will be waking me up soon!

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Jumbled thoughts, gushing, rushing
pertrubing, distrubing,
this mind of mine for an outlet.

Wording, phrasing, sentencing.
Periods, commas, question marks,
No polish - just words!

Life is like that 'til we give it a pitch
Then comes music - harmony, improvised!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


May you always have the courage of the violet
sweet and brave . . . peeping out, as if to say . . .

There is nothing small or great
can keep me down today!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Here's to the friends of yesterday
We know not where they are . . .
But the fragrance of their friendship . . .
steals to us from afar.
Here's to their smiles and happy songs . . .
that mingled with our own.
Here's to the loving thoughts we send
to them, when we're alone.

And though we cannot see them
Tonight, we know they're here.
The knowledge of their presence
comes to us, sweet and clear.
Though they are absent and silent . . .
With us, many a vacant chair . . .
like the vase, all shattered and broken . . .
the rose fragrance lingers there!

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Come sweet springtime, oh springtime come quickly
Banish the chilly winds of winter again . . .
Open your doors of your treasures . . .
to gladden the souls who are weary of winter's reign!

Touch with your soft carressing fingers
the buds that are swelling on shrub and tree . . .
Linger a while among the birches . . .
Waken them from their dormancy!

Stop a while to flirt with the maples
Whisper sweet nothings where willows sway . . .
Sing to all creatures a song of gladness . . .
Loosen the bonds of winter today!

With magic touch awaken the flowers
Beckon the birds to sing to me . . .
Smile on the face of the ice bound rivers . . .
And send them tumbling down to the sea!

For we are weary, weary of winter
Its charms have faded and are no more . . .
Come sweet springtime, oh springtime come quickly . . .
Bring us the joys we are looking for!

Friday, March 02, 2007


Oh, the beauties of earth enslave me
I have searched so often in vain . ..
for the first wild woodland blossoms . . .
awakened by April's warm rain.

I have stood for hours enraptured
by the sights and sounds of spring . . .
I am a slave to the wild, sweet music . . .
of song birds on the wing.

Only last night I stood spellbound
at the evening sky's display . . .
where the red-bordered sun was sinking . . .
as it bid farwell to the day.

And its beauty ensnared my senses . . .
and a vision came to me then . . .
of a stairway leading to heaven's gate . . .
that could be traveled by children, women and men.

But the flaming sky drew its mantle of dusk
to hide the glory from view . . .
And the night grew dark , yet the spell remained . . .
until I felt the first kiss of the morning dew!

Thursday, March 01, 2007


When clouds break in a dreary sky
and birds toward sheltered branches fly . . .
I sit in weary solitude . . .
engulfed by some enchanted mood.

The grayness that fortells a storm . . .
stirs feelings in my veins so warm.
Through half-closed lids I watch the worry . . .
of countless clouds that seem to hurry.

The will of Him who cautions all . . .
shall soon command the rain to fall.
And as the drops slowly hit the ground . . .
It makes such a musically pleasant sound.
While others fret and wish for warm . . .
I'm quite happy in a pensive storm!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Oh, leave the darkness
Come out and dance in the sunshine . . .
with the yellow butterflies . . .
Let us follow the little path . . .
along the side of the hill . . .
to where the wild white lilies . . .
hide in clumps of grass . . .
and a thousand dragonflies . . .
glisten in their flight.

Oh, leave the darkness
Come out and dance in the sunshine . . .
with the yellow butterflies!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


O, Cupid took a shining dart
and feathered it with love . . .
and wove a magc spell . . .
with all the stars above.

Then he put the moonlight
into the summer sky . . .
and stirred the breath of roses . . .
as we were passing by.

Then he bent his golden bow
from the bow-string sped the dart!
And when Love's arrow came to rest . . .
I found it in my heart!

(Dedicated to the love of my life.... my sweet husband!!!!)

Sunday, February 25, 2007


The most beautiful priceless gems of art
hang not in splendor in great Halls of Fame . . .
or in galleries where skills of hand . . .
has won for many a much honored name!

They're in yon forests, the distant clouds, the sky
Waterfall, bird, beast, and even the sod . . .
In the rippling leaves and the trembling wind . . .
The work of the hand of Almighty God!

There's no human hand that can paint His work
And no living voice can ever declare . . .
The living beauty . . . only enraptured hearts . . .
Can know the pricelessness that is painted there!

Man has succeeded with priceless gems of art
And endowed with the greatest of skill . . .
But when compared with the incomparable creation of God . . .
The most gifted of all is but feeble still!

Friday, February 23, 2007


We live in hope each day and strive to mend
the breaking threads of sorrow and despair . . .
With hope we finish to the very end . . .
And weave a finish that is bright and fair.

High lights and shadows, lend a masterpiece
A depth of beauty and a richer tone . . .
Light hues gain strength, intensity increased . . .
when placed by somber hues and not alone.

With hope we ever strive to reach the light
that guides us through the path of love and peace . . .
Though shadows veil the beauty from our sight . . .
Our faith in the divine, shall never cease!

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Above pale portals of the dawn
Long scarlet lighted curtains now are drawn.
The crescent moon of silver gleams afar
Among the galaxies of fading stars.

Their happy songs of praise
A symphony to heaven raise.

Oh, would that everyone could be as they
These lovely birds that sing for each new day!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Just listen to the whispers in the quiet
of the dawn . . .
A thousand little muffled sounds along
the winds are born. . .
The gentle rustling of a tree, the
trembling leaves that sigh. . .
The reed that bends and quivers when
the breeze goes laughing by . . .
And in the silence of the hour when
twilight shadows fall. . .
when sunset spreads its golden cloak
of raidance over all.

The air is full of whispers, little
voices scarcely heard . . .
The tinkling of the elfin bells, the
calling of a bird . . .
And in the silence of the soul when
we are all alone. . .
God speaks to us in whispers, in a
language of His own . . .
Above the loud confusion of the mind
and of the will . . .
A gentle voice breathes through the
heart and whispers . . .
"Peace . . . be still."

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


She's always here when I need her
I lean my head on her breast. . .
Though the universe be in chaos . . .
With her I find my rest!

She listens to my troubles
when all the world is wrong . . .
And simply by her memory
fills my heart with a song!

She takes my hand in hers
And holds it firm and tight . . .
When life is filled with darkness . . .
Her love is a ray of light!

That's why, when I'm alone
And worries pile up on me . . .
I visit and tell her all my troubles . . .
Though it's only in memory!

Monday, February 19, 2007


Sometimes your presence seems just like
the warming healing sun . . .
when stiff and sore, and damp and chilled
at last the night is done.

And then at times, it seems, Sweetheart
like gently falling rain . . .
A sweet refreshing, driving out
discouragement and pain!

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Dear God, so many spring-times
I've seen break from winter's sleep . . .
that my faith is firm that bulblets
a sure rendezvous will keep.

With the great, warm sun, that's calling
to each frozen dormant thing . . .
"Wake up, and greet the spring-time
and hear the brave birds sing!"

God, help sad hearts, all frozen
in the winter of their pain . . .
Wake up to another spring-time
and greet the birds again.

Grant that sorrow's icy fetters
melt, and fall like rain - and then . . .
make their hearts bloom like lush gardens
sweet with lilies fair - Amen!

Monday, January 29, 2007


I walked with love along the way
And oh, it was a lovely day!
Lovely skies with clouds of white . . .
Lovely grass with trees and flowers . . .
Lovely birds to sing their songs . . .
of peace and harmony and love.
The loveliness of love appeared . . .
awakening my heart to newness of thought . . .
and I knew Love walked with me!

Friday, January 26, 2007


Yes, beauty is more
than skin deep.
Sometimes glimpses
are caught
of a beauty that lies
in the heart .. .
What a comforting

Thursday, January 25, 2007


The world is big and round, and if
I do not like one side of it .. .
I spin it round with just a biff . . .
And try the other side a bit.

And if when it's been turned about
I do not like it very well . . .
I turn the whole world inside out . . .
And try it that way for a spell.

And then if everything seems wrong
I put the whole world on the shelf . . .
And take a microscope along . . .
And take a good look at myself!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Why is it, when the wind blows with a mournful sigh
our hearts are sad, as though we too would cry . . .
But when it whispers soft and low . . .
through leafy trees, we love it so.

Wildly blowing with no clouds across the sky
But just the clear, cold and azure blue . . .
'Tis then we wish to roam or like a bird fly high . . .
until we too, are lost from view.

Drifting fleecy clouds, all soft and white
The shining sun, so warm and bright . . .
Throwing heat waves o'er the fields of grain . . .
Contented we dream, and build new hope again.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Sometimes . . . when I walk alone at night
under the trees . . .
with the sky, star-sprinkled above me
I feel as tho' God were walking by my side . . .
I can hear His breath in the rustling leaves
His voice in the soft note of a sleepy bird . . .
and my heart within me throbs with joy
"Oh God," I whisper
"I thank Thee that I live!"

Monday, January 22, 2007


I stood on the top of a hill
at dusk, when all was still . . .
Heaven seemed to be so near . . .
If I should pray, God serely then would hear.

I watched the dusk fade into night
and soon the stars, like candle lights . . .
were gleaming in the sky . . .
as though guiding, each wanderer passing by.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


One January, we sat beside the fire
mother and I, talking old times over again . . .
Outside the wind rose high and higher . . .
Snow whispered against the windowpane.

Another January, there is no fire can warm
my heart, for as the wild winds rave . . .
'tis buried 'neath the ground where . . .
snow whispers 'round her lonely grave.

Friday, January 19, 2007


Of all the joys in this world I've found
Friendship sincere finds place with the best
Friendship pure as the whitest rose . . .
Rich as the gold of a sunset cloud
Refreshing as the breeze of a cool spring morn
True as the blue of the clearest sky . . .
With beauty as vast as the starry Heavens
Such friendship we find is inspired by God!

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Today . . . like an intermission
when time hangs a curtain
between some vivid memory
and the "still to be" . . .
and we gaze half-tense
at things not certain
with hope, and yet suspense.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Love is such an airy thing
a fairy bubble . . .
a gossamer wing . . .
to be handled . . .
with the lightest touch . . .
too heavy a hand . . .
and it loses its gleam . . .
as a butterfly wing . . .
loses its sheen . . .
when the down rubs off.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I love the night
it holds a magic
a gift of beauty
that grips the heart!

Her majesty - the moon -
serenely moves
among the stars
her subjects!

Casting her wan smile
over humanity
lingering fondly
on young lovers!

The fleecy clouds
implishly scatter
as her smile breaks through
in silver glory!

Monday, January 15, 2007


My shuttle of life is weaving
a carpet that ever will wear
a carpet of love to spread at your feet
to smooth your path of care!

My shuttle is threaded with love
of wee cords twisted tight
of love for you in the waking hours
love's dream in the dim-lit night!

My shuttle of love is weaving
in threads of sunshine gold
a carpet of love where you may walk
as the puzzles of life unfold!

Sunday, January 14, 2007


There are moments in life one never forgets . . .
like the fleeting rainbow's hue
passing you by so swiftly , and yet
their memory is the world to you.

They are the gems we so greatly treasure
hidden away in "Memory's Chest"
perhaps a word spoken in idle leisure
by one you loved the best!

Perhaps it was the touch of a baby's hand
gently playing with your hair
while evening breezes cooled the land
joy and peace was everywhere!

Perhaps 'twas a kiss, just lightly given
without a thought of care
yet to you, it was like a glimpse of heaven
the sweetness lingering forever there!

Friday, January 12, 2007


Just beyond - a little way
there is a land, they say
where dwell the souls we loved
through the years, the months
the hours of yesterday.

Love's gentle touch is gone
and the hand-clasp, no more is
ours to grasp.

But, memories, sweet memories living on
reach out beyond - and
bring that land afar - so near
that we can understand - and hear
again - the voices that journeyed on
a-calling back the message clear -

Grieve not - dear hearts - be
calm and carry on
Love is living - waiting - just beyond!

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Gone for a while!
I am going to visit my sister, who is sick!
Hope to be back soon!
Take care!


Wednesday, January 03, 2007


A tiny acorn makes a tree
A seed becomes a flower . . .
And minutes linked together
Make up every hour.

Stones pile up into mountains
Grains of sand make up the beach . . .
Trees together make a forest
So nature does her lesson teach.

All of life, when segregated
may seem meaningless and small . . .
but as a part of God's great universe
there's purpose there for all!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


We were sweethearts, you and I
in a time that seems long past.
You were young and handsome
when I found love at last.

Each time I saw you coming
my heart was all aglow!
I felt I couldn't love you more-
How little did I know.

Time has passed and now
my life with you is so beautiful today.
But, now, when I see you coming
my heart glows in a different way!

Young love's a stream dancing meerily
A ripple of constant delight!
While older love is a deep steady river
that flows with strength and might!

With the passing of youth
many hearts feel love is done
but older love brings a new beauty
a beauty like the brightest and most blazing sun!

Monday, January 01, 2007


Are you restless? Go to the hills. . .
The path winds up to the blue
where the wind will blow until it stills. . .
all doubts in the heart of you.

Are you tired? Then seek the trees . . .
The pines will whisper and sing
and a weary soul can find its ease . . .
in the peace their song will bring.

Are you happy? Then stay where you are . . .
And let your joy shine through
so all who come from near and far . . .
may share, and be happy too!