Saturday, July 12, 2008


Life has been so very busy and I've had no time to visit my blogger friends.
So sorry!
I do hope to be back to posting new poems around the end of Sept.

I've been preoccupied with our dog Jake as we almost lost him 3 weeks ago to a condition called bloat....luckily I got him to our vet before his stomach had twisted.
The "little rascal" will be with us for a long life....God willing!

Next Thursday, I'll be heading up to Nova Scotia for a 2 week visit to see my wonderful family members that live there.
I'm so thrilled to be going, just a little worried about leaving Jake after this terrible incindent with the bloat, but I'm leaving him in good hands with my hubby.
He'll be at doggie daycare when my hubby is at work.
I know Jake will be ok!
We love the little guy (well, not so little now....he's almost 65 lbs.) SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!

I'm going to try and visit a few blogger friends before I leave on my trip.
Won't be able to visit everyone I have soooo much to do before I leave.
Take care and I wish everyone beautiful days full of joy, love and peace!

(The picture of Jake and me was taken in Feb. when we all went cross-country was a wonderful weekened, and just look at all that snow!)




They come to me with evening, calm and still
and bring me peace
these thoughts of you.

Slowly in the quietness of dusk
they fill me with

They make my eyes aware of loveliness
of intricate shadings
purple and grey.

They bring to me the far-off faint perfume
of all unseen
and beautiful flowers.

They tune my ears to drowsy humming sounds
of winds and waves
and distant bird calls.