Monday, December 29, 2014

The Awakening ~

How could I know when morning broke 
and golden skies shone through the blue 
that I should find ere setting sun 
the heart of you?

How could I know that one short day 
could hold a rapture so divine 
revealing ere its course was run 
your heart was mine!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Desire ~

I want to run as fast as
    I can and leave the ground 
and jump into your mind
   and wildly but methodically explore 
the vast entirety of you. The past 
   the endless crossroads of the present 
the future will take care of itself
   if we are hand in hand _

(Wishing all of you special blogger friends a lovely 
Holiday season full of love, peace and much joy!
Life has been very hectic here lately but beginning to calm down.
Jake is doing much better and 'on the mend'
I shall be paying a visit to all of you very soon!)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Words ~

Little weaving chains of words
that sing a deathless song 
echoing like clanking swords 
that protest against wrong _

A friendly sympathetic grace 
to ease a heart that's sore 
a place for words _ and time and space 
yet silences may roar _

Words left unsaid _ (that should have been)
may wound a tender heart 
'tis then we need the magician's pen 
or some rare Godlike art _

(It seems like I have been away from blogging for a long time 
and I have been. I have been very busy taking care of Jake 
since my last post. And, then we went on a 2 week vacation early in October 
and left Jake in good hands, or so I thought.
That turned out not to be the case.
We took him in for an appt with his surgeon on Oct 18th and had the most 
distressing news. An x-ray revealed Jake had much swelling of his knee 
that had the surgery and he had a new fracture.
My job has been to completely restrict his activity and lots of ice-packs.
Another x-ray will be done on Nov 13th, I am praying for healing 
as if not another surgery will have to be done.

Also, my dearest Aunt Rose passed away a day after we returned from 
vacation, my heart is broken! 
She lived to the age of 98 and went peacefully in her sleep.

I am sorry I have not been around to visit any of you lovely Blog friends 
but I just cannot manage it at this time, I am completely focused on Jake 
and his healing.) 

Hoping life is wonderful for all of you.
I do not know when I shall post again.
Please keep Jake in your good thoughts and prayers.

Love from 
~ Margie 

Friday, September 05, 2014

Remembrance ~

We must find a way 
to remember 
summer in winter 
the ocean in the desert 
the breath of mountains 
behind four walls 
the tiniest good fortune 
in the midst of tears _

(my sweet, gentle, Golden Jake had knee surgery on Wednesday 
 he is having a difficult time and healing is going to be a hard and long process
 I will be a full-time nurse to Jake over the next 2 months and I will not be posting  over that time ... I shall be back to regular posting around the middle of October ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~ be well, dear blogging friends ~ xo )

Rose and Jake are the best of friends 
Rose was very sad when we picked him up after surgery ~

Monday, September 01, 2014

Rose Window ~

You, who gave me life 
And the joyous childhood 
I did not know was rare 
I would tell you now 
What it has taken a lifetime to learn _
How priceless were those years 
How Radiant!
And the radiance stemmed from you 
I have seen cathedral windows whose colors 
Were like the feeling I have 
Remembering _

Not from your words but from your lives 
We learned that the things you valued 
Were eternal _
I would, if I could 
Build a cathedral for you 
Out of thankfulness 
And in it I would put a glorious rose window 
The color of love _

(Written in deep gratitude for my amazing parents)
 I miss them and remember them
 at the rising sun and its going down
 and wish with all my heart I could have them back 
 if only for one hour ...

"Say not in grief he is no more but live in thankfulness that he was"
-Hebrew Proverb 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Couple in the Photo ~

They seem so unposed 
so easy in their love 
his protective arm 
her contented smile 
It's as though they couldn't imagine 
being anywhere but 
Beautiful, don't you think 
that after all this time 
those two happy people
       are still
       us _

Friday, August 22, 2014

First Love ~

When, in our youth, the world was fresh as dew 
as fresh as though that day it had been made _
Enchantment entered it and as it grew 
we ran to meet it gladly, unafraid _
It came as softly as the soft dusk fell 
this first awareness of some strange, new thing _ 
We did not understand its lovely spell 
we only knew _ though winter _ it was Spring!
Though not quite sure what wonder had transpired 
Our's was a shining world, that much was clear _
We drank it in and we were never tired 
we were alive within a singing sphere!
O young first-love, how could you understand
you held the universe within your hand _

(I have to admit a 'first Love' that has turned into
an 'everlasting love' is the 'best love'!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Tomorrow's Key ~

Today gave to my waking world 
a gold and crimson dawn 
so splashed with splendor that the sight 
I scare could look upon _

In the dewy morningtide 
I heard a thrush's cry
of utter joy and saw him wing 
across the western sky _

Before my eager, quickened sight 
a flower-form unfurled 
and lent its matchless beauty 
to a green and amber world  _

My grateful heart beheld a way 
to lift a load of care 
that in a silent loneliness 
a friend had - had  to bear _

Twilight gently blanketed 
the weary world in rest 
and stooped to kiss the little one 
that slumbered at my breast  _

Today I learned to love each hour 
nor asked tomorrow planned 
and lo _ at last _ I drift toward sleep 
its key within my hand _

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lyrics Three for Nighttime ~

1 ~
a gentle-mannered breeze 
brushes the dark-still little world 
that waits around me 
singing so softly 
of pleasant, restful dreams 
and almost promising 
a laughing, lovely day 
tomorrow _

2 ~

How softly has the night 
enfolded tree and shrub and home
with snug, protective darkness 
with quiet, soothing darkness 
and put to rest 
all tensions of the daylight 
thus quietly to pour 
the balm of nature's healing 
release and peace, thus stealing 
from a weary self
now lost in dreams _ 

3 ~

Good night, sweet dreams , the day's at end 
let pillowed rest all troubles mend 
all weariness now flown away 
be made anew through dreams at play 
sleep softly, gently through the night 
sleep restfully 'til morning's light 
sleep curled and cuddled, safe and sound 
Good night all _ may sweet dreams abound _ 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

No Guarantee ~

Capture life with nimble fingers 
put it in a gilded cage _
wait to hear the happy trilling 
coming from its private stage _

There will be no song, no singing 
'till the day you set it free _
You compose your own libretto 
life comes without a guarantee _
(a San Francisco picture)

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

My Mother's Star ~

When twilight goes and night has made 
the crimson flags of sunset fade 
while down the drowsy, wearied hills 
her purple fruitage flooding spills _
When night has come and day has ceased 
across the valley to the east 
a star hangs tender, soft and low 
I love to watch it shining so _
I say, "That is my mother's star!"
though far away _ oh, far and far
I know she watches over me 
as tender and as lovingly 
as when she led me _ footsteps slow 
A-down the paths of long ago 
no other star may ever shine 
as glows this Mother Star of mine _

(my mom died in 1998 and I miss her so much 
 but she is in my thoughts daily and I cherish the beautiful memories!) 
(photo is from Google.) 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Back Home ~

They made code marks on the calendar 
for those days when a letter would come 
from one of the children and a different mark 
on the occasion of a long-distance call _
There was a bright red ball-point pen 
hanging from a string over the calendar page 
ready to emblazon a badge of cheer
upon the little white square of that day
which was livelier and happier because 
a letter had come or a voice had been heard 
and they could talk with each other comfortably 
about the beloved ones far away _
They felt it was a nice way to be included 
without intruding, to reach out gently 
without prying, and so to keep alive 
the tender, anxious, oneness of their loving _
They never told any of the children about it though 
it might seem rather childish to them 
only a sentimental little game 
amusingly suitable for old folks back home 
and after all
all that mattered 
was their love 
for the children _

Monday, July 28, 2014

So Is My Love To Me ~

As clouds that glow in the setting sun
as greening grass on a lazy hill
as the sound of a song to a lonely one 
or an answering call to a whip-poor-will 
so is my love to me _

As fragrance to a wild pink rose 
or a mid-day rest on the river bank 
where the water flows and the shadows lie
and the fronds of the ferns are tall and rank 
so right is my love for me _

For wide and calm as the arching sky
and bright as the stars we trace 
and high as the moon as deep as the sea 
the feeling of joy, as I place 
my hand in yours, my love _

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Go Thou, Likewise ~

Crimson-gold are evening skies 
and purple half-light shadows fall 
      pointing to heaven like spires arise 
      fir tree and maple tall - 

The nesting birds their vespers sing 

and chant their luring words of praise  
       till forest aisles with echoes ring 
       repeating their roundelays -

Afar the lake with its silvery net 

nearer the slope of green-grit hill 
         slowly the Great-Heart Sun has set 
         each pulsing voice is still -

But why should I tell of the color I've seen 

of valleys misty with drifting dew?
          of flashing wings in forest green?
          such  joys are there for you! 
My friend, Lorraine, very kindly 
allowed me to use her photo
thank you, Lorraine ...

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Genealogy ~

This is a simple tree
you have here drawn _
No famous men stem 
from the foreign trunk _
No golden glamour touched 
with magic any women-kind _
No extra-ordinary achievement lays 
its claim within this compact circle _

But LOVE in great measure 
that is sketched _
held close its members 
held them ever dear, beyond _
the human errors and the grief they caused 
"No greater love hath any man."
than this endearing, natural family clan _

(I come from a family of nine
 so blessed to be a part of the family that is mine.) 
From the right to left, my husband, daughter, son, 
and 98 year young Aunt Rose and I ~~~***~~~ 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Obituary ~

And why did you die, little friend, little bird?
Did your heart truly burst with the joys you 
would sing? 

Were you flying too far and too fast little one 
So gracefully fleet and so bright on the wing?
(your breast, once so red is now dingy with clay
 your legs - ah, so tiny - are stiff as two sticks) 

The people will miss you each dawning of day 
A-carrolling well your sweet vocal tricks 
Your spirit went out at the coming of even'
Your singing no longer can echo our sky 
Oh, deeply I hope there are birdies in heaven 
(if not, I'll be lonely, in truth, when I die) 
And now you are soaring afar, little thing
And have passed from our ken to a different place
But there I'll expect to see your bright wing 
That you'll greet me anew with your rollicking
grace ...               

Friday, July 11, 2014

Fundamentals ~

A house I love, a bush, a tree 
a laughing child to play with me _

A task that fills the fragrant days 
but leaving time for prayer and praise _

A garden bright with pink and gold 
full harvest as the years grows old _

For every day some bookly gain 
for twilight, music's sweet refrain _

Good friends with gifts of cheer
and love, more tender year by year _

With these, and summertime at the door 
what mortal could ask for more!
(photo was taken by my husband, a beautiful lake, that we walk very often) 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Day of Accounting ~

The unresolved but sleeping past 
and unknown future 
separate themselves by just today _
My age commends me 
to a quiet thinking pace.
What complications can be satisfied?
As little time as possible 
may be spent concerning things 
that cannot be helped, except
for words of sorrow for the sad.
A sparkling of confidence 
in working ones of good intent 
and listening to other's need
just to be heard.
What better way to start this 
opening of a bright and spicy 
day of spring? 
(I am taking a little break from blogging
 as I have company coming in from out-of-town 
 for the next couple of weeks. 
 Take care friends, enjoy your days and be happy!) 

Monday, June 16, 2014

They Who Bind Loveliness ~

They who bind loveliness 
will not be hurt 
by common things 
theirs is a white 
impregnable defense 
against the inquietudes of night 
and dull minutiae of day _

They who make loveliness 
an amulet 
chained on heart 
will walk secure 
from javelins of hate 
impervious to the thrust 
of treacheries 
feigned friends and whited words 
nor care to weld 
the substance with the dream _

And since their happiness 
draws substance 
from slender roots 
of little things 
implicit in all life
tapping a hidden well 
of coolness, confident and calmness 
nothing can sadden long 
nor scar too deep _

Friday, June 13, 2014

Your Laughter ~

How beautiful 
the sound of your laughter 
gentle, pleased and pleasing 
with the softened tones of 
pure contentment 
brightly releasing taut bonds 
of tension 
Your light casts aside 
the shades of anguish and 
cruelties of despair 
Your love overflows 
soothing, reassuring 
reaching forth to touch 
my weariness 
moving with sprightly strokes 
to brush aside 
my apprehensions 
In your voice 
such laughter is the music 
of love's delight - 

(written for my dear husband ...
 tomorrow is his birthday, every day, his laughter lights up my life) 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My Teacher ~

Sleep well, my little one.
May your dreams nourish your soul this night
for you, my little one 
are my teacher 
your fingers point the way 
your lively steps lead where I may follow 
your outstretched arms embrace your world 
your eyes are my mirror 
within your innocence, I am reflected 
through your eyes, I encounter the universe 
together we may walk 
hand in hand, through time 
together we are one 
for you are my teacher
my little one.

(dedicated to my granddaughter, Rose
 photo credit goes to Rose's grandpa, her papa) 

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Hope ~

Hope is a vastness, unbounded 
toward which all knowledge flows
where all reason 
and all experience 
move beyond sight and thought 
in undefinable nebulosity _

Hope is a voice whispering 
behold! There is no boundary 
no line which says 
this is an end 
with no beyond _

Hope is the touch of your hand 
so that I may look into 
the nebulous vastness 
and no longer 
be afraid _
(I am heading away to the mountains early tomorrow morning 
with my husband, he is riding in a biking event  ... a hundred mile ride 
he amazes me with his biking zest 
I am not taking my laptop , I will see you all next week 
Have a great  weekend !) 

Monday, June 02, 2014

The Art Divine ~

So quietly doth Friendship stroll
along the paths of men 
so surely doth her pure keen soul 
reach out beyond our ken 
and feel the need in every heart 
that cries for light and love _
Her ministry becomes an art 
all other arts above _

Thus you and I all unawares 
are drawn from earth's far ways 
to help each other lift the cares
that throng this mortal maze _
We know not why we meet or part
except we see the plans 
that underline her subtle art 
Friendship understands _

(this poem is dedicated to a longtime friend 
that I met in 1979, I am sending this poem 
to her in the mail (snail mail) 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Morning ~ Moist and Cool ~

Confidence comes in with coolness 
as the sky and river meet 
and mostly embrace _
A lone gentle breeze 
disperses slightest fog 
that drifts along _
It may be only imagined 
so quiet is it all _
New softness comes to skin 
astonished are my fingers 
at the feel of chair arms, table tops 
and even the paper on which I write _ 
Breathing comes euphoric _
Moisture that flecks the patio 
comes in the window 
changing everything since yesterday _
Now comes the easy spending 
of a day, openhanded, leisurely _
The earth breathes in and out 
as if we are all freshly young 
again _ 

(photo was taken at Garden of the Gods
Colorado Springs, Colorado
one of my most favorite places 'on earth') 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Love Song ~

Whenever I say 
I love you, it may 
be that I'm conceding 
my own sense of needing 
your touch and your nearness 
the joy of your dearness 
and would have you stay 
close by me each day -

I love you means "yes" 

I now must confess 
without you life's lonely 
and barren - for only 
the warmth of your giving 
in love makes the living 
of life full and free 
and all it can be - 

What promises glean 
from what the words mean?
For comfort and sharing 
For pleasures and caring 
For intimate knowing 
A blessed bestowing 
The words are a plea:
"I need you for me!" 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Plenty ~

My wishes are filled
a single companion
on the path 
a little book 
from eternity's song 
shelter, water and food 
the presence of light 
when I remember to see 
and someone with whom 
to foolishly complain 
when darkness hides the sun -

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Small Songs ~

Some songs are silver cymbals 
and some are jeweled lutes 
some are elfins dancing 
and some are magic flutes - 
       Bird songs! Fire-tipped harmonies 
       flame across far centuries
Some songs are bright wings glancing 
by leaf-hid waterfalls 
and others, eyes entrancing - 
some are laughing calls 
        across strange space where starlight     
        streams go, little songs that bear our dreams 
Some songs are flame-born whisperings 
poets have spoken of - 
but all are the time-harp strings 
that God has struck - for Love 
       such charm and cheer came not by    
       chance -
God too, loves rhythm and romance - 

photo was taken in San Francisco 
a place that always adds 
'a small song to my heart' 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Communion ~

Through the vast shining night in silence 
     we walk 
too touched with glory of it all to talk ...
Think that a million worlds of fire and light 
can crowd the radiance into one world's night 
each crystallized by distance to a star!
How far is Heaven? How far? 

Softly into my hand there slips the hands

of one whose comrade spirit understands 
my thoughts unspoken 
In the deep hush unbroken 
another soul is fused in reverence with mine 
and I look down to answering eyes that    
So beautiful and close beside me here 
How near is Heaven? How near?  
So near - 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Oriole's Singing ~

I am a child of the winds and must hasten
The oriole's singing
You claim this is only its nature? 
But, oh, I must hurry -
Come, it is ever surprising!
To me it's the freshest, the newest of lyrics -
He's swinging in orchards this minute 
With tree-boughs as pink as a sunrise 
The sky like a pearl all about him -

The grasses are green - this too, were of 
And never a whisper of triteness 
The grass is aflame with its ardor 
And violets, the violets are peering 
Blue-eyed and sudden -
The orchard, the orchard will wait? Not one 
       living minute!
It changes from Maytime to Maytime -
Enchants one, surprises 
Oh, I am a child of the woods and must hasten! 

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Coming Home ~

It was my seventeenth summer 
for the first time I had been away 
and now I was coming home -
My father met me at the station 
and as I walked beside him 
his eyes, usually so reticent 
were bright and sparkling -
Emotion rose in me, swelling until 
I could scarcely contain it -
The very houses we were passing 
houses I had known since childhood 
seemed to be brushed with magic -
It was as though I had never seen this street before -

In later years I would walk this street again 
on occasions sometimes joyful 
sometimes shrouded with grief -
but this was a shining thing apart 
a moment I would keep for all time - 
I had been away and was learning 
what it was like to come home. 

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Night Ride ~

Light zooming in
from singing distances 
sifts softly through the atmosphere 
to sit upon these things:
a garden bench, a fence 
and faces, in repose.

The world of politics and groceries and taxes 
of work, and irritations and unfinished things 
slides of my back 
drains down to some dark corner 
of the yard.

Filling like a balloon 
with burgeoning delight 
I rise on moonbeams 
ride the starlight 
swim the breeze.

Someone speaks 
and I, who had perched 
upon the edge of heaven 
fly back, restored 
to this uncommon 
common place.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bereavement ~

A thousand faces pass me on the street 
but none imparts the radiance of your smile 
I mingle with acquaintances and meet 
no one who dispels my loneliness, the while 
familiar roads, familiar times I thread ...
Your absence makes both way and hour seem new 
and scarce I know the path my feet have led 
or what I've done or what I want to do ...

How empty is the heart with one removed 
how futile is the striving to replace 
a comrade honored and as greatly loved!

How lasting is the vision of a face!
   I pass a thousand faces - none will do 
   Each one serves to say it is not you ... 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Prelude To a Long- Distance Call ~

I visited you tonight 
Oh, not physically in your home 
nor psychically either 
but in a tender, unobtrusive way 
touching and coloring and enlivening 
an imagining of pleasantries and laughter 
superimposed upon old memories 
and warmed by the intensity of caring ...
I opened the door and called out a greeting 
and although there was no response 
I knew quite well how it would have been 
could you have heard me or in some way 
sensed my presence. Still I felt a welcome 
as I silently joined you
to watch to hear and to look upon 
a scene familiar though so far away ...
But then, to give this pleasant fantasy 
at least a touch of what is real 
and purge a charming dream of any trace 
of morbid sentiment or mournful tears 
I made a call and seemed to see you pause 
look up, then hasten to the phone ...

And now you understand just why I laughed 

when you exclaimed:
                                           "I'm not surprised!
why, we were sitting here just now and felt 
almost as though you'd come to the door!"
I have been friends with Alice 
for over 40 years 
and our friendship is 'growing strong' 
she lives in Massachusetts 
every winter here in Colorado
she and her husband join us 
for some skiing fun on the slopes  ...

Monday, April 21, 2014

Tapestry ~

I do not loom my life alone 
a solitary weaver -
Dawn to dusk the shuttle flies 
with color from a flaming cloud 
or silver from a star -
The rich and flowing threads 
of loving friends 
a singing tree
a soothing wind 
a thousand moods and manners
that create a life design -

I do not weave my 
intricate brocade alone -
My hand is held within 
a larger hand - that when 
I let it - moves in shining ways 
Mysterious - it will create 
in spite of flaws 
and labored length 
a tapestry of value - 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Pigeon ~

We tried to save the gentle bird 
picked it up from the side of the road 
and brought it home 
while the dog looked on 
intrigued ...

Something of man had done it in 

we didn't know how to keep it safe 
from its own flutter 
and while we cut up oranges 
to quench its thirst 
it died ...

For once 

I did not
cry ...

I saw its body 

was not its soul 
and I closed my eyes 
and saw it rise 
all white and gold 
and free 
and I waved 
good-bye ...

Friday, April 11, 2014

Thirty-Nine Years ...

The longer I love you 
the more that it seems 
our thirty-nine years 
have been fashioned from dreams ...
that only I imagined 
would ever come true ..
dreams and reality 
blended in you ...
I wrote this poem to my husband 
I framed it in an 8x10 
and will be giving it to him 
this Saturday, April 12th 
when we go out to dinner 
to celebrate our wedding anniversary ....

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

For a Long Time ~

For a long time
she kept her heart 
sealed in a tall 
blue bottle ...
must have been alcohol 
       or something 
because when she finally freed her heart 
        it was drunk 
        with joy
        and made 
        her feel giddy 
        with laughter and love ...