Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Warmly Dressed ~

A small boy, warmly dressed 
ran out into the snow and was caressed 
by its soft and chilling white 
then got into a snowball fight ~

A young lad bound for school 
plodded through the pristine cool
with thoughts of classmates on his mind
he left his footfalls etched behind ~

A young man was stalled in his car 
his job awaited him afar 
he could not make the usual trip 
for he was a victim of the winter's grip ~

An older man, now retired 
shoveled a pathway through his yard 
the winter to him was a discomforting thing 
his thoughts were on the warmth of spring ~

An ancient man through his window peered 
his eyes turned red, then lightly teared 
he remembered he had once been blessed 
he had been a small boy, warmly dressed ~
I am taking a break from blogging for the rest of November.
Life is just so busy and I need time to take care of some important events.
See you in December.
Peace and joy to all of my blogger friends.
I have met so many wonderful people since I have come back to blogging.
Thanks to everyone for taking the time to visit me and leave your comments.

Love ...


Friday, November 01, 2013

Beautiful Frail Things ~

I have drunk joy today
I have mastered fate
I have known what it is 
to conquer and create ~

Sometimes I ask myself 
after days like this 
have I any longer need 
of his sweet, tender kiss?

But when I see tired eyes a
quickened with light 
as a lover's footstep 
sounds through the night 
or when I hear a little child 
laughing alone
telling what it may be 
when it is grown 
then I no longer doubt 
that my love must be: 
beautiful frail things 
have need of me ~ 
~ photo is my friend Lorraine's 
thanks Lorraine for letting me use your photo ~