Thursday, April 08, 2010


I sing a song of sadness
But the sadness has something
Of the good within it -
And is of a greater good.
One more poem before I say good-bye for a while.
-Margie xo


Even when darkness sinks over my soul

You bring me stars for my skies

I am never utterly lost in the night

While trust still shines in your eyes

And when the hours of the dark are past

When dawn breaks over my soul anew

Your smiles are my sunrise, your voice

The birds singing

Your kisses sweet dew.


Dear friends and readers, I shall be away from blogging for a while, probably a month or so. Till I return, I wish all of you wonderful and happy days!
I shall miss all of you!
Love and light ... Margie

Tuesday, April 06, 2010


He calls to me, I know it now

That bird with cheery song

To let my duties wait awhile

And come, the day is long

He's telling me it's springtime

There are violets in the wood

I feel I can't refuse to go

I don't see how I could!

Out where the shadowy vistas are

Aglow with sunshine gold

The forest flowers are carpeting

The spongy leafy mold

Oh, I must see it all again

And hear the brooklets sing!

I cannot still this heart of mine

For it is answering Spring!

Sunday, April 04, 2010


It does not matter when I go

Nor how nor why

Each day a million roses blow

A million die ...

For every bird that lives to sing

A song is stilled ...

I go ... a brief remembering

My place is filled

I'll live and love and dine and drink

The while I may

And when my number's called

I'll say "O.K!"

Thursday, April 01, 2010


Whenever on fall-tingle mornings you suddenly hear
The bluebonnet matins of eight-year olds grow near
Then nearer your pictureframe window that opens wide ...
On a frost-fingered world of saffron and gold outside ...

Whenever you see diminutive caravans swinging
Red satchels of books and boxes of lunch and
Flinging their Lilliput missles of laughter toward heaven
And you ... whose eyes fill up with revery (and dew)

Wherever, whenever you watch schoolchildren pass
Whose gay-goose litanies arise en masse
Remember that blocks away or miles away
Are teachers with halos of chalk and feet of clay!