Saturday, September 30, 2006


Day opened wide her silver gates for me
and sent a golden sunbeam for my guide.
She tossed a bluebird into bluer skies
and poured a song in the grass along my side.

Day sprinkled flowers on the meadow's green
like jewels lying on a velvet spread
and hung ripe apples on the swaying trees
then turned the sunset skies to flaming red.

Day provided to be a friend to me, indeed.
She took away any sadness my heart had known
then gave me joy
and brushed her laughing lips against my own.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


Oh, canine pal, I see you near
your haunting after-glow
come run with me and reminisce

the love we used to know.

You followed me, I followed you
the paths we used to race
we were a team, inseparable
noone other could replace.

With you I felt companionship
with you I'd never fear
you guarded me throughout my youth
my memory sheds a tear.

We jostled in the morning air
what fun we used to share
the fact that you are gone, my faithful one
is sometimes so hard to bear

Come afternoon you'd tag along
to our favorite hiding place
we chased the wind with panting stride
and you always put a smile upon my face.

I still go back every now and then
to remember you one more time
I loved that dog, and he loved me
I was his and he was mine.


Hearts are like doors
they open wide
to all manner of cheerfulness
and kindness...

The lock opens with ease
to keys
called harmony and love.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


It's not that you are handsome and strong
With eyes of deepest brown
Or that your smile is quick and bright
And dear to look upon.

It's not the gifts you give to me
With a twinkle in your eyes
To see the pleasure that I get
From such a sweet surprise.

It's not the things we talk about
Those plans we share and scheme
The future that we're hoping for
Nor yet the dreams we dream.

It's the one great thing that sums them up
And makes them all come true
And that is, you're in love with me
And I'm in love with you!

Monday, September 25, 2006


I would have wings with which to fly
Far above this turmoiled world...
To a place of peace
From which all sordid things
Are forever hidden and hurled.

I would have wings
That were silver tipped
That reached to a budding star
And I would learn peace
From my flight on high
That I would scatter near and far.

I would have wings
With which to fly
When the trials of earth rebelled
Yes, I would bring peace to a weary world
Where all wrongs were expelled!

Sunday, September 24, 2006


May I walk my ways
clear-eyed and
and do some good

Thursday, September 21, 2006


The ship that never sailed
a harbor of regret
a dock of might-have-beens
a sea of discontent.

I'd rather set my sails
and journey with the tide
than be content to coast
and never to have tried.

A distant shore's awaiting
for those to take the ride
a shore of new beginnings
get on board while there's still time!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


When kisses and handshakes have long been forgotten
And people and places no longer seem near...
If life's weary journey gets bad and then rotten
And cares seem to fill you with fear...
When all through the daytime you worry
And then in your eye comes a tear...
If smiles seem to leave in a hurry
And people don't laugh when you're near

When people you've left, you cease to remember
And people that you've met don't know that you're there...
Bright June days seem like December
With shadows of grey everywhere...
When the burden of living lies on your heart
And people are cruel and unfair...
If no one is present to take your part
And no one is near you to care

When you haven't anyone you can turn to
And your life is beginning to drag...
If you can't do the things you yearn to
If your hopes seem to die or to lag...
When you can't seem to muster up courage
And your back 'neath the burden does sag...
If you are too old for your age
And the things that are done seem to nag

Remember there's one that is always true
That you know will never pretend...
There will always be one thinking of you
Remember, I'll always be your friend!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Listen to the tale I have to tell
Of how our meetings bound us tight
We were happy, and young as well
And into love we fell that night.

The moon fell, the stars as well
The heavens broke in two
And there was I
In love with you.

The time was right
There was no light
The world left us alone
And there was I
With you... my love... my own.

Our heartbeats were in tune
Our souls, like the moon... were lost and gone
Our beings blended blissfully together
And we were one.

Our lips met
I feel it yet
We stood and trembled there
And all the world
Was ours to share.

You clung to me
And then the rockets sped
And then our world was all unfurled
And we were wed.

Monday, September 18, 2006


There are enough memories
stored away in the depths of our minds
to fill an immense storage place.

Memories of every conceivable kind
on every possible subject
that ever has been related to us
and many of these memories
are very beautiful.

The best of life's beautiful things
are still free
bits and pieces of the joyful things
that are a part of us.

The memory of a little girl
with soft brown eyes
standing in a field of daisies.

A kiss in the morning
a whisper of delightful nothings
a prayer of thanksgiving.

What are we
that is not
a fragment
from a past happiness?
or a past hurt
that we can't help but store.

And what are we
but what we collect
of life's most beautiful
and priceless collection of memories?

And what are we
but what we create
beautiful memories of today
so we may look forward to all our tomorrows.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


The nicest thing about the end of the day
is the giving.

We give in to needed rest
and forgiving ourselves
that everything on our list
was not accomplished
in one short day.

we come
to this point
when it is no longer restful
or useful
to press for time
or worry about
whether or not
we accomplished
all we wanted to
in that short day.

It is evening
and we can give comfort
to the tired
to the weary
but more than that
and love.

We are fortunate
when we can come
to this point and place
and not regret
what the day has held
and look forward
to the excellence and brightness
and beauty
of tomorrow!

Friday, September 15, 2006


How nice to sit with you
over a cup of coffee
and not have to say anything.

How good that you
do not try to entertain me
or pass the quiet time
by a lot of idle chatter.

How restful that
you do not care
what the neighbors are doing
nor would you tell me
if they did hold your interest briefly.

Even when I get annoyed with you
you never hold a grudge
but only look
to our resumed friendship
waiting patiently for me
to make a move
to show I'm feeling better.

And I appreciate
your lack of criticism
and your apparent forgetfulness
when I have forgotten
to show you my love.

And I too will try
to be more patient
when you prefer to
dig in the flowers
or chase a squirrel
or bark at the neighbor's cat!

Thursday, September 14, 2006


All rivers run to the sea
we cannot stop them anymore than we can stop the stream of life
and call back some incident to look at it again.

It is all
water under the bridge
gone on down to join
a million, trillion other incidents
until it loses its identity
and we are left with
other times
and other persons.

We learn
that it's no use
to chase what has happened
but we must learn
to love and work
with what we
have at hand.

That is where
we find
the love of life
the peace and the fulfillment!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Love hurt my heart
until I saw
that it never could be
owned by me.

And when I freely
gave my love
I found it set
my own heart

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Whenever I have
cause to feel
that life's neglecting
me a bit....

I find the only
reason is
that I'm not giving
much to it!

Thanks Ari and Deb for letting me know you can comment !

Blog is messed up!

I just wanted to mention that I am having a major problem with my blog!
Since about 7:25 AM this morning, I have not been able to leave any comments in my
comment box. It shows "comments have been disabled"... and, I do not know why, as I did not make any changes!
So, that might mean that you ... "my blogger friends", can't comment either.
I do not know if it is fixable, as I have been trying with no luck!
Hope so much I can solve this problem SOON!
If you comment, and do not get a comment back from me... it's because I cannot!
Take care!

Sunday, September 10, 2006


On the Eve of the 11th of September
my heart is very heavy
as I stop to remember
the terrible tragedy
that took place
and erased from this earth
so many a beautiful face.

They were here on this earth
just going about their days
adding love, peace and mirth
in so many ways!

Why this happened
we will never understand
all we know is that
it leaves an ache in so many hearts ... child, woman, and man!

I am at a loss for words
I do not know what else to say
except their memory will always live on
and for them... I shall always pray!

And to all those that lost a loved one
father, daughter, mother, son, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin
nephew, niece, friend, wife, husband...

May their memory
be a blessing
I hope someday soon
your grief shall lessen!


This is a new day!
I am too much aware of yesterday
and the day before.

I know the mistakes I made then
and I know I have not risen
or progressed as far as I had wanted to.

But the important thing is
that I also know the potential
of this day.

It may be that yesterday
I missed the little things of
that day
a smile
a friendly outlook
joy in the raindrops
the flowers
or the sunlight.

Maybe my gaze was fixed
on the unbeautiful
and my heart
was somewhere else that day.

Now I know
that each day
has its own potential
and each hope is another step
all I want to be.

So any door
that may have closed
to me yesterday
merely allows another
to open wide
for me
this new day!

Friday, September 08, 2006


I have the God-given ability to laugh
the same as I have the ability to cry.

When I am feeling unhappy
I am saved by something humorous
to liven my darkest mood.

Spontaneous laughter can lift
a sad heart
and mend a broken one.

The very sound of it
sends a message
around the world
that life is still bearable
that hope is still practical
and joy is most probable.

We know that we can't meet
all of life's problems laughing wildly
but, we are told
there is a time to laugh
and a time to cry
and sometimes the line between the two
is mighty thin!

Thursday, September 07, 2006


In our utilitarian society
time is always to be used
never to be wasted.

Is it any wonder why

we always feel pressure
to be doing something?
To be moving toward
some future goal?
But what does it mean to make good use of time?

We think of time
in limited terms
there's never enough of it.

Yet, time, by it's nature is infinite.

When we slow down
to a more natural rhythm
allowing ourselves
to absorb the richness of the moment
time becomes inconsequential.

By living fully
in the moment
we suspend time
and savor the moment.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


If there is something you would like to do
make it a dream and make it come true.

Believe that it will, with all of your heart
believe in it fully right from the start.

Feel the success of it, keep it in view
make it an intricate real part of you.

Never let doubt interfere anywhere
breathe life into it, think about it and care.

What happens you know is all up to you
if you love it enough, your dream will come true.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Weep not when I am laid to rest
neither mourn nor grieve
for life was blessed beyond belief
and all my days were full of love
and all my love was full of life
and I was ready for The Above.

Mourn not, nor weep nor grieve
when I end my journey here.

I lived, I loved, I worked, I played.

And of God's word I never forgot
but though I sometimes drifted far
the end... I had no fear of.

Monday, September 04, 2006


What does it take to make your heart glad?
Relief from worry, maybe.
Seeing someone you love happy?
Even hearing two public figures amiably agree on something worthwhile
gives us hope... doesn't it?

However important those things might be to my daily outlook
there are swift moments
when very brief glimpses of the good life
give me great joy!

I love the sudden burst of mimicry from the mockingbird
as though he is too full to contain it all!

I am so pleased for a smile
from a complete stranger.

And someone's whistle in the dark
gives me a feeling that I am not alone.

But the frosting on the cake
is someone's prayers
said especially for me!

Now that really makes my heart glad!

Friday, September 01, 2006


Labor day weekend is here
I hope you all have lots of cheer!

Have fun
in the sun!

Hope it doesn't rain
that would be a pain!
Take care!

I'm away for the weekend!
Be back Monday!