Friday, September 05, 2014

Remembrance ~

We must find a way 
to remember 
summer in winter 
the ocean in the desert 
the breath of mountains 
behind four walls 
the tiniest good fortune 
in the midst of tears _

(my sweet, gentle, Golden Jake had knee surgery on Wednesday 
 he is having a difficult time and healing is going to be a hard and long process
 I will be a full-time nurse to Jake over the next 2 months and I will not be posting  over that time ... I shall be back to regular posting around the middle of October ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~ be well, dear blogging friends ~ xo )

Rose and Jake are the best of friends 
Rose was very sad when we picked him up after surgery ~

Monday, September 01, 2014

Rose Window ~

You, who gave me life 
And the joyous childhood 
I did not know was rare 
I would tell you now 
What it has taken a lifetime to learn _
How priceless were those years 
How Radiant!
And the radiance stemmed from you 
I have seen cathedral windows whose colors 
Were like the feeling I have 
Remembering _

Not from your words but from your lives 
We learned that the things you valued 
Were eternal _
I would, if I could 
Build a cathedral for you 
Out of thankfulness 
And in it I would put a glorious rose window 
The color of love _

(Written in deep gratitude for my amazing parents)
 I miss them and remember them
 at the rising sun and its going down
 and wish with all my heart I could have them back 
 if only for one hour ...

"Say not in grief he is no more but live in thankfulness that he was"
-Hebrew Proverb