Saturday, July 12, 2008


Life has been so very busy and I've had no time to visit my blogger friends.
So sorry!
I do hope to be back to posting new poems around the end of Sept.

I've been preoccupied with our dog Jake as we almost lost him 3 weeks ago to a condition called bloat....luckily I got him to our vet before his stomach had twisted.
The "little rascal" will be with us for a long life....God willing!

Next Thursday, I'll be heading up to Nova Scotia for a 2 week visit to see my wonderful family members that live there.
I'm so thrilled to be going, just a little worried about leaving Jake after this terrible incindent with the bloat, but I'm leaving him in good hands with my hubby.
He'll be at doggie daycare when my hubby is at work.
I know Jake will be ok!
We love the little guy (well, not so little now....he's almost 65 lbs.) SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!

I'm going to try and visit a few blogger friends before I leave on my trip.
Won't be able to visit everyone I have soooo much to do before I leave.
Take care and I wish everyone beautiful days full of joy, love and peace!

(The picture of Jake and me was taken in Feb. when we all went cross-country was a wonderful weekened, and just look at all that snow!)




They come to me with evening, calm and still
and bring me peace
these thoughts of you.

Slowly in the quietness of dusk
they fill me with

They make my eyes aware of loveliness
of intricate shadings
purple and grey.

They bring to me the far-off faint perfume
of all unseen
and beautiful flowers.

They tune my ears to drowsy humming sounds
of winds and waves
and distant bird calls.


  1. Look at the beautiful cheery words gracing blogland again - welcome back dear Margie!

    What a beautiful poem for us to feast upon - if that's what's keeping you busy it's no wonder you might be reluctant to come back :)

    Have a lovely trip to Nova Scotia my friend.

  2. Hi Margie,
    what a great news! You'll came back soon!

    Thank you for beautiful Thoughts of You
    have a blessing time in Nova Scotia.

    We all missed you and your amazing poems!

  3. Margieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. like the desert flower misses the rain

    like a baby misses his mother

    like a lover misses his love

  5. hope that last dont get u or me into trouble

  6. Welcome back Margie :-D

    What a lovely surprise I got when I saw that you had visited my blog, its so good to see you back. I hope that Jake continues with his recovery...send him a WOOF from me.

    Really enjoyed your wonderful poem with wonderful words to match.

    Now you have a super time in Nova Scotia, and take lots of care...... :-)

  7. Margie
    a lott has happened since u left
    Keshi is cutti with me

    I stopped California dreaming

  8. Ohhhh Margie, you are so so so so sweet and you certainly warmth my heart when you visit me right at the time when i was 'down'.

    I wish that you would have a good trip and yes I thought of you always and I'm sure Jake is in good hands too.

    Take care and do stay in touch. Luv you much :D

  9. Margie! Welcome home, what a nice Sunday surprise, who said 13 is not lucky.. :))

    Beautiful poem my friend, you have not lost your touch I see. Have a great visit to NS.. Hope Jake lives long and is well.. ;)

    So good to see you once more.. :)

  10. Ah! The lines are back! :-) Thanks a loooot for the update on my blog... Beautiful lines again M! Jake will be with you, always! :-)

  11. Hey my friend,
    What a beautiful and romantic poem. It flows with peace and calming thoughts. Makes me think that in times of STRESS, I need to think of this very peaceful poem.

    I hope to talk before you leave for Nova Scotia.

  12. hey margie, so nice to hear from you gain.
    my best wishes for jack, and hope you have a wonderful summer!

  13. The hot blonde lady is back! :) WB n MWAHHHHHHHHHH!

    I hope u hv a wonderful trip and come bak all fresh.

    Lovely pic of u there WOW!

    *HUGZ* TC gonna miss ya loadz!


  14. sighhh
    had to come back to look into those blue eyes

  15. Hi Margie!

    I'm so glad to see you back! [just like so many friends of yours are]

    Lovely poem, here :)
    Have a great trip!

    GBU and Regards

  16. Oh Margie! It's good to know that you're back now. :D Yeah, I know that I'm really grateful for having them. Just take care always. Yeah, David Cook rocks! :D


  17. Heyyy Margie!!!!!!!!

    Longggg time!

    Jake is awesome! Enjoy Nova Scotia!

    It REALLY was good to see you back! :)

  18. And ofcourse the verse was too beautiful!

    I wish ur brother well. TC luv!


  19. such a soothing poem.
    heres wishing Jake a good life ahead!

  20. margie, it's so nice to have you back...I missed you so much...

    poem is wonderful

    I wish you a lot of joy in those warm days

    hug, p

  21. neat dog...real nice...and what a helluva place!!

    Fun in Nova Scotia...

    Scribblers Inc.

  22. Margie! I didn't know you were back until I saw your comment a few weeks ago! I remember you visiting Nova Scotia- always wanted to visit there. Please have a safe trip - glad things seem well!

  23. I was wondering where you went glad to see you back even if it's briefly. Enjoy your adventure...and I see you still weave that magic!

  24. Margie,

    come back and give a "tinkle" :)

  25. hey margie!!!
    gues you must have left for your trip...sheesh!! i'm late!!!

    just soo glad to hear from you!! :) :)
    and thank god for Jake!!! and hoping he doesnt miss you a lot! :)


  26. awww..indeed thank god for jake.
    i missed you
    and what a beautiful poem!


  27. An animal teaches us the language of eyes. They make us aware what they wanna say through their eyes, isnt it ?
    I wish & pray for Jake's good health .

  28. Wonderful photo Margie. You look wonderful. It's good to see you looking so well and cheerful. You must like the company you're keeping eh :-)


  29. I have been gone a while. Glad to see you are here and well. Nice post.

  30. You have a great time Margie. Hope all fine at ur end.

  31. this must be an old picture, wow lotta snow.

  32. Margie: Hi!!! Hope things are well with you. Miss you around the blogosphere. Do you photography? if so,

  33. Hello blondie...
    Looking good!

    Be back to read poem

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  35. hey lady this blog says she's bored and wants u to type something on her? :)

    *HUGZ* nitey nite luv!


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  37. Thanks for stopping by Margie.missed reading your poems.have a fun filled vacation.

  38. This pic is perfect. You look very pretty!

    God bless you, Margie!

  39. Hi Margie....Reached ur blog through Keshi's. Lovely poem lady and quite a handsome dog......


  40. I hav added u to my blogroll....Thanks

  41. I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!! :'o( I love the photo an poem as well! Take care my friend. :o)

  42. Margie, I've got an award for you, so you can pick it up on my blog :)

  43. Hiii Margie!!!

    Hope you would be back sooooooonnn...and hope Jake is all fine


  44. Hi Margie, miss you in blogworld, hope everthing is well with you and your family and Jake is doing ok.

  45. Oh Margie, you're still in blogland. How wonderful to see your smiling photo. So sorry your doggie went through this and happy Jake is well on the mend!

    Happy Autumn to you, sweet M! :)

  46. I've also been off the blog radar for months and have only just returned (part-time) after a few months away.

    I hope all is well in your world and look forward to your wonderful words when you have time and the inclination to return

    lotsa luv ann xxxxx

  47. Margie how are you? Really miss your cheerful smile...

  48. Marge, dear! where have you been? am getting married!

  49. Hi, dear Margie!

    Have a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving Holiday!

  50. hello there again Margie!

    I miss my dog..and i'm planning to buy a new puppy. Your poem is beautiful as always.

  51. oh sorry to hear bout jake. but am so glad he's ok now. i wish i could baby sit for him while you're away...

  52. Hope you are well Margie as we approach Christmas. May you have a wonderful time with your family.. :)

  53. missed you!
    Happy Holidays!=)
    come back soon!

  54. Hiya my dear friend, just wanna wish you Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year 2009 :)

  55. Happy New Year.... Margie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. New Year always bring us special pleasure.
    Let all your greatest wishes come true.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009, Patricija

  57. Margieeeeeee
    where the ducks are you?


  58. Hi everyone!
    Thank you for all your nice visits and comments.
    It's been such a long time since I have been at my blog or visited any of you.
    I'm still alive, though.....just thought I should let you know....ha ha!

    I've been very busy and had a few setbacks in life but am doing better now.
    Jake is sitting right beside me as I write this....he's such a wonderful part of my life and adds so much joy to my days!

    Wishing everyone a most wonderful New Year, full of love, joy and peace.....

    I'll try my very best to visit you all soon and maybe even post a poem.....maybe!


  59. i missed you!
    how r you?
    got lot of things to you
    pls come back soon:)

  60. Hi sweet Margie,
    My heart quickened hoping it was you who just visited yesterday. Happy New Year to you, too. May it be filled with joy, health, and peace.


  61. Hello Kai
    Missed you too!
    I finally wrote a poem....on your favorite!
    Happpy New year, dear Kai!


  62. Yes, dear Gel, it was me.
    Loved your are such a wonderful writer!
    Your sweet comment warmed my heart!
    Thank you and thanks for nice wishes....I wish all the same for you!


  63. smiles at your poem...this person or people add a lot of texture to your life..the visions, smells, color...def be someone i would hold onto...


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker