Friday, November 01, 2013

Beautiful Frail Things ~

I have drunk joy today
I have mastered fate
I have known what it is 
to conquer and create ~

Sometimes I ask myself 
after days like this 
have I any longer need 
of his sweet, tender kiss?

But when I see tired eyes a
quickened with light 
as a lover's footstep 
sounds through the night 
or when I hear a little child 
laughing alone
telling what it may be 
when it is grown 
then I no longer doubt 
that my love must be: 
beautiful frail things 
have need of me ~ 
~ photo is my friend Lorraine's 
thanks Lorraine for letting me use your photo ~ 


  1. Oh, this is so uplifting and inspiring! Such lovely thoughts.

  2. I just love these stanzas,
    "when I hear a little child
    laughing alone
    telling what it may be
    when it is grown"

  3. I think this is one of my favorites of yours! Just lovely. Frail and precious things... Beautiful photo by Lorraine as well.

  4. This is a beautiful poem! And the photo that you've included is fantastic. A poet and a photographer make magic together :)

  5. Hi Margie! I have been out of town for a while, so I have missed coming over to visit. We are all so frail really. A loving kiss and attention is what we all need. I couldn't help but smile at the first four lines. What a wonderful feeling to have a successful, creative day :)
    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend :)

  6. Gorgeous photo and beautiful poem!! Margie, you truly have a way with words!! Big Hugs ;o)

  7. What a wonderful and thrilling the beginning. " I have drunk joy today..." Oh, I love this so much! Then so beautiful " I have mastered fate..."

    Margie, I can repeat over and over again every verse in your poem! They are so profound and so brave (bold)! I try to find the right word and I can't.

    We are surrounded by many frail things. And moments and we are frail also. Even creativity can be frail and inspiration also.

    You said it so beautifully, Margie. You are my inspiration!

    And a picture of Lorraine is magical. It compliments your poem so wonderfully.

    I wish you a peaceful and relaxing weekend, my dear Margie. And creative also!

    Warm hugs from Kaya.

  8. So lovely, Margie...I could read your beautiful words all day long :)

    Thank you once again for the beautiful poem that you wrote for my post...excellent!!!

    Warm Hugs,

  9. Hi Margie,
    I hope had a great halloween. Very nice poem and great photo!

  10. smiles...yes they do....and now we encourage and water them so that they too grow and have this chance...beautiful margie....hope you have a wonderful weekend

  11. I got shivers down my spine oh gosh Angel, how you write, it's magical and sometimes like this makes me teary xxx

  12. Oh yes, the fragility of life is so precious. Lovely, Margie.
    And that photo of the 'Sweet Pea' (I believe) is beautiful and very complimentary.

  13. Yes...beautiful frail things do need much.
    And we need them.
    They inspire our love and nurturing...make our hearts ache to protect them.
    This gorgeous poem fills my heart with pure, unconditional love. xxx

  14. Olá,
    Poema lindo, seu dom é excelente.



  15. sometimes the most frail and delicate things prove to be most endurable... another gem, Margie

  16. Beauty is fleeting, but, oh, how you captured it here, Margie! Just gorgeous writing.

  17. Hi Margie--thank you so much for visiting my blog--I really enjoyed this poem, the little delights of life, that is what it's all about :-)

  18. Yes, dearest Margie, "...beautiful frail things
    have need of me ~." This the Self speaking to the SELF... such is beauty and truth...

  19. Margie your words are always so inspiring and that photo is so beautiful. I'm sorry I missed so many days in between.

  20. Margie,

    Your poem might well be from scriptures or biblical writings. You are gifted with such wonderful expressions of wisdom and beauty.
    I hope you enjoyed your recent time with your family and granddaughter. I too enjoy those special family visits.
    Thank you for your recent visit to my Blog Margie:)

  21. Your friend's photo is absolutely beautiful, as well as your poem, Margie my friend.

    I love flowers, for I feel they show the softer and more compassionate side of life.

  22. Such beautiful words... 'I have drunk joy' ... I love that!

  23. Olá,
    beber, conquistar alegria é fantástico, que seja continua.
    foto linda da frágil flor.

  24. "Beautiful frail things have need of me." Wow, just wow.


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker