Monday, September 01, 2014

Rose Window ~

You, who gave me life 
And the joyous childhood 
I did not know was rare 
I would tell you now 
What it has taken a lifetime to learn _
How priceless were those years 
How Radiant!
And the radiance stemmed from you 
I have seen cathedral windows whose colors 
Were like the feeling I have 
Remembering _

Not from your words but from your lives 
We learned that the things you valued 
Were eternal _
I would, if I could 
Build a cathedral for you 
Out of thankfulness 
And in it I would put a glorious rose window 
The color of love _

(Written in deep gratitude for my amazing parents)
 I miss them and remember them
 at the rising sun and its going down
 and wish with all my heart I could have them back 
 if only for one hour ...

"Say not in grief he is no more but live in thankfulness that he was"
-Hebrew Proverb 


  1. Simply beautiful and so touching.

  2. You couldn't imagine the love and beauty I feel reading this, they loved you so much, it's all about love, as you love them and as they love you ...angel xxxooo and your love heals as it will heal love and prayers are with him kiss Jake and hug him tenderly for me, you know this may be the right time to call on your parents' healing Jake with all my love, always xxxxxxxxxoooooooooand for Jake and Jeff and Rose and your daugther and your son may they pray as well, I know I willl xoxoxo

  3. This is beautiful, Margie. No matter how long they're gone, we always miss our parents. My dad died years ago, and although I still have my mom, I know the day will come when she'll move on, as well. It saddens me just thinking about it.

  4. This is so lovely, dear Margie. I agree with Martha, that the length of time that they are gone doesn't make us miss them any less.

  5. Hi Margie! You know, I had a pretty great childhood too, and never realized that it was not a universal experience. Aren't we the blessed ones?
    And the point you make about 'not the words but the life' is so true. "Say all you want, your life is shouting too loud for me to hear." We had parents who's lives just shouted love.
    Beautiful tribute my friend,

  6. How beautifully you write, dearest Margie.
    I feel your pain and sorrow, too.
    As adults we need comforting also...sadly, we want it most from those no longer able to give it.

    Be Well and Be Happy
    Hugs and Love

  7. and soon enough you will meet them again on the other side...
    our lives are jus tlike a taper but i feel your missing them....

  8. What a beautiful and loving tribute to your parents. I also love the Hebrew proverb. It is so full of truth. x

  9. How sweet and beautiful. Your words are such a lovely tribute to the love you have and you are so kind to share them with us. They bring out thoughts of kindness to me.

  10. That Hebrew proverb says it all, Margie. Let's celebrate the lives of those we cherish. And your celebration was this beautiful poem to your dear parents. It was absolutely wonderful to read and I could feel/see your feelings coming through so well.

  11. This is so beautiful, Margie. You captured these feelings so well. I feel the same way about my own parents and miss them very much too. Hugs to you.

    Wishing you a pleasant week ahead.

  12. Margie, this is so beautiful! So heart warming! Your parents are smiling! They are beside you! Big Hugs xoxoxox

  13. Beautifully written Margie - Must have felt so good as a child to feel so loved and safe. I really like this poem.

  14. Beautifully composed and it is touching poem. Keep composing. Thanks.

  15. So beautiful and so very moving. There is a lot of love in the words, and in the spaces. Warm hugs.

  16. Beautiful, heartfelt tribute, to your Dear parents...


  17. What an amazing and beautiful remembrance and tribute. They are looking down upon you, smiling at these words :)

  18. So lovely!! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and letting me know that you did!!


  19. Boa tarde, seus sentimentos são lindos, homenagem merecida e bela a quem nunca esquecemos, que são os nossos pais.

  20. I'm sending Jake big healing hugs! xoxoxoo

  21. So lucky, Margie, that you were/are given the opportunity to experience bountiful love and to pass it on. I miss my parents, too - and feel grateful for that steady, abiding foundation. Your metaphor of the rose window is so apt.

  22. There is so much love in this powerful poem, Margie. I feel for your loss and understand.

  23. I love reading your poems, Margie. This brought me tears into my eyes.
    So true, the Hebrew proverb.

    Thanks for writing this poem. It makes me want to talk for a longer time to my parents

  24. Not for the first time when reading your stunning poetry, I am speechless with emotion.
    Oh Margie...this is so, so goes straight to the heart.
    In fact, when reading this, even the hardest heart couldn't fail to be touched...:)

    Big Hugs xxx

  25. Margie - i read where Jake is/was having surgery today!! May he heal quickly so you and he can get out and enjoy your walks.

  26. Margie, my thoughts are with you and Jake. I hope it goes as well as possible.

  27. So beautiful! My father has long past, but my mom is still here at almost 97. Your writing has really touched me here!

  28. What a touching and beautiful tribute to your parents sweet Margie. You have a wonderful talent for writing and all of your writings I have had the pleasure of reading are amazing. Hugs

  29. Many thanks for all of the comments.
    I loved reading each one of them.

    I shall have to reply at a later time as my time this morning is being taken up with Jake , my sweet Golden ... he needs lots of TLC after his knee surgery

    Love from

    1. Wishing a swift and good recovery to Jake, Margie.

  30. Sometimes we realize too late of being blessed with parents. As many times as possible, we should try and tell them how much they mean to us. Lovely poem!

  31. How is he? and how are you angel, love always xoxoxo

  32. *tearjerker*

    Not from your words but from your lives
    We learned that the things you valued
    Were eternal

    Loved those lines Margie :(


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