Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Seasons ~

I understand the seasons, now 
I know their shades are varied 
moods and knowing savor 
each in turn _
The lightning, sudden 
frightening blots of brightness 
Let it come, for this is beauty 
deepest mood that complements 
the peaceful days _
Then let it pass, let winds 
blow soft and brush my cheeks 
with moistened lips 
for this is beauty, deepest calm 
that complements the stormy days _
Let each shade color me_
In turn, the red, the blue 
the purple days 
for I would know 
the shades of each 
yet be the color of the whole _

(photo is of a lake I visit often and close by.) 


  1. let each shade color me...each season has its merits
    in nature...and in our relationships..and they help us appreciate each
    as well...

  2. Beautiful post, Margie! And I love that lake. I'd visit it often, too. With camera in hand!

  3. Beautiful words, so deep and full of meaning. You are such a bright star and shed your light on so much. Wonderful pond too, the birds are so lovely.

  4. Beauty is indeed, the variety of shades that color the various seasons and their natural phenomena such as lightning and winds.
    The lake in your picture is beautiful.

  5. The changing of the seasons are so beautiful. I miss the fall colors, but not the cold, snowy winters.

  6. I love the vulnerability of your writing, Margie. You have the gift of writing poetry and it's always refreshing to me!

  7. what uplifting serene poems you glad I visited your blog

  8. Oh wow...the magical beauty of Nature...the greatest beauty in the Universe...and you have brought it so vividly to life.
    Oh I so love this,, so much! :)

    Love & Hugs xxx

  9. It's such a beautiful, contemplative piece. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  10. oh how lovely you are Angel, this is so outstanding and beautiful I love it all and that slice of lake i could dream there, you know how lovely you are love and hugs always and forever xoxoxo

  11. So true - and beautifully said.

  12. Oh man, I think this one is my favorite now.. love it. -

  13. Oh man, I think this one is my favorite now.. love it. -

  14. "Let winds blow soft and brush my cheek....". I feel it. Such beautiful words, and understanding......Hugs.

  15. Olá, poema lindo e suave como a natureza, a bela foto está em sintonia.

  16. Hi Margie! It takes a lot of maturity to ride out all the seasons my friend. Especially the ones when the cold winds blow. What a blessing to accept and understand them.
    Keeping you and your hubs in prayer. Hope all is well,

  17. I echo Bonnie.

    When will you put these poems in a book?

  18. Beautiful and thought provoking! I love reading your poetry, Margie--it's so relaxing.

  19. Nice poem Margie and that sure does look like a tranquil place to visit.

  20. I love how you "treat" each season as something so beautiful. Nice to see a photo of your lake.

  21. Beautiful poem dear Margie and that lake looks such a peaceful place to sit and just take in mother natures work! Beautiful.

  22. the way you embrace the changing world.... outstanding.

  23. the scenic beauty of the poem and picture awakes the mind to tranquility and embrace grace:))

  24. the scenic beauty of the poem and picture awakes the mind to tranquility and embrace grace:))

  25. Beautiful!!!
    I love the change of the seasons but I am getting a bit tired of Winter....... It is -4 degrees here!!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to always stop by!!


  26. Margie,

    I'm pleased to have found your wonderful poem. Love the seasonal and emotional moodiness which arrives in my world as well!!!
    Spring is moving closer and optimism is gaining a smile..

    Best wishes, Eileen x

  27. Your words Margie....always gentle, always beautiful. :)

  28. So beautiful, Margie. Thanks for sharing your wonderful poetry. Your nearby lake looks so peaceful. How nice to have it near enough to visit!

  29. Each and every season holds its own special beauty. I love this, Margie...

  30. Oh how beautiful each verse of yours are! It is wonderful to live nearby such a mesmerizing landscape.
    I left a comment on your previous post as well but for some reason it wasn’t published. Lately, I am having trouble using the blogger comment form in Google Chrome. I am posting this using Internet Explorer. It has come in handy after all!

  31. Your words and the photo are so beautiful! You always touch my heart! Big Hugs ;o)

  32. Beautiful poem and photo, Margie. I love the ending on your poem--perfect!

  33. You are so right, Margie - a full life has to include all the shades. It needs the storms to appreciate the calm.


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker