Monday, May 11, 2015

The Years ~

I love to think of age, not as old 
  but as something soft and white 
  into which one cuddles, as youth departs 
  to sail through their life's twilight.

To sail seas not dreaded, scorned or feared 

  but in sail-boats that smoothly glide 
  with wide-spread sail to temper the gale 
  full-matured, not withered and dried.

Embittered not by past's vexing sea

Strong with wisdom's poise and pride 
Glad to welcome, yet, patiently wait 
  a rising, outgoing tide.

(I am taking a blogging break for a month or a little longer ...

  I have many projects planned, like painting all of my house 
  and planting a garden and I am very busy with my granddaughter.
  So, see all of you dear people in June ...
  I shall be by today to visit all of you that paid me a visit while I was in 
  Disneyland ... our trip was amazing!
  Wishing all of you much joy in your lives ...)

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