Sunday, February 25, 2007


The most beautiful priceless gems of art
hang not in splendor in great Halls of Fame . . .
or in galleries where skills of hand . . .
has won for many a much honored name!

They're in yon forests, the distant clouds, the sky
Waterfall, bird, beast, and even the sod . . .
In the rippling leaves and the trembling wind . . .
The work of the hand of Almighty God!

There's no human hand that can paint His work
And no living voice can ever declare . . .
The living beauty . . . only enraptured hearts . . .
Can know the pricelessness that is painted there!

Man has succeeded with priceless gems of art
And endowed with the greatest of skill . . .
But when compared with the incomparable creation of God . . .
The most gifted of all is but feeble still!


  1. Said with such melody and grace. Lovely Margie. Hope you are well!

  2. wow great post!

    If u read my old post 'Intelligent Design 1011', then that's abt this too..God's art and design that can never be matched!


  3. Margie, nothing to say but AMEN!

  4. I very much like this Margie...the imagery, the flow, the feeling...all wrapped up in one to make an outstanding poem!

  5. Beautifully written Margie. Two of the loveliest things .. art and nature .. are, yes, really one and the same. :^) Thank you.

  6. Hi Margie!
    The work of the hand of Almighty God! Your poems!
    Good luck and happiness to you!

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  8. hehehehehehe
    i love to see u cryyyy

  9. I liked that one. A beautiful poem about nature.
    Hope you had a good weekend.
    talk to you soon.

  10. so very lovely Margie...Hope you had a great weekend...

  11. God is the greatest Artisan.
    Through Him through you the Hand of the Divine writes.
    Lovely awareness.
    Hugs for you Margie,

    We are enjoying the sun's presence today ... smiling.
    see you soon.

  12. The best human artists can do is copy. Love it Margie!!

  13. Ditto pat paulk. So many times we love the beauty of what God's created so much, and yet when we try to duplicate it, whether it be in photo's, painting or words, it always falls short of the original.
    This was great, and very insightful.

  14. This artist humbly and wholeheartedly agrees!
    I love the beauty and rhythm in your poetry, Margie.

  15. so true - there's no human hand that can paint his work.

  16. very true...God is the Greatest Designer...and for people who wants to beleive in him,there lies miracles in al forms al shapes alround us...

  17. and as always,beautiful lines and beautiful poem!

  18. lovely Margie
    thanks for visiting me


  19. howsu howsu howsu today? :)


  20. Very nice! Yes, God is the best artist! His creations are beautiful!

  21. hi margie,

    there are only two works that's perfect...

    1. god's work


    what is the next one?

  22. oh btw, i have composed a poem in my blog "a weird romantic valentine",(just scroll down)can you critique it and lemme know what's to be done or how or what lacks? i also had "sweet sixteen" poem as my second post when i started my blog october 06. make it all so good hey. i wish i can make it even just a fraction as good as yours...

    c yah!!!

  23. This wonderful works of art had to be created by can we think otherwise.Just beautiful Margie.I can picture God with his paint brush.

  24. Beautiful poem, beautiful Margie. :)

    I always feel closes to God when I create. Love this one.

  25. Don
    It is nice having you visit again!
    You have been missed!
    Thanks for the very nice comment!
    It is appreciated!

  26. Keshi
    Thanks for the kind words!
    I will have to check that post of yours...
    So very true....God's art and design can never be matched!

  27. Art
    Thank you for your Amen!
    Glad to know you are feeling better!

  28. Janice
    I do appreciate your kind words!
    Thank you so much!

  29. Steve
    Nice having you visit again!
    Thanks so much for your nice comment!
    I really loved your painting of the heart you have posted now!
    It is so incredible!

  30. Krystyna
    Your kind comment is most appreciated!
    I do know that God guides my words!
    I could not do it on my own!
    Happiness to you as well!

  31. Jim(Saby)
    I deleted your comment!
    If you are so sick to death of my sugary do not have to come here to read them.

    You did not make me cry...
    I find it rather sad that you would love to see anyone cry!

  32. Choices
    Thank you!
    It was a very busy weekend!
    Yes, talk to you soon!

  33. Carol
    Thanks for the very nice comment!
    Your poem that I last read was very lovely as well!
    My weekend was good...thank you!

  34. You always come up with lovely words and they make a lovely poem :)
    God bless you !

    Stay Beautiful...!!

  35. Trinitystar
    Your comment made me happy!
    I am so glad to have the hand of the Divine with me as I write!
    I send hugs back to you!
    Enjoy the sunshine!

  36. Pat
    So very true!
    It is so nice to know you loved my poem...thanks so much!

  37. Kathi
    Thanks so much!
    I did enjoy your post of today very you are blessed!

  38. Magiceye
    Yes, beyond compare!
    Your post today was wonderful!

  39. Gel
    Your kind words are most appreciated!
    Thank you!
    You have much beauty to your poetry!

  40. Pink ginger
    No there is no human hand that can paint His work.
    Welcome back!

  41. Shammu
    Yes, God is the greatest designer!
    Thanks for the kind words about my poem...I appreciate them!

  42. Donna
    Thank you for your nice comment!
    You are most welcome for my visit...always happy to visit you!

  43. Keshi
    I am ok...thank you!
    will come by later to pay you a visit!
    Hope today has been good for you!

  44. Gudl
    No artist can compete with God's
    Thank you for the nice words!

  45. Shnaggy
    The 2nd one would have to be...
    the love of God in our hearts that we show to all people and all creatures on earth!
    Thanks for your kind words!
    I will come by later and check out the poems you mentioned.
    I look forward to it!

  46. Starry
    I too can picture God with His paint brush!
    I appreciate your very nice comment!
    Thank you Starry!

  47. Aurora
    I too feel close to God when I create...I feel the guidance from Him.
    Thanks for loving my poem!
    That makes me feel good!
    I do appreciate the kind words!
    Thank you!

  48. Sugarlips
    I try my best...
    It is nice to know you like my poems.
    Thanks for the nice comment!
    I do appreciate it!

  49. hi margie....
    you are a beautiful writer. thankx for that lovely comment on my blog.
    i'm fine. little busy with work thats all....have a great day...

  50. its beautiful dear...
    the greatest gift of GOD...

  51. God's best creations, margie. Beautiful!

  52. yes, nature is the best of artists.
    love this one!

    and thank you, margie, for all your thoughts and prayers.
    mother was released from the hospital today :)

  53. Mona....nice to see you here again!
    I'll come by and visit you soon!
    Thanks for your nice comment!

  54. Thanks for popping in Steve!
    I appreciate the kind words!
    Most welcome for my comment!
    Take care!

  55. I am so glad to know your mom got home from the hospital Polona!
    That is so great!
    Thanks for the kind words...glad you enjoyed my poem!


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