Thursday, February 22, 2007


Above pale portals of the dawn
Long scarlet lighted curtains now are drawn.
The crescent moon of silver gleams afar
Among the galaxies of fading stars.

Their happy songs of praise
A symphony to heaven raise.

Oh, would that everyone could be as they
These lovely birds that sing for each new day!


  1. it is time for the morning matins....:-))

  2. Something for each of us to aspire to. Wonderful Margie!

  3. Sometimes the birds near my home ... although I live in the concrete jungle we do have trees on the avenue and one can hear them singing to their hearts content. Then there is this sudden silence ... and wonders where have they gone ... you just cannot see them or hear them until the following morning.
    Keep warm Margie in ready for your blizzard. Is it still expected?
    hugs for you .

  4. Would that everyone could. Beautiful sentiment!!

  5. Your poetry has changed over the past few months Margie...there's a subtle depth and a poignant imagery that speaks softly to the soul of the reader. I enjoy coming here everyday.

  6. They sing to us and bring us the music of life.

  7. They sing to us and bring us the music of life.

  8. Reminds me of spring time - I wish it was here already! I think I have that seasonal affective disorder!

    Beautiful poem Margie! You're in my thoughts and I hope you're doing terrific. Thank you for leaving that nice comment on my blog yesterday. You're truly an amazing woman! Don't ever change!

    Love and hugs!
    Deb xxoo

  9. (((Margie)))

    Your words leave me breathless. I love coming here every day and basking in the love and joy you bring.

  10. Margie you make me want to get up every morning and look up at the sky. Every poem of yours is so special.

  11. beautiful, margie!
    your poems are truly inspired and inspiring :)

    (my mother's in hospital and we can only hope she gets well...)

  12. awwwww, polona......
    hope she gets well soon!

    margie- beautiful.......

  13. I have a robin that thinks it's spring, he's been singing every morning.
    Another beautiful poem margie.
    thank you

  14. A joyful honoring of dawn song. I love the birds singing away....

  15. Know what you mean. Being up at dawn is such a priviledge. No day seems to know there was ever a previous one and it's a wonderful thing to witness.

  16. Its been awhile for me in here..I hope is well with you...

    After reading Morning Mediation, I wnet back to my poetry session that I had in two days agao...It felt just like that

    Im spreading word on J. Andrew Lockhart’s Haiku Treat featured in LIP (

  17. You know I love those bird poems Margie. Outstanding.

  18. I have not been here for a while but lovely to visit and to see you are as porlific as ever,check out my parallel site at

  19. Beautiful just like the morning...
    Each day a new one...fresh...that's how it feels reading these lines

    Lovely Margie...a new dawn...

  20. that was so beautiful....a perfect poem to accompany the whispers!
    thanku for althe lovely inspiring poems Margie!

  21. This and your previous poem complement each other. I enjoyed both. I find your poetry very positive.

  22. Hiiiiiiiii margie!!!!!
    What a wonderful way to start my day!!! reading two lovely poems by you!
    I am leaving for college, just came online for few mins.
    thanks for bothe cheerful, hopeful poems :)

    :) :)

  23. What a beautiful image I have in my mind's eye from this poem! I must admit that I am not a morning person, but there is an intense beauty that comes with the dawn of each day.


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker