Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Love is a golden moon
defying the darkness of night
with promises, promises!
Reach for it with care, for
how could you find your way
in a dark world
without its light?


  1. margie :) happy new year and may you have a great great time in 2009.

    thaank you.

  2. nice to see you around again :)
    happy new year to you and yours, margie!

  3. Margie,
    what a gift this morning to find your lovely comment to warm my heart and then to click through and find you with a new post here...such beautiful poetic inspiration from the heart...

    hugs :)

  4. Hiya Margie. It's been a while... I hope things are good for you!
    Happy New Year!

  5. Welcome back!
    I was so happy to read your comment on blog ... :)
    Keep your good thoughts with SKP

    GBU and Regards

  6. Thanks again for the visit Margie. Also your new poem reveals the depth of your understanding of the world, of the true world and of the true source of all being.

    Goodlife my friend.

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  8. happy new year 2009 margie!

    yea, i did buy a new puppy and it only lasted for 2 months. a car ran over Pedro =(

  9. u r the light that lights up a 1000 hearts

    u will never grow old
    but I am growing older
    lost all my grinders
    thank God I still have my front teeth

    lost Kathy
    she died in a car crash

    and I tot VEST was going to croak too

    but he is well now
    and still wooing Keshi and Aggie and me


  10. Hey there Margie! :) Happy New Year to you. May year 2009 be more fruitful and wonderful for you. And I wish that this year will bring a lot of fun memories for you. Thank you! :D

    And it is really good to know that you're back in the blogging world. :)


  11. Hi Margie, saw your comment this morning.thank you and wish you the same! :)

    I just posted and came back blogging after 5 mints, must say I enjoyed the free time! :D

    Love is the only thing which can save us all, feels great to read this.

  12. Good seeing you here again Margie, you have been sorely missed.

    Nice poem, very deep, but such is life..

    Thanks for your visit, hope to see more of you this year my friend. :)

  13. Margie, Lovely to receive your good wishes.

    Trying to get back into the swing for the New Year.

    Happy New Year.

    Margie drop me line if you read this. Ive searched in the mails and I have mislaid your email
    Hugs for you

  14. WB Margie! HAPPY 2009! I so missed ya.

    beautiful verse as usual! w.o. LOVE there cant be any GUIDANCE in life at all.

    btw, yday I wore the bracelet u sent me last year...I was thinking of u from this lil corner of the world :)

    Some ppl hv the knack for warming hearts just by thinking of em...and ur such a person...a very rare one. HUGS!


  15. heyy Marge!! you are such a darling! thank you so much! :) and a very happy new year to you!

  16. Happy New Year Margie and welcome back.

  17. Hey Hey Hey Margie...I was late here :)

    So happy to see an update and Happy New Year to you & your family.

    Yes, let there be light and you know with our friendship there'll always be love & light ;)

  18. The best to you in the new year.

    May a pleasant surprise hide for you behind every corner.

  19. beautiful
    love is in the air!:)

  20. Happy New Year Margie! Good to see you and I hope you and your family are doing well! ; )

  21. aww u saw Marley n Me...I so want to see it too! I will go next Tuesday or so.

    Dun cry so much Margie...lol ur sooo like me, such a cry-baby! *HUGZ*


  22. btw ty so much for that BEAUUUUUTIFUL poem written for me, in my blog. U r soooo very kind and caring. I love ya Margie!


  23. Hi Ghost Particle
    Thank You & my best wishes to you for a great new year.

    Thank you, Polona.
    It's nice to be back.
    Happy new year to you.

    Hello Serenity
    I was so glad to find you again.
    Your kind words touched my heart!
    Thank you.
    Hugs back to you!

    Hi Art
    Yes, it's been a while.
    Happy new year to you, too.
    Life had had its challenges but I'm thankful for each new day.

    Hello Arti
    Thank you.
    It was nice to visit you again.
    Good news on your book....congrats!
    My best to you!

    Hi Robert
    Always good to visit you....I learn so much!
    And, you understood my poem so well and what I was saying.
    Thank you.

    Goodlife my friend

    Hello Kaylee
    Happy new year to you.
    Take care of yourself.

    Thank you, Magiceye
    May you too have a super 2009.

  24. Happy new year to you, Vila
    Oh, how sad about your puppy!
    I'm so sorry!

    Hello Jimmy
    Your first line was so sweet....thank you so much!

    I'm so sorry about Kathy....it's so hard to lose someone, especially that way.

    You know, we all grow older each & every day but we can always stay young of heart...remember that!
    Stay well and look for the little joys in each day!

    Hi Cez
    Thank you & I hope 2009 will be a wonderful year for you.
    It's nice to be back & I enjoyed visiting you again.

    Hello Asha
    Glad you are back....very nice post too!
    I'm glad you enjoyed my poem....thank you.

    Thank you, Eric for your kind words...I missed you, too!
    I'll do my very best to be around more....so nice to visit you again!

    Hi Marie
    Happy new year!
    I sent you an email.

    Hey Keshi
    Thank you.
    Happpy new year to you!
    I missed you, too!

    Where would we be without love....just lost!

    Hey, we were both wearing each others gifts on the same day....I wore your earrings and was thinking about you, too.

    Whenever I think about you, my heart is warmed, too.
    Thank you, Keshi.


    Hello Hobo
    Thank you....happy new year!

    Hi Neers
    Thank you....how sweet of you to say that....my hubby always calls me darling & I love it!
    You are most welcome!
    I'm very happy for you!
    Have a wonderful new year and married life!

    Happy new year, Priya and thanks for the welcome back.

    Hello Shionge
    You are not late....any time you visit is just right!
    Happy new year....may 2009 bring you & your family much joy!
    Yes, I know that with our friendship there will ALWAYS be love & light!
    Thank you, my friend!

    Hello Goatman
    How nice to have you visit again.
    Thank you.
    All good wishes to you for a great new year.
    I'll be on the lookout for any of those pleasant surprises around each corner....hope they are there for you too.

    Hi Kai
    Thank you.
    Love is always in the air....right!

    Hello Anali
    Good to see you, too.
    Thank you.
    Happy new year.....may yours be full of joy!

    Hi Keshi
    Oh gosh, I cried soooo much during Marley & Me.
    Yes, we are both cry babies!

    You are sooooo welcome for the poem...just wanted to show I care!

    Love ya, too!

    Hi Jimmy

  25. I see u r doing a Keshi
    but when u have 100 plus comments
    it becomes a pain

    Lucky me
    I get just 2 or 3

    but these are real close friends
    and it feels good

    I no I shudnt be telling u what to do
    but who says u have to lissen!

    I just love to be hated for my comments and I have been banned from many a blog

  26. lol Margie we must be long lost sisters!

    luv ya!

  27. So good to see you back my friend! Wishing you the best in 2009.

    What a beautiful poem to come back with...

  28. Hello tqmcinti
    Any comments I get are very welcomed...it does not matter the number.
    I am glad you have close friends that visit u & leave comments.

    Who are you?
    My guess is...does ur name begin with S & end with Y!
    I think so!

    All the best to you.

    Long lost sisters....lol!
    Yes, I think so!

    Luv ya, too!

    Hello Janice,
    Thanks so much!
    Good to be back.
    My best wishes to you for a wonderful New Year.
    Thank you for the kind words on my poem.

  29. Margie
    I agree with u most of the time
    but this is not the time

    how could you find your way
    in a dark world
    without its love light?

    love shud not make u dependent on your lover for love

    love your self
    u dont need no other lover
    not even K...i

  30. Hi Tqmcinitl
    My poem was not about being dependent on your lover for love.
    It was about the light of love lighting our lives.
    We all get different meanings.....

  31. interesting imagry, i like the repetition of promises the best.

  32. just fell in love with it :)..


  33. Thank u, hemu!
    I'm happy to know that.



Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker