Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Come laughing with me into the rain
puddle-wet ... knee-high ... slush-mashed
nuzzling rain
turn and laugh
and curl into the world ...
follow the children dancing with spattered feet
or swinging in swings ...
spinning and vanishing over the street ...

Or let's run with the rivers of cats and leaves
away from the showers ...
until both of us drip and fade
like a handful
of paper flowers.


  1. Hi
    Oh how I love playing in the rain - a warm Spring rain - the smells of blossoms come alive and the sounds are lovely as is your poem today. "thank you"
    Love Gail

  2. What a wonderful poem Margie, even the rain can be fun the way you describe it my friend.. :)

  3. We are still covered in snow although it is melting, can hardly wait for the first rain. glad to see you Margie. love your poetry as always.

  4. what a wonderful poem, Margie ... i can feel the raindrops dripping from my eyelashes as i read

    so happy to see you writing again :)

    sending you a big hug, lots of love, and a warm smile from out west...

  5. Wonderful photo and words!

  6. I enjoyed completely Margie! Thanks for the lovely thought. My wishes.

  7. I am so looking forward to a warm Spring rain, we are still waiting for the snow to go. So good to have you back again my friend....:-)Hugs

  8. Ah, this was beautiful, there is something infinitely magical and enticing and even romantic about rainy days. And sharing an umbrella.;))
    Lovely words and image.;))
    I want to take this opportunity to thank you as well for your absolutely wonderful and substantial comments on my most recent and very contemplative posts, your words warmed my heart.
    Take care dear friend, see you around,

  9. We need more times like this in our lives. Laughing and playing and just enjoying nature and what the day brings.

  10. How beautiful, I got shivers down to my toes, beautiful Margie x so glad you're back!

  11. Your poem makes rain joyful! It makes me feel like I want to run out and play in the rain. The picture and title are perfect together.

  12. The joy of spring showers so beautifully expressed, Margie! Lovely!

  13. your words evoke the smell of an april rain and the simple joy of being alive. Thanks, my friend, you lifted my spirits and made me smile.

  14. Lovely!!

    Hope you doing well deary:))

    Take care

  15. Lovely!!

    Hope you doing well deary..:))

    Take care,

  16. That was utterly delightful Margie! Some of your phrases were fantastic:" Or let's run with the river of cats and leaves" - gosh what an image! The last lines are excellent - loved this.

  17. It is so good to see you around again. Now I will see time under an umbrella forever differently. Paula xxx

  18. Thank you my friend for your continuing contributions to our well-being through your words and word-pictures. I appreciate.


  19. Hello Margie,
    What a beautiful post! I love the poem. I also love the photo in this post.
    I hope all is going well with you? it's nice to see you've returned to blogging again. I look forward to reading more of your poetry. They are all so pretty.
    Have a wonderful evening,

  20. awww! that was really heart-warming!!

    margie, thank you so much! :)

  21. Hi Margie,
    Your poem reminded me of my childhood when I used to secretly go out and get wet in the rain. I love rainy days and especially I love the smell of the first rain.
    Thank you for your wishes. Hope you are doing fine. Hope you've completely recovered from your fall.I'm glad that I didn't miss much of your creations.Hoping to read more beautiful lines from you

  22. A poem that makes a splash!

  23. Hi dear Margie!
    Your beautiful poem make me happy.
    I like walking in the rain. Today is a rain in my place.

    God bless you and your arts!

  24. oh love it is raining here right now and after reading your delightful poem I get tempted to go out and let the drops dance on my skin. Arohanui marja

  25. Very much how our energy ebbs and flows! I enjoyed reading this! :)

  26. Margie,
    What a delightful read and full of that most precious thing of being happy and carefree!!
    Back to childhood almost and enjoying the freedom.
    I love your Rod Stewart musical choice, by the way!
    Lovely to have connected here and I am following your blog as well.
    Best wishes, Eileen

  27. This is so freeing..I'm totally refreshed..beautiful!

  28. a joyous poem!
    luv a handful of paper flowers-
    make mine yellow and orange please.

  29. Lovely poem, Margie :)


  30. Hello Gail, I so love the rain and also loved your comment!
    Many thanks kind lady!
    I wish you joy and love today and always ...


    Thanks so much for your kind words, Eric.
    Always so nice to have a visit from you, my friend!


    Cinner, thank you!
    Hope your snow is all gone now!
    We are having the most beautiful spring weather!


    Hi Joanne, your sweet comment brought a smile to my face!
    Thanks my friend!

    Sending back to you a big hug, lots of love and a warm smile :)


    Welcome ladyfi and thanks for the nice comment!


    Hello Pranavam, so glad to know you enjoyed my poem.
    Many thanks to you!


    Hi Bernie, hope you get that warm spring rain that you are looking forward to.
    Hugs my friend!


    Hello Zuzana
    So appreciated your kind words!
    They warmed my heart!

    Hope you are having a good break!
    You are missed!


    Hi TechoBabe
    I so agree, laughing and playing and just enjoying nature, those are the times that give me the most joy!
    Thanks for your visit.


    How sweet you are Lorraine.
    Loved your comment!


    Hi Anne, well that is wonderful that my poem made you feel that way!
    I like that!
    Thank you!
    Smiles back to you!


    Thanks so much, Talon.
    Your kind words are appreciated


    Hello Quieten
    Oh, so glad my poem lifted your spirits and made you smile!
    That's so very nice to know.
    Many thanks for sharing that with me!

    I hope you are doing well!
    My warmest wishes to you & George for joyful days of peace and love.


    Many thanks, Sam.
    I am doing ok, thank you!
    One day at a time is my motto.
    Some days are better that others but I'm so appreciative of the good days!
    I wish you joy!


    Hi Janice,
    Oh, I miss you so much!
    It's not the same with you gone from blogging!
    How very sorry I am that you lost all of your wonderful & beautiful work!
    I hope that you will be back sooner that later!

    Your kind comment meant a lot to me!
    Thank you so much, my friend!



    Hi Paula
    And it's so good to see you here!
    Oh, how nice that you will see time under an umbrella forever differently!
    That made me smile!


    Thanks very much, Robert!
    I really appreciate that!


    Hello Lydia, so nice to have you visit me again.
    And your kinds words meant a lot to me!
    Many thanks!


    Hi Constructive Attitude
    You now loveee rain!
    I like that!
    Thank you!


    Thanks so much Neers!
    I hope you are having days of joy and enjoying your sweet little one!
    Those days are so precious!

  31. Hello Ariel (Susan)
    I'm so glad to have a visit from you again and glad you are back blogging.
    I know you must be so enjoying the new baby, such wonderful news!
    Enjoy every moment with him as they grow up much too quickly!

    Many thanks for the kind words!
    They are very apreciated!

    love to you!


  32. Hi Joe and welcome.
    Nice to know that my poem made a splash.... LOL! I like that!

    Margie :)

  33. Hello Krystyna
    How very nice to have you visit again!
    And how kind your words are!
    I always love to know that my poems make someone happy!
    Thanks very much dear lady!

    And God bless you as well!

    Margie :)

  34. Hi Marja
    So, did you go out walking in the rain and let the drops dance on your skin?
    When I was a little girl I loved to go out and dance in the rain.
    I still do that when there is a soft rain falling!
    Love the rain!
    It refreshes my spirit!

    Always so enjoy your visits and thanks so much for the nice comment!

    Margie :)

  35. Thanks Michael.
    So glad to know you enjoyed my poem!

    Margie :)

  36. Hi Eileen and a warm welcome to my blog!
    I enjoyed visiting your blog and so enjoyed reading your poetry!
    Thanks so much for the nice comment

    And I'm a big fan of Rod Stewart and saw him twice in concert.

    Best wishes to you as well, Eileen.

    Margie :)

  37. Thanks so much, Lyn.
    I appreciate your kind words!


  38. Welcome Ophelia
    I so enjoyed your nice comment!
    Many thanks!
    And me too on the yellow and orange paper flowers!

    Margie :)

  39. Thanks very much, Devika.

    Margie :)

  40. Oh my dear Margie,
    this beauty is moving and makes me pray for rain.
    just lovely, like you!

  41. Love the imagery and words you used....

  42. Lovely poem and rain is something which always brings about new things to feel.

  43. this is a beautiful kind of love...i love dancing in the rain...and splashing puddles...

  44. "Rivers of cats and leaves" -- love this line! You have captured the beauty of a rainstrom. Makes me want to "sing in the rain"! :)


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Untie the ribbons.

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