Monday, May 30, 2011


Our emotions are bare
as the walls surround us ...
our feelings exposed
as the pets on our laps ...

We all meet as strangers
but the things we discuss ...
are life ... love ... and death
too revealing perhaps ...

Our sick little creatures
dissolve inhibitions ...
when our names are called
we arise and depart ...

All unaware of our
own frank expositions ...
each leaving behind
a small piece of their heart!

Picture is of my cat, Smokey.
She has kidney disease and I take her to our vet for IV treatments twice a week.
She is 16 years old and such a sweetheart!


  1. Smokey is a beauty! Going to the vet is my least favorite part of having a pet. I can relate to everything in this poem. Very well written, from the heart!

  2. Smokey is beautiful, Margie. It's comforting to have a Vet whom you can trust to provide the best care!

  3. Smokey is gorgeous, Margie!

    Isn't it funny how we let our guards down in those small-term encounters with strangers? Those encounters are always so interesting though.

  4. Hello Margie.

    I'm sorry to hear about Smokey. She's a beauty.

    As a former owner of 2 dogs, I understand what it feels like when our pets are sick and hurt.
    Animals have a way of caressing our hearts when no one else will.

    This is a very heartwrenching story.

    My best to you and Smokey.

    Thank you for sharing.

  5. Hello Margie,
    I'm sorry to here about Smokey.
    Our pets are part of our families. When they become ill or when something happens it is so devestating.
    Your smokey looks so pretty.
    Wishing you both good things,

  6. Lots and lots of hugs to you and Smokey. Your words are so eloquent and ring so true. I have been owned by cats for many many years. I know exactly what you mean.

    Lovely Margie, take care.

  7. Beautifuly written.
    Smokey is gorgeous .I wish her good health and many many more happy years of togetherness.She is a beauty.
    Hugs and more hugs :):)

  8. Margie, sorry to hear about Smokey not being well. what a beauty. we were in the veterinary clinic yesterday with our new puppy. There is a bonding that goes on there for sure. all the best to you. hugs my friend.

  9. Beautiful my dear Margie, and I can so relate to these beuatiful sentiments.;) My Batcat has recently developed kidney stones and has been also to the vet a few times. I hope he will be well soon...
    Many hugs to you and your beuatiful Smokey,

  10. she's beautiful, you write so beautifully and my prayer for her is steady, angel x

  11. so true and beautiful, Margie... something about gathering together in shared vulnerability dissolves the differences and walls that people generally put up... and all are one, united in their love and concern for their pets.

    hugs for Smokey and you.

  12. I presently have a duck which I incubated from egg. She is with 4 others which is important because they hang together.
    Duck was attacked the other night by something (they are outside in fenced area with fenced top) which did damage to her head. I am thinking snake tried to eat her head first and she was able to extricate. What else could get in and out of 2X4" fencing?
    Ok so far-- keeping antibiotic on head wounds-- but Vet would probably laugh if I tried to take duck in for inspection. . .
    I think I can handle it though.

    Good luck with your cat.

  13. So true, what dissolves our inhibitions...our love for those creatures..
    you got to the heart of it..Bless Smokey...

  14. aww sorry about smokey...seems a beautiful friend...nice verse as well...

  15. She's got personality, your Smoky. She might even start writing poems , after she'll get rid of her kidney disease:)

    In the meantime, at the Vet ,you meet other pet owners who I'm sure give you lots of inspiration.

  16. My dear Margie, I just wanted to send you a BIG HUG for taking the time to stop by when you're worrying about Smokey. Thank you...I'm thinking of you.

  17. Love seeing a picture of Smokey, I hope the vet can help him. I know how much you love your pets Margie, beautiful poem....:-)Hugs

  18. Just stopping in to say hi and leave a hug for you and your lovely Smokey. Take care Margie, G

  19. She is adorable. I so ca relate. My Oscar was with me for 18 years. He is missed for 2.5 years now. I am fortunate that Zoe has chosen me. I am sure Oscar had send her! Keep you and Smokey in my thoughts.

  20. Beautiful post Margie and so true. Smokey is so beautiful and it`s so heartbreaking when they have something happen to them.
    I wanted to thank you too, for your lovely comment at my blog.


  21. Awwww Margie ... all have charactors of their own. How they are a comfort to us.
    I loved it when I use to stroke my Treacle and her purring of content.
    Smokey is beautiful.
    Hugs for her.

  22. Beautiful picture of Smokey. I wish him well.

  23. Just coming back to tell you, I know Smokey is a her not a him. Just a typo.
    Talk to you later.

  24. Hi Margie! Hope all is well with you. I've become so busy with work these past two months. Take care always

  25. Dear Margie,

    I hope your cat feels better. Your love surrounds her. Her name is a nickname given for a family member from my maiden name.

    Recently I sold two paintings where most of the proceeds went towards the Animal Rescue Benefit. (You have known me as "gel.")


  26. This poem has moved me to tears. I hate having to take my pets to the vet. I've had the same vet for over 30 years. He's put too many of my darlings to sleep but he's saved their lives too. I once had a cat like your Smokey. He was called Paddy. He was a darling too. They're all darlings.

  27. Cuty Catty..loved ya poetry:)))


  28. Oh Margie, Smokey is uttley gorgeous, and I am so sorry old age is creeping up on her (I have a fluffy ginger cat, Jess, 13yrs old who has recently stopped grooming herself, much to my concern).

    Your poem sums up the emotions beautifully, such a poignant, lovely piece of writing.

  29. "leaving behind a small piece of their heart" beautiful and to be expected when you see your gorgeous cat. Hope is is well soon

  30. Poor Smokey! I know you're taking good care of her.

  31. Just stopping in to leave a big hug. Take care Margie and BFN, G

  32. Judith, Smokey is a beautiful cat and I love her dearly!
    Yes, going to the vet is not always a pleasant experience but I hope the treatments smokey is getting is helping her.
    Many thanks for the kind words on my poem.


    Isn't she Michael!
    She's very dear to me!
    Our vet provides us with much comfort ...a real blessing!
    Thanks so much for your visit.


    Thank you, Talon ...she gives me much joy.
    I think the vet's office is one of those places where let our guards down as animal lovers we want to know why each of us is there and care about each other's family of pets.
    I so hate when I see an animal that is suffering and I see many when I an at my vet's.
    So, I usually strike up a conversation with many when I am there and we get to know one another through out pets.


    Hi Andy, thank you for the kind words about Smokey.
    And it's so very true that animals have a way of caressing our hearts when others do not.
    Animals give us love unconditionally .... a wonderful thing!
    Thanks for your visit and caring!
    I do appreciate it!


    Hello Lydia, thank you!
    Your concern means a lot to me!
    Smokey is so special and a big part of my family!


    Hi Geraldine, many thanks for all those hugs!
    And also thanks for the lovely comment on my poem.
    Smokey & I send hugs back to you!


    Kavita, many thanks for all those kind words, they are greatly appreciated.
    Lots of hugs to you.
    Thanks for caring!


    Thank you ladyfi.
    That's my gorgeous little Smokey.


    Hello Cinner, thank you. I do appreciate your concern.
    Your new puppy is adorable.
    So true about the bonding that goes on when we are at the vet's.
    Hugs back to you!


    Hi Zuzana, I hope your Batcat is doing better.
    So hard when our pets are sick!
    Thanks so much for those kind words about my poem.
    Hugs to you and your Batcat, from Sweet Smokey & I. xo


    Many thanks to you, dear Lorraine.I do appreciate that! x


    Hi Joanne, yes, we all are one united in love and concern for our pets when we are there at the vets.
    Thanks for the hugs and sending them back to you!
    And thanks for saying my poem was beautiful, that means a lot to me!


    Hello Goatman, hope so much Duck is doing okay.
    And thank you for visiting!


    Hi Lyn, happy to know you felt I got to the heart of it.
    That was a very nice comment.
    Thanks very much!
    And bless you!


    Thanks very much, Brian.
    Smokey is a good friend, one of my best!

  33. Hello Duta, oh yes, my Smokey has got the personality.
    Must teach her to write some poems!
    That made me smile :)
    We unfortunately can't get rid of her kidney disease but we can keep it from progressing too quickly with the treatments she's getting... hoping for that so much!
    Always so nice to have you visit and comment.
    Thank you!


    Andy, how very nice of you to stop by again and show your caring attitude!
    Hugs are always appreciated and here's one for you. x


    Hi Bernie, that's my Smokey and yes, I do care so much about her!
    Thanks for the kind words on my poem....Hugs


    How kind and sweet you are, Geraldine.
    Many thanks and hugs from Smokey & I to you!


    Hello Paula, enjoy your Zoe, she's beautiful!
    Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts.
    That is appreciated!


    Hi Tea, how are you?
    So kind of you to stop by and visit as I know you are not feeling too well these days.
    Sending you healing thoughts.
    Take good care!
    Thanks so much for the kind comment on my poem.
    And, always a pleasure to visit you so you are so welcome on the comment.


    Hello trinitystar (Marie)
    Such a lovely surprise to see you here again!
    Many thanks for the hugs sent to Smokey, she is purring next to me right now, so sweet!


    Thanks fro the kind wishes, Anne.
    They are appreciated!


    Hello Cez, so nice of you to stop- by when you are so busy!
    I'm doing okay, thank you!
    Take good care and keep smiling that beautiful smile :)


    Hello Gel, this is the week for lovely surprises as first it was Marie and now you come by after a long time!
    How wonderful that you donated to the Animal Rescue Benefit when you sold your paintings.
    You do such beautiful work and it was so nice to visit you again.


    Hi Rosalind, yes, they are all darlings.
    I did not mean to make you cry but I do take that as a compliment.
    Thanks for visiting and sharing.
    How we love our pets and whaht a joy they are to us!

  34. Hello Sam,
    you are so sweet!
    Thank you!

    Margie x

  35. Hi Shrinky,
    Many thanks for those kind words!
    They are very much appreciated!
    I do hope your cat Jess is doing okay now.
    When they stop grooming that is a concern.

    Margie :)

  36. Hello Marja,
    Sweet words from a sweet lady!
    Thank you!

    Margie :)

  37. Hi Aurora,
    I am taking care of my sweet Smokey.
    So nice to have you visit.
    Thank you and take good care!

    Margie :)

  38. Hello Geraldine,
    Thank you so much for visiting again and the hugs are returned!
    You are so nice!

    Margie xx

  39. Smokey is soo adorable. I hope she gets better.

  40. Duck is fine. All we can figure is that a local King snake tried to eat duck head-first and duck escaped with a crew cut. All is well.
    Snake must seek smaller quarry apparently.


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