Wednesday, June 08, 2011


The wrestling rain and wind of yesterday
have fought each other to a draw ...
Uncertainty died in the forgetting night
Morning is born anew
with no remembrance
of what went on before ...
The far of mountains laced with snow
are bluer in the sun and nothing stirs ...
Breathlessness becomes the newborn spring ...
The grass pricks up its tiny blades
and near the rocks the heat of sun
brings into early blossoming
flowers that spread their fragrance
over all the plain ...
There is a heady steam
of renewal in the air
as life begins again.
Photo taken by my husband.
He's a great photographer!


  1. I don't know what is more beautiful - your photo or your poem. Stunning, Margie! I loved it!

  2. I like those rhymes how you said Margie.
    These lines touched me and thaz what we go thru' in our lives too isn't it.
    with no remembrance
    of what went on before..

  3. Hello Margie. How are you?
    Poem & picture are both equally beautiful. I love the opening lines & the ending.

    Thank you for your kind words. I truly appreciate them.

    Best wishes & love to you & Smokey (smile).

  4. "there is a heady steam of renewal in the air, as life begins again"

    Just wonderful Margie, perfectly capturing the dawn of a new day and what we have been given.

    Hugs to you and Happy Wednesday,G


  5. The picture with the laced mountains is awsome!

    Yesterday's rain and wind forgotten - now it's morning and it brings with it "renewal in the air" and "blossoming flowers".
    Charming poem!

  6. Hi - a truly beautiful, breath taking photo to enhance your poem-words of promise and wise purpose. Together, beyond lovely.
    Love Gail

  7. ah, lovely words...the morning after...skies clear, mountains still sit...and storms, they always pass...great pic too!

  8. *Gorgeous* poem and picture!!! Your husband IS a wonderful photographer and together you make an excellent *creative* team :) Best Wishes, Fiona

  9. as always so beautiful... both image and words decorate one another perfectly.

  10. beautiful and uplifting.... and so is the picture~

  11. Your husband did a great job with the picture!

  12. Wonderful poem Margie and I also love the photo.....-)Hugs

  13. oh I love this uplifting piece... how I miss the front range! your mr takes spectacular photos! what a dynamic duo! xx

  14. Good to start my day with your beautiful poem and the picture.They truly compliment each other.Hugs :):)

  15. I love both
    your husband's photo
    and your poem that tells me I can start anew today,and I want that somuch

  16. Such a beautiful poem. I liked it!
    The picture is beautiful,too.

  17. Renewal is so very fitting! Love your words. Your husbands pictures reminds me of a quote: if you do not understand my silence, you wont understand my words.
    The majesty of the mountains is a constant reminder of this quote. I am so glad you are around again and feel better. Hugs, Paula

  18. You have described exactly that lovely calm and refreshing feeling of newness the world gets after a storm.
    Fab photo too!

  19. Hello Margie
    What a breathtaking photo!!!!!!
    I love your poem. How beautiful Margie!
    Have a great evening

  20. This gorgeous poem is the breath of fresh air I needed. Thank you for the descriptions and images which placed me in this beautiful scene. Reminds me of mornings at my former home near northern Arizona's San Francisco Peaks.

  21. Great one.. Even I posted one rain poem just today.. Thanks

  22. Just as I remembered it, life in mountain world. Thanks for reminding me my friend with your usual light touch of humanity and love.

    Many thanks also to your husband who can frame a photo that draws interest and draws the eyes to the desirable goal.


  23. ..And you are a great poet - are you published? You should be.

  24. Beautiful..Thanks for sharing your creativity of poetry.. I'm a new follower please come and visit me soon...

    Blessings Lorie from
    Encouragement From MY Heart Poetry

  25. Just stunningly beautiful. You are my favourite poet! The photo is gorgeous as well.

  26. Just stunningly beautiful. You are my favourite poet! The photo is gorgeous as well.

  27. This poem is infused with a sense of Hope and I find it refreshing! I re-read it several times to catch the fullness of meaning. Wonderful, Margie!

    Have a nice weekend!

  28. Margie,

    A wonderful poem to capture the wildly changing weather we all experience.
    I too felt moved to write about the poor weather with me this weekend!!!

    Best wishes, Eileen

  29. Just stopping in to leave a hug!

    Happy Week Margie, you are a gem.

  30. nature, dear friend, is definitely a huge inspiration! :)

  31. Your husband is a great photographer indeed margie!

  32. I like how we give birth to a new scene when we still our heart in that secret space between in and out.

  33. Your nature poems are beautiful Margie. I love this one too.
    The picture is stunning.
    'Each day life begins all anew'
    Have a great week dear friend.

  34. Dear Margie, I am back blogging.;) Thank you for your messages and words of concern, you are such a warm person.
    And that is also reflected in this beuatiful poem.
    Your husband truly takes wonderful images, those mountain peaks remind me of the place where I was born.
    Have a great week dear friend,

  35. Many thanks to all of you kind people that visited and left the wonderful comments!
    I appreciate each comment very much!

    Do not have the time right now to reply to each one as need to take care of my sick babies, Jake & Smokey.

    Be well everyone and be happy!

    Margie x

  36. Your husband is a GREAT photographer!

    This poem speaks to what I have been dealing with today. It's wonderful how we get the message we need from another's words. Thank you!


  37. Beautiful moving words, fabulous picture. Very uplifting. Thank you.
    - Eva Maria


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker