Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Oh, many years were gone
before I understood
prayer is not only asking
for what I think is good
not always agonized appeal
or rapt petitioning
but sometimes silent tuning-in
Quiescent listening ...

Photo was taken on my recent trip to Nova Scotia.
The lake with the water lilies was so lovely!
I sat quietly with my niece and felt such peace!

Shall be back to blogging when I feel the heart of it!
Not there right now but hope to be soon.
Will try my best to do some blog visiting, though.
Have missed everyone!

~ Margie xx


  1. Hi Margie,
    Great poem and beautiful photo!
    i miss your posts! I totally know what you mean when you say your heart's not into blogging. This is the perfect time to take a blog break. Enjoy your home and family.
    Have awonderful evening!

  2. Nice to read you again. Hope the trip was good and your heart full of happy memories.

    I know what you mean about getting back to blogging....take your time~

  3. Welcome back Margie! Great to hear from you! It looks like you had a great time away! Love the picture and I agree with everything you wrote in your beautiful poem!

  4. Margie, so good to hear from you. Will miss you but will be here when you are ready. Much love to you.

  5. Hello Margie!

    What a great surprise to find this beautiful post here from you! The poem and picture are both lovely!

    Looking forward to the time when you feel like blogging more in the future ~ no rush, take care of you :)

    Sending you love and best wishes,
    Fiona x0x

  6. smiles. yes it is...and a wonderful photo to boot!

    yay! was just thinking about you last night and how i needed to jump over here and leave you a hi...

    big smiles.

  7. What beautiful words to go with this shot. I can feel the serenity!

  8. A very wise poem. I can feel the peaceful reflection on that photo. Wonderful

  9. Awesome words here Margie. The photo says a lot as well. Blessings.

  10. Nice post :) Deep meaning. Great read.


  11. Your lovely presence and good energy has been missed around the blogosphere Margie. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post today. It's good advice too.

    Hugs, G


  12. Welcome Back Margie!

    Hope life has been treating you well. Your new color scheme is pretty and relaxing and your poetry is lovely as always.

  13. Margie,
    __I thank you... your recent visit and comment; we've had, in the past, had some communications, and I've seen and enjoyed your comments at LL's blog(s).
    __Soon! _m

  14. Oh how very beautiful, and the photo would fit right in with my new Expressions L lol

  15. Great to see you back Margie, lovely text and image.;))
    And I love your new look here.;) You were really missed.;)

  16. Beautiful peaceful poem and picture.
    We leave for our trip tomorrow.
    Looks like you had a nice peaceful trip.
    Take care and keep warm.

  17. Nice to have you back Dear Pal and yes..take your time and just sit back and relax the peace within :D

  18. Lovely combination of word and image, Margie. What a beautiful photo and tranquil scene. Greetings from England on this fine but autumnal morning!

  19. Ah but your presence here my friend even with soft footsteps and quiet acknowledgements is more than enough.

    Thank you for being.



  20. Margie, thanks so much for visiting my new blog...I appreciate your kind words. I hope you'll be back posting again soon. Have a wonderful day~~ :~)

  21. Oh yes, prayer is part of a two-way relationship with God. Welcome back to blogging...been taking a break myself!

  22. beautiful, soft.
    heart soothing reminder.

  23. like your post,plz visit my blog too

  24. Hey Margie. I just ready your comment on my blog just now. Thanks! I'm getting better. Hope you are too. Take care

  25. Margie, how very sweet of you to write a poem for me!You are very thoughtful and compassionate. BTW, love the cats blog
    Love, Paula

  26. Hello Margie.
    I hope you are well.
    I've missed you & your poetry.

    This poem is simply beautiful & what an awesome photo...definitely sets the tome for some "quiescent listening"!

    Take care & see you when you're ready.

  27. Good to see you back, dear Margie. You were deeply missed!

  28. welcome back, dear! lovely picture! all peace! :)

    thank you for your blessings to my lil one! :)

  29. Just stopping in to wish you a wonderful weekend Margie.

    You inspired me to share a poem today at a blog I visit regularly. I liked the poem you shared at mine. I hope you enjoy it too:

    Thoughts At Twilight


    The day, whispers: “goodbye”

    As the earth turns towards.

    Another horizon.

    The sun sinks slowly past.

    The brilliant cobalt line.

    Day returns to Night until…

    Night returns to Day.

    To capture this moment.

    Recorded in memory; suspended in time.

    The beauty, the sadness.

    Often, an empty place.

    If such beauty can exist.

    If only for the blink of an eye.

    How can our inspiration fail us.

    Or fail, to bloom?

    Awestruck, lost in the majestic colors.

    The magic skies.

    Heavenly music for the senses.

    Between the day and the oncoming night.

    Sienna skies, crimson red, glorious hues.

    Lovingly burnt to perfection.

    We stop and stare.

    For a moment, lost in prayer.

    Our twilight times.

    Life, the years, the dreams.

    Passed but not lost.

    Beyond this horizon.


    Becomes you.

    And will,

    Be come….



    Hugs, G


  30. Hello Margie,
    I have missed your words!
    What a delightful Blog image and colour layout. Very placid and welcoming....
    Your poem is just wonderful with its message. Prayer should not simply be, at a time of need, but perhaps even a daily thought.

    Best wishes Margie and hope to see you return soon,
    Eileen :)

  31. sending a big hug to you Margie and one for dear Smokie too. You are both in my thoughts this A.M. I'm glad you enjoyed the Twilight poem. It's one of my favs, that I wrote.

  32. Margie, your poem and photo reflect such peace and tranquility - just beautiful!

    My heart isn't into blogging these days either as I'm sure you've noticed on my blog. It's something that can't be forced, we just need to be patient and content - then we'll be back. xx

  33. Praying is a lot of good things: asking, meditating, listening - all of which can bring peace and tranquility to the soul and the mind.

    Your soft words match the tender photo of you and your niece by the lake in Nova Scotia.

  34. I hope you are having a good day Margie. Thinking of you and sending good vibes your way. It's a cold one here!!!


  35. Margie, I'm so excited for you and your family!! What wonderful news! How blessed the beautiful baby girl will be to have you as her Grandmother! Makes 2012 even more exciting to anticipate, doesn't it? I hope to be back to blogging soon. Have missed it. I hope you and your family have a beautiful Thanksgiving! Thank you so much for thinking of me. I'm doing okay. :)

  36. ohhh!! a very happy birthday to your big lil one! :D

    thanks Margie! how have you been?

  37. Hi Margie!
    You made me very happy today my sweet lovely friend.
    What a surprise
    you found my polish blog.
    Kevin feels well now,
    thanks for listening to his little recital
    and for your kind words.

    Love your poem and wonderful pic.
    When your heart speaks to my heart I feel great.

  38. Many, many thanks to all of you kind people for the wonderful visits!
    You touched my heart with all of the lovely comments!

    I hope to visit all of you soon but it might be a while as life is busy and I have not been feeling all that great.
    But, tomorrow is a brand new day and one never knows what it shall bring, I'm hoping for the best!

    Take care ...

    Margie xx

  39. wonderful writing...keep it up,cheers!

  40. I Miss you I'm lonely, all alone in the forest ....come visit I even opened your favourite ones, keeep it straight ;)oh and windows too

  41. Beautiful writing as always Margie, we can all use a prayer from time to time. Do hope you are well and will see you back here soon as you are better.. Keep well my friend.. :)


  42. Beautiful verses as always !Hope you are doing good :):)regards.

  43. Lovely post...:)

    U r missed..hope u doing well..


  44. Dear Margie,
    I did get your message sometime back but my computer wasm't working. I'd problem with sending comments and even posting pics on my blog.
    It's so good to see you here. I hope you see this message.
    I'm very much here but my poetry has gone off for a long vacation. Life is super busy with 2 kids, one a homeschooler and the other who is inviting trouble all the time:)
    I was also busy with some art and painting which i hope to post on my blog soon.
    To speak abt your poem: what you've written is so true and real. Silence is a way of communicating with God and at times indeed is a blessing.
    Wishing you a great month ahead

  45. Blog also looks veeeeery niiiiice...love the soft colours, very complementary to your words.
    love and hugs sweetie

  46. I've looks at a few posts and this is such a nice blog. I'll be back. I imagine you had a wonderful time in Nova Scotia.

  47. Margia, what a gift - this poem is no sitting in my heart - it is a poem, a teaching and a truth.

  48. today i decided to appretiate poems and these some lines remind me of my owm...yes silence is devine.and pic is very arty and speaking.......

  49. Dear friends and Readers
    Thank you all for visiting!
    Your kind words are very much appreciated!

    Margie x

  50. just stopping in to say hi...been a very long day...worked and then a christmas party at my parents...thanks for always dropping in...hope the new year treats you well!

  51. Have a Very Happy New Year, Margie with Love, Laughter and Friendship!


  52. Lovely post, so heart warming poem. Thanks for sharing..:)Your writings are very inspiring, keep sharing..:

    Thanks a lot too for visiting my blog and shared comment.. It's a great honor for me.. ) God bless you Margie..:) Wonderful day to you! :)

  53. The image is peaceful in its self.
    Words are so fitting
    Thank you for sharing.
    hugs for you


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Untie the ribbons.

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