Friday, August 19, 2011

SEE YOU IN OCTOBER ... (early October)

Wishing everyone a wonderful rest of the summer!
I'm taking a little break from blogging as in 3 weeks I'll be going on vacation. Heading up to Nova Scotia (one of my favorite places in the world!) to visit my family. I have so much to do before I leave and will have no time to blog.
But, I shall visit your blogs one more time before I take my break.
So, see you in October ... be well, be happy and enjoy life like the heart of a child!

Love and light ...
Margie :-)

A little poem before I leave ...

When velvet bees rove lazily
amid the sunwarmed clovers
and summer hours drift hazily
these are the days for rovers ...

When August holds high fragrancy
and dreams are for the taking
my heart in wanton vagrancy
belies all future aching.


  1. travel light my friend..enjoy your family...come back to us soon neough...smiles.

  2. Have fun, be safe and have a wonderful trip:)

  3. have a safe journey...have fun...and will be missed on blogger...

  4. You will be SOOOO missed my dear. Happy Trails and take care along the way. See you in the fall.

    If it would be better to mail your prize later on when you get back, let me know. I was planning to mail them all out next week.

    Hugssssss, G

  5. What a wonderful parting gift.

    Have a wonderful vacation ~

    Take care and see you by October.

  6. a lovely summer breeze of a poem...

    wishing you safe travels with a lot of fun and relaxation too :)


  7. Margie, Nova Scotia!!! Yeh! I love Nova Scotia! Have a great time with your family! You will be missed! The poem is precious and beautiful! Hugs ;o)

  8. What a lovely poem - have a wonderful trip!

  9. I hope you have a fantastic time as light and lovely as your poem

  10. Travel safely and love well, Margie! See you in October!! :)

  11. Have fun Margie. I didn't know you did pictures as well as poetry! Some lovely images here. Blogger just died on me for a second time. So I've killed off my blog and am just going to publish my images on my Flickr site here:

    Thank you again for your kind and supportive comments on my "My Visual Diary" images. The blog was an experiment that didn't work. Two major technical problems in two weeks. I've had enough! I'll stick with Flickr Pro.

  12. And may you have a most benevolent vacation my friend with as little thought as possible :)


  13. Oh! Am already missing you. Have fun dear friend! I need a cozy family time since million years but... anyways, by the time you are back, my Lil one would already be 2! Love to you

  14. Enjoy every moment, Margie. Nova Scotia is such a gorgeous province. Safe travels! See you in the autumn. :)

  15. Travel safe and have lots of fun with your family .It is good to be offline while on vacation, i too do that .Take care .Looking forward for you to be back all rejuvenated.Hugs:)

  16. Hi Margie,
    How exciting!!!!!" Have a great time on vacation! I love your summer poem!
    I'll look forward to your future posts when you return!
    Have a nice rest of the summer Margie!

  17. This is such a wonderful 'parting' post, Margie! Love the poem! I will miss your lovely words and beautiful presence. Have a fabulous time with your family in Canada!

    Stay safe, warm & healthy
    Hugs from my heart to yours :-)
    Fiona x0x

  18. Your poem is sheer summer beauty, the best of summer..may you have so much fun that you forget everything that is not magical,I miss you already angel xxx

  19. Enjoy yourself and see in October Margie!!

  20. Dear Margie, I will miss you so very much.;) But please do enjoy your lovely time traveling and spending it with your family.;)) Looking forward to more of your beuatiful poems in October.,))

  21. All our good wishes for a happy re-union. The trees really speak!

  22. Have a wonderful time!

  23. I'm going to miss you so much my dear friend. But you must be very excited about your vacation/ Have a great trip Margie and see you soon with more of your beautiful poetry.
    Again you've come up with a beautiful image of 'velvety bees'. Your talent to see beauty in all things in nature is wonderful.
    Once again wishing you a safe, happy and memorable journey

  24. Blessings to you my friend...looking forward to the riches you bring back from the journey

  25. Have a great holiday and enjoy your rest x

  26. Enjoy your break and please be back soon! We'll miss you, dear Margie!

  27. Have a great holiday!
    kiss kiss kiss.

  28. Hello Dear Friend :) I've been away from blogging for a short while too and so glad to see your latest post here.

    Have a great trip and catch up soon.


  29. Oh happy to see you at my blog...

  30. Hello to all of my friends and readers ...

    How lovely to see all of you here and your kind words touched my heart!
    Thank you for taking the time to visit ...

    Well, I'm back from my trip to Nova Scotia and had the most wonderful time!
    It's such a joy to visit my family there and make beautiful memories together!
    The weather was perfect while I was there and I enjoyed each pleasant and lovely day!

    My intention was to come back to blogging early in this month but it looks like it will now be the end of the month.
    Since, I've been home I've very so very busy with projects around the house and working as well and find I just don't have the time for blogging right now.

    And my hubby and I are planning a little vacation to Palm Springs a week from this coming Friday (yes, I so love to travel, my bucket list has many, many places I want to visit.)

    So, till I return, be well, dear friends!
    I have missed all of you!

    Joy, peace and love to all of you ...

    Margie xxx

  31. *** I'm very, so very busy

    Always in a hurry and make errors when I'm on here.

    Such is life ...

    Margie :)

  32. Oh, one more thing, I so love writing October poems so will leave on here for anyone that might read the comments ... hope you enjoy it!

    October Moment ...

    This hour holds flaming treasure
    to the sun ...
    A Midas moment, crowned, could never
    be more gold-endowed ...
    No God to anyone could pledge such wealth as Love shows now to me ...
    Giants of glory sway, resplendent, proud ...
    While my heart sings a golden Psalm
    aloud ...


  33. Hugs back to you! Great to know you're back. Don't be a stranger. And do enjoy the origami!!!

  34. I was just thinking of you today, Margie! Nice to see you are back and had such a wonderful time in Canada :)

    Enjoy your time in California ~ I couldn't resist stopping by to say hello and tell you how much I LOVE "October Moment" ~ Beautiful!

    Take care & see you soon ~ you are missed!
    Fiona x0x

  35. dear friend, hope all is ok with you. Miss you around. Big warm hug. Paula

  36. Where are you, dear Margie ? We're heading towards mid-October now :-(

  37. A little 'welcome back' gift for when you return ~ your blog is so deserving of it and you may have received one prior to this, but I hope you don't mind another one :)

    Thinking of You & Missing You
    Fiona x0x

  38. I hope all is well have been missed :D

  39. Thank you all for your visits and kind words!
    They mean a great deal to me and you are all so special!

    Margie xx

  40. Margie, thinking of you and hoping all is gloriously well :)


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker