Saturday, January 28, 2012


My lovely granddaughter was born on Jan. 26th
Her name is Rose Elizabeth
My heart is overflowing with love!
Thank you Bess & Jon for this beautiful gift.
Such a blessing and such a miracle!

A granddaughter is a gift from above
one to cherish and love.
-author unknown



when danger lurks
beside you
reach your hand
to close-clasp mine

I will be away for a while.
Going to be with my daughter to help her with Rose.
When I return to blogging I shall be happy to visit everyone.
Till then, be well, take care and be happy!


*Update* Thanks everyone for all the wonderful and kind comments!
I'm still helping with my beautiful Rose!
With Rose and her mommy all week and come home on the weekends.
All is going well and I so love my beautiful Rose!
I'm so blessed!
Heading to Denver early tomorrow morning. (Mon. Feb. 13th)
Oh, added a picture of mommy and daughter!
My precious angels!

Wishing everyone much joy and love!
Take care, you are all wonderful!


  1. Oh my goodness! How wonderful Margie. You must be so filled with joy. She's a little doll. Enjoy every minute.

    Hugs to you both, G :<)

  2. PS: I LOVE her name btw. Perfect.

  3. WoW!!! Congratulations, Grandma Margie! God blessed you with a beautiful Rose, indeed! Thanks for sharing with us and enjoy your time away with your mew, sweet bundle of joy!

    Much love,
    Fiona x0x

  4. P.S. Now it happened to me ~ thought I was first but someone beat me to the spot LoL!

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  6. yay she is so awesome!!!! congrats to the family and to you....big smiles.

  7. ahay..I can feel your happiness Ms. is the most beautiful gift a mother could have..take your time Ms.Margie..regards to your daughter and congratulations for her new born baby..oh this post is so sweet..*hugs hugs* ;)

  8. Oh my, Rose' is beautiful - a gift and a miracle and I am so happy for you and all of your family celebrating this joy. I am honored and thrilled to share in this glorious monment with you.
    Love Gail

  9. Margie! Congratulations, Grandma! :) And congratulations to the new parents and to sweet Baby Rose who is getting a magnificent Grandma!

    Enjoy every precious second with your beautiful Rose, Margie! xx

  10. Such a beautiful sight, Margie.

    Goodlife to you both and all your loved ones.


  11. Congratulations for having another angel Margie!:) She's so cute!!! :) Well, we have the same name at first,my other friends used to call me Rose, hehehe I'm Rosalinda nice to meet you little angel Rose Elizabeth! Muaaaahh!! :)

    Alright, Ms. Margie, :) Take your time, we're always here when you're free!:) God bless you and your whole family! :) Hugs and kisses..:)Smile..:)

  12. Oh Margie angel she is a treasure, she is well protected with you Love xxxx so happyfor you

  13. Oh, my, Rose is SUCH a beauty! There is truly nothing like a granddaughter. I know you will find her such an awesome blessing, dear Margie! xx

  14. Cuteeeeeeeeeeee...:)))

    Congrats being a Grany..:)))

    Lotsa Love,

  15. She is adorable - Congratulations - you must be so happy and joyful.

    Enjoy your visit!!

  16. Margie, she is so cute!!! I love the picture of you both ;o) Have fun with your daughter and Rose ;o) Be well, and we will talk to you soon ;o)

  17. How SWEEEET! And I know of the 'love' you write. Anna's first grandchild (son) was born Dec 17. She came home from Tampa several days later and announced, "I'M IN LOVE!!!!"

    And it shows in your eyes, that baby will NEVER feel unloved.

    PEACE! (and love!)

  18. Hi Margie,
    Your Rose is just beautiful! I love her name too. It's such a pretty name. My daughter's middle name is Rose.
    Many blessings to you and your family,

  19. Oh, so wonderful news, Margie! Congratulations!!!! I wish you years of happiness and miles of smiles! Enjoy being Rose's Grandma!

  20. Congratulations Margie, she is just beautiful, congratulations to your daughter and family as well. You are going to be a wonderful Grandma, I can already tell. hugs to you. what a precious baby with a beautiful name.

  21. {{{BIG HUG}} :) This is for Little Baby Rose :D

    I am so happy for you Margie and congratulation!!!!

  22. Congratulations! You look so happy!

  23. Ahhh, Margie, there is nothing better than seeing all the
    "firsts," those milestones that Rose will conquer! Happiness to all!

    each day
    a milestone passed


  24. stopping in to leave more hugs!!! hope all is well. G

  25. What a bundle of joy you're keeping in your lap!
    Congratulations, and may you have many Rosy days with Rose!

  26. Oh margie what a beauty she is. Congratulations. Wishing you a wonderful time

  27. Hearty congratulations Margie!!!! She's a little gem :-)

  28. Congratulations dear Margie!
    Happy, happy day!
    Margie, you will be the best grandma.
    Beautiful name - Rose Elizabeth - love it.

    Thanks for sharing and God bless you all!

  29. Congratulations dear Margie. She is so sweet and cuddly. Enjoy this magical time with her, dear friend.

  30. Congratulations dear Margie, she looks so beautiful.;) What a lovely name too, I bet you are so proud.;)

  31. She's so precious, Margie! ((Hugs)) and Congratulations!!!!! :)

  32. Hi Margie
    Just wanted to say hello. I'm sure your enjoying your beautiful grandaughter!
    Have a wonderful evening

  33. Margie,

    Congratulations on the arrival of Rose Elizabeth. An absolute beauty and a blessing.
    Enjoy every moment Margie...
    I became a grandmother in May last year. A most wonderful gift...

    Best Wishes,
    Eileen :)

  34. Thinking of you, Margie, and the amazing time you must be having with beautiful Rose :)

  35. wow! wow! wow!! ROSE IS BEAUTIFUL!! God Bless!

    Margie, am so so happy for you! :)

  36. congrats on such a precious moment ~ the gift of your granddaughter, such a beautiful treasure.. :)

  37. Just had to come back and see the picture again!

  38. Oh, how wonderful!! Congratulations to both mother and grandma. :)

    Little Rose Elizabeth is a true blessing, a gift like no other.

    Enjoy your time with your precious loved ones, Margie. x

  39. Many Congratulations. The pictures are so lovely. I, myself became an uncle a few days back and am so looking forward to visit home as soon as possible.

    Good Luck again and have a great time. :-)

  40. Margie, thanks so much for wishes and being there to support! i love having you over!

    i hope your daughter feels better and both the mother and daughter look lovely!! :)

  41. Margie ... an angel was born :o)
    Hugs for you

  42. Love the picture - can't wait to see more of the baby as she gets older. Enjoy your time!

  43. Margie, from one Grandma to another, congratulations! As you obviously already know, grandkids have to be one of life's very biggest blessings. I'm so glad you're getting this chance to be with little Rose (beautiful name for a beautiful baby). I wish all the best blessings in the world to you all :)

    (I also want to apologize as your comment on my blog from January got eaten by the blog-goblins and I only just found it. I am so sorry about that. I didn't want you to think your lovely wishes had been missed).

  44. she is so beautiful and I love her name too! Congrats!

    Hope you had a great weekend my dear!

  45. Three generations: mother, daughter, grandaughter. How fascinating!

    Your daughter and grandaughter, Margie look sweet and beautiful. May they bring a lot of happiness in your life!

  46. Many congratulations on the birth of your very beautfiful grand-daughter Rose. God is good and somtime brings us such unexpected delicious love, wrapped in a tiny parcel of joy. Drink this in lovely lady and enjoy each and every moment.

  47. Your daughter looks so much like you, same beautiful smile. I hope she's doing well now too. You must all be tired but so happy too!

    Hugs to the lovely little Rose and you too Margie.

  48. saw you over at geraldines and thought i would pop in and say hi...smiles...hope you are well...

  49. Margie! They are both so beautiful! What a gorgeous shot of your daughter and Rose.

    She's growing like crazy already! too fast!

    I know you are enjoying every second and I'm so glad. Rose is blessed to have such an awesome Grandmother :)

  50. Hi... passing by to greet..:) I know you're enjoying your moment with your new angel Rose..:) Muaaaahhh!:) Missing you, but we'll wait till you back...:)

    God bless you and your family..:) Muaaaaahhh!! hug and kisses..:)

  51. Sent you an email when you have a minute to spare Margie.

    Hope all is well.

  52. Ah! Wonderful news of Rose's safe arrival. Congratulations to mom and dad, and (of course) to grandma.

    A Rose by any other name — would still be Rose.

    Blessings and (gentle) Bear hugs. Teddy Bear hugs, even.

  53. nice post thanks for sharing...blessings...

  54. Hello Margie.
    Many congratulations on the birth of baby Rose. Love her name...a flower of beauty & perfection. She's adorable & I can see how happy & proud you are. Please give my best regards to her parents too.
    Thanks for the photos & update.
    Wishing you all well. <3

    I've changed my blog address too.
    Old URL:
    NEW URL:
    You might need to update your bookmarks. Take care, dear Margie.

  55. Thinking of you as I often do. Love rom my heart to yours.

  56. 'Overflowing with love'....I love that I can't wait for this day too Margie :D But two girls are still young.

    Take care and enjoy Grandmotherhood :D

  57. hey margie, how are you? and hows'the beautiful rose and rose-mumma! :)

    my love! miss ya!

  58. Happy Easter Margie. You are SOOOO missed. Hope all is well.

    Hugs, G

  59. awwww i miss you
    give rose my kisses for me

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  61. Congratulations on the new little one! What a beautiful blessing!!

  62. beautiful name
    rose for a rose


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker