Sunday, October 28, 2012


My beautiful grand daughter is so beautiful!
She is now 9 months old ...
She is so precious and I love her dearly!

We have moved to Denver and sold our house in Colorado Springs ....
Life is a new adventure and I'm loving it!
Being with little Rose brings me such joy!
I'm her Nanny-granny!
I've always so enjoyed being a Nanny to many children but to be a Nanny to Rose is so wonderful!

Wishing everyone who reads this a wonderful day and a wonderful life!
Take care and be well :) 
I probably won't be posting again for some time as I just don't have the time!



  1. A Rose by any other namy would still be a Rose, she is soooo beautiful, oh and how lucky she is to have the best Granny in the entire world, angels you are, indeed I missed you

  2. smiles....sounds like you have more important things on your hands right now anyway...she is beautiful...and wow you have been busy...

  3. Margie, my friend!! So great to hear from you!!! I am so happy everything is going well ;o) Your grand daughter is so precious!! Look at that smile!!! Big Hugs and be well! We are being hit by the storm tonight! Watching the trees sway in the wind! Don't be a stranger! Write when you can ;o)

  4. Margie, it is so good to hear from you. I am so very glad you are so very happy. I appreciate that you took the time visiting me. I thought of you so often. Missing your poems.Love from my heart to yours.

  5. Oh Margie, she's such a doll! I hope you're enjoying every minute of this new adventure. You have been so missed online though.

    Hugs a bunch, G :<)

  6. She is absolutely gorgeous and what a joy indeed :) Big Hugs to Baby Rose and yes I can just imagine justh how busy you will be.

    I've read about your move in FB and is it nearer to where your Daughter lives too?

    Have fun and stay in touch Margie :D

  7. Oh! I forgot, silly me... two blogs!

    Wow, That smile!
    Good wishes to you
    And all.
    And in this while
    To your Rose that blooms
    Through the Fall


  8. Just stopping in to say hi and hope you have a lovely weekend Margie.

    Don't miss my new book lover's giveaway, it's a biggie! Over at:

    Hugs a bunch, G

  9. Dear Margie,
    enjoy life at its best.;))

  10. Ohh..she's a beauty!!

    Good to hear that you're so happy, Margie. Enjoy every precious moment with your Rose.


  11. Margie ... hello ... how beautiful that Rose has blossomed ... so presciou ... you enjoy your time with your grandaughter. Ive been a longtime coming back. Life has been full grandchildren too, a few health issues ... taking long walks, making images ... there hasnt been time to sit and write.
    I think we all return here see what everyone has been up to.
    Enjoy ... trying to find you on Facebook. Hugs for you.

  12. Margie, if/when you have time, can you send me an email:

    I know you're busy, hope to hear from you though. I have an idea to run by you, good stuff!

  13. Nice to see you back! I took a double take at the posting date and realized you had returned. Happy for your new home and wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  14. Bless your heart Margie and little Rose too.


  15. She's adorable Margie. Glad you are enjoying life now as a granny nanny.

  16. hi Margie,

    Long time!! Rose indeed is precious!

    God Bless!

    Love to have you back!


  17. Nicely done..! ( A rose is a rose is a rose.........) :)

  18. Happy New Year my dear friend :)

  19. Thank you all for the visits.
    They are greatly appreciated.

    I miss visiting all of you and wish everyone a wonderful New Year.

    May 2013 surround you with peace, love and much joy



Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker