Friday, October 18, 2013

Words ~

Over and under
above and beyond 
words are like geese 
as they wing from the pond 
exquisitely lovely, incredibly soft
carrying the mystery 
of language aloft ~

words filled with gravel 
those coated to soothe 
wretchedly harsh 
asthetically smooth 
phlegmatically stolid 
shamelessly bold 
lavishly rich 
piercingly cold 
whimsical, literal, sensitive sound 
words are the history 
to which we are bound ~

my husband is the photographer 
one of my most favorite photos 
his photos speak to me of beauty 
as do his words ~


  1. All sorts of words "carrying the mystery of language aloft." I like the metaphor, Margie. The goose would be winging it's way to warmer climes, leaving chilly Breckenridge. It snowed overnight, about 8" at our house.

  2. Hundreds of Canada geese shared the public places I used to garden and I loved watching them gather, choose new groups, honk, hoot and chase each other as they organized for migration. Their language is amazing. Wonderful post, Margie!

  3. Beautiful photo! It looks as if he is floating on satin. These words are exquisite...

    Big Hugs, Margie~~~

  4. I think this is the first time that I've read your poem out loud! Why haven't I done that before? :)

    I love words and interpreting their tones. I wish my 13 year old daughter would believe me when I tell her about her tone which is sometimes, "wretchedly harsh;" however, her kiss and "Good night" and the end of the day is "lavishly rich."

  5. Beautiful photo! Your words are lovely as well. I like the combination of "shamelessly bold" very much.

  6. What a beautiful image and poem. Looks like you're both poets at heart; one through words and the other through images :)

  7. I probably will be thinking all evening about what you wrote, Margie. Yes, some words may sooth us, some can struck us with their coldness. Some are shamelessly bold. You looked so deep in the nature of words. And you said that they are history. Margie, that is so true. The word is said and in a few moments it's a history. Happy and joyful or miserable.

    Your beautiful poems always full of deep meaning!. They are never simple.

    Rich and wonderful poem and a very beautiful picture!

    Warm hugs from Kaya.

  8. Margie, I don't know what to say? Your words are breath taking and your hubby's photo is beautiful! I can feel the love you two have and it is so magical! Hugs ;o)

  9. great last 2 lines...the history to which we are that much...and the words, they are alive like birds wining here and there...

  10. and there is no magic to take it back, so beware the speaker I say Love the Poet words of angel, always xxx
    tell handsome, love the photo ;)

  11. What an inspiring and lovely post, Margie. Thank you. I have just been reading about the migratory return of our Bewick Swans (geese are also returning to my neck of the woods) ... and now I want to go and see them!

  12. Hi Margie,
    Words and how we say things to others makes a world of difference.
    This is a great poem, and your hubby is an amazing photographer!

  13. Olá,
    A foto do rei do lago está linda, sempre vamos ficar ligados á historia que traça o destino.

  14. Margie...I can FEEL the love you two have for each other in this beautiful post!
    Your beautiful poem and his stunning picture combined...well, what more can I say?
    Utter perfection xxx

  15. We have a ton of geese flying south for the winter. What a beautiful description you gave!

  16. Textured and layered, Margie. Beautiful - as is your husband's photo of the Canada Goose.

  17. thats rich...
    with the image, the poem is beautifully worded..

  18. A lovely shot and wonderful words!

  19. The Canada Goose.....they are stopping near here on their way south for the winter. We can hear them daily. Wonderful colours in the water blending nicely with the goose.
    Nice to meet you.

  20. Jim above just told me about your blog, so lovely.....I blog about my dog Sophie from her POV (point of view)....So you have NS blood, you must be a good and warm hearted person....all Nova Scotians are right?!

    Cheers on this beautiful fall day just outside Halifax near our beaches.

    Sophie and Ron

  21. so gorgeous! it's a good thing words don't leave when the seasons change ;-)

  22. Very nice poem. Thank you for sharing.

  23. What a wonderful photo; so perfect. Intriguing poem.

  24. Beautiful photo and poem! I'm your newest follower. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. Nice to meet you. :)

  25. Hi Margie! It is so true that words are so powerful. And we can use them for beauty or to put down, and I would rather inspire...just like you are doing here.

    Your husband's photo reminds me of watching a goose swim quietly over a still pond. The 'V' formation that streams behind it is so gorgeous. Leave it The Lord to make even that simply thing so beautiful.

    I hope I can make my words as inspiring as yours someday.

  26. Oh...i love this!!! Photo and Poem.

    Will catch up more later. - just waving hi.

  27. Words are so powerful and you express that so well here. The photo of the goose is so lovely. We had a gaggle of them land behind our house recently. I think they were on their way south for the winter.

  28. Thanks so much to everyone for the words you have shared with me.
    I shall reply later in the week to each comment.

    Rose, my granddaughter is napping and I need a 'little nap" too.



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bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

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