Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Where the Poems Sleep ~

To the elves and unicorns, though unseen, forever by my side 

There is a dark place where poems hide 
safely kept down deep inside 

curled - sleeping like the fog
they doze within a fallen log 

past the waterfalls and ferns 
past the meadows that burn

with colors dancing late at night 
that wake the sun at dawn's first light 
lost within the caverns low 
where not even goblins dare to go 

surrounded in what once was a dream 
wrought in ink - the poems now stream 
like water over fallen tree
erase your cage - set wishes free

and remember - by day or night 
a poem is never far away 
where safe the ancient pages keep 
where the dreams dance and the poems sleep 

poetry is an essence most remarkable. Through the weaving verses 
and flowing rhyme, from word to word and line to line, a poem is 
such a magical thing, from its heart our souls can sing. Poetry in
motion, a veritable sea, poetry is in our hearts, poetry is free.
Unfettered and unchained, it lives, our link to other worlds , the sail 
on a mighty ship on the mast unfurls. Poetry unites us, poetry is our 
sun. Poetry un-blinds us, poetry makes us one. Poetry is an essence 
most remarkable. 
photo is my husband's 


  1. Loved the thoughts evoked by the poem, and the photograph, Margie, (reminds me a little of the Rossetti poem, Goblin Market), and thank you so much for your kind support x

  2. you always do such a great job matching poem and visual... just lovey... x

  3. Olá, lindo poema que tem a virtude de transformar o escuro num local bem iluminado.



  4. Wonderful poem! Years ago I wrote a few poems when I was in an inspired period - this one made me think of one I wrote although not nearly this beautiful.

  5. Your husband's photo with your wonderful poem are dreams that dance while we are awake...lovely, Margie~~~

    Hugs and Dreams,

  6. I like the idea of a place where poems hid...they usually wake me up at 3 A.M and I must write them down. :) Lovely write.

  7. smiles....no they are never too far away...waiting on us to find them or go looking....and at times they do play a little hide n seek from us....smiles....

  8. My dear Margie,

    In this poem you answered on my question where your inspiration comes from. I always wonder how your beautiful verses are born, how your poems are born. It's for me the most amazing and magical process. And very mysterious.

    The dark places where your poems hide are the place where your inspiration lives. And then it awakes and... the magic of your poetry begins for me.

    You said it so beautifully in every verse of this poem! And I will remember that is poem never far away!!!! Always!

    And then you wrote about poetry! What is poetry means to us. I agree with every word you wrote.

    Yes, poetry awakes our souls and our minds. And it speaks to our hearts! Your poetry does all of these things, Margie.

    Warm hugs from Kaya.

  9. A picture of your husband is very beautiful!!! The full moon is so gentle!

  10. I can see the poem curling up inside ready to be found Beautiful I love poetry and it is magic indeed I enjoy reading them as much as writing them although mine are hidden in deep caves and I must find the time to find them
    Thanks for all your poems

  11. Margie, I like the passion you have in your writings. Finding the 'key' to open that 'dark place' that lies within must be a wonderful thing.

  12. There are rare times when I'll be reading a poem and it begins to sing itself in my mind. I've never heard your voice but you sing very well.

  13. Beautiful and magical poem! I love it, your words are compelling. Very pretty photo too!

  14. Beautiful poem, Margie. You have such a lovely soul.

  15. Hi Margie,
    Such beautiful poem! The photo is a perfect fit, beautiful indeed. "erase your cage - set wishes free", taking this heart at this time. Thank you! Your blog looks beautiful!

  16. "erase your cage--set wishes free"
    LOVE it, Margie, like rubbing out a few lines on the paper...
    Thank you.

  17. Gasp...just enough breath to whisper: Enchantment...I'm in awe

  18. ...and within the poetry our Souls are found!
    If these words are true, then your Soul is profoundly beautiful, Margie.
    This one has left me speechless. It is so incredibly profound.xxx

  19. Photo and poem are a perfect marriage. It's always a thrill to visit that quiet beautiful place where the poetry lives. Gorgeous, Margie!

  20. So very beautiful. It is interesting that one can write in poem form, words that would not come easily in prose. At least I find this so. Poetry comes from a deep emotional place.

  21. Wow Margie!!!! I love how you use words!!! Thank you for sharing your gift to the world! Your hubby's picture is beautiful! Big Hugs ;o)

  22. Your poem is so magical and very enchanting. And that's a great photo of the moon.

  23. Hi Margie,
    What a magical poem. It sounds so dreamy. I love it.
    Another neat photo!
    Have a nice halloween.

  24. Dreamy photo and lovely words.

  25. such a lovely flowing poem...wow..

    you must have been in great mood

  26. How beautiful. I love the way the poem flows.

    Greetings from London.

  27. That's a beautiful photo and poem my friend.

  28. Olá,
    Imagem e poema em consonância, tudo é lindo.



  29. Soooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!! :))


  30. There are no poems "hiding" within me; however, I wish that a weekly topic for my blog would "wake the sun at dawn's first light." :)

    This is very inspirational. I shall find time to sit and dig into my "dark place" in hopes that my words will "stream like water over fallen tree."

    EnJoy your weekend!

  31. I thank you all for the visits and comments.
    Very busy day for me 'on my day off from Rose'
    I shall reply to each comment when I have more time.
    Till then I wish all of you a wonderful and blessed weekend.


  32. A dreamy photo and words from a soulful place. Poetry is your gift, Margie - to yourself and to those of us who partake.

  33. wow!

    and we get twowonderful poems in one post!

  34. Yes, Poetry is the passion, the plea, the unspoken word, the lament, the shout... all things gentle, all things bold, a moment lived and awaiting to be told... and you dear Margie craft each so very well... it is your heart that calls in many tones of grace,. Thank You ...

  35. what a beautiful poem Margie.....you are a 'word weaver'...photo is also superb!


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