Monday, April 14, 2014

Pigeon ~

We tried to save the gentle bird 
picked it up from the side of the road 
and brought it home 
while the dog looked on 
intrigued ...

Something of man had done it in 

we didn't know how to keep it safe 
from its own flutter 
and while we cut up oranges 
to quench its thirst 
it died ...

For once 

I did not
cry ...

I saw its body 

was not its soul 
and I closed my eyes 
and saw it rise 
all white and gold 
and free 
and I waved 
good-bye ...


  1. Margie - this is so moving. It made me remember my mother who would mend creatures who were broken but sometimes could not stop their departure from this world. Children in our neighborhood would bring small hurt bunnies and birds to her - she was always willing to try to help them.

  2. We can't fix everything can we? As hard as we might try, some things are beyond our ability. Your poem is beautiful.. xx

  3. Margie, to tell you the truth, I am not into poetry and I don't follow any poetry blogs...except for yours!!! You have such a way with words, putting your feelings into words that has the capacity to touch my heart...and yes, this did indeed. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing talent.

  4. hard ping to the heart
    i hate to see anything or any one suffer...
    i am glad you cared for it
    and shared its last moment
    with it...and wrote about it
    giving it all the more meaning...

  5. Such sweet and poignant words. You did all you could, I am glad you tried.

  6. Awh so sad. Beautiful poem, Margie.

  7. Very touching and beautiful, Margie. Such a sad ending :( At least you tried.

  8. Moving poem. Poor bird probably met a windshield before you found it. When I gardened at a high school, I showed the kids how to rehydrate exhausted cliff swallows that colonized the library eaves and sometimes fell --you did the right thing but sometimes their hurts are too severe.

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  10. To be able to have the sight of seeing souls ending their suffering to go back Home would be the most wonderful gift and the end of pain of all our losses, this is so remarkable angel and not G. as I first wrote, I stopped and looked and looked again ...and erased and re-wrote lol, I need more coffee

  11. So stunningly beautiful, Margie, as only someone with your eyes into one's soul could write~

    Sweet Hugs

  12. This actually gave me goose bumps it was so poignantly written Margie. Bravo to such talent.

  13. beautiful... just beautiful writing.. xox

  14. Margie: This post brought back memories of my late cousin who performed many rescues as you've written about here. Beautifully written, as always!

  15. Boa tarde,
    Nem conseguimos concretizar o que pensamos, pelo menos ficamos de consciência tranquila por ter tentado, suas palavras são de enorme doçura.
    Dia feliz

  16. Hi Margie! What a beautiful story of death and resurrection in this Holiest of Weeks. Thank you sharing your beautiful vision.

  17. A very moving and powerful story my friend! Big Hugs ;o)

  18. Oh Margie...I am truly overwhelmed with the beauty and compassion of this wonderful poem.
    It is Soulful, moving, and yes...I am filling up with tears.
    Your beautiful heart is laid bare for all to see...

    Big Hugs xxx

  19. It's hard when we try our best and it doesn't work out. A lovely poem with a beautiful sentiment, Margie. Happy Easter!

  20. Oh gosh - how very moving. And beautiful.

  21. Margie, this is very touching and sad, but also quite beautiful. Wishing you a Happy Easter!

  22. Oh Margie, how sad thank you for trying! You have a beautiful
    heart dear lady.

  23. Touching and sad. Beautiful poem.

  24. Hello to all of you kind people that visited and left a comment.
    I am so far behind in my replies.
    I always enjoy replying to each of you and I shall.
    I had planned on doing so over the weekend but simply had no time.
    My husband had surgery last Friday and I have been taking care of him.
    Today I have Rose as well as my husband to tend to.

    Thanks so very much for all the kind words.
    They mean so very much!


  25. I have always liked birds. It has taken until this time in my life to seek them instead of just seeing them when they fly by. I'm glad you nurtured the bird and soothed its heart before it left.

  26. So beautiful andf so moving! You see the beauty even in death....I see the pigeons around here with only one leg and wonder...WHO or WHAT did that terrible thing???I'm left without an answer....


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Untie the ribbons.

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