Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Who never left a highway
For a winding mountain trail
Nor his own glowing fireside
To face a wintery gale
Who never turned strange corners
Just on hopeful chance
Of maybe running headlong
Into some new romance
Nor climbed a towering mountain
To its very highest shelf
Has yet to make acquaintance
With the best part of himself!


  1. thats a very inspiring thought. WOW! I love to TRY any possible way and any possible thing that comes my way. Or else we'll never really know who we r and what we r capable of. So take that chance folks, climb that mountain, test the waters, feel the breeze and kiss the opportunities, JUST LIKE MARGIE SAYS.

    HUGGGGGGZ I missed ya tonz n tonz n tonz!


  2. keshi
    Thanks hon!
    We always have to climb that mountain...
    I am so glad you are back!
    I missed you so much too!

  3. SHIT
    dont encourage dis nut called Keshi

    no work gets done in offices in Mumbai

    all are lissening to keshi
    and she is corrupting the indian nation

    women are not supposed to have soo much funn in india

    it is high time she marries and stops partying

    and wears nine yard saris

    women were made to produce kids and cook for hubby and children
    and mend and sew

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. Being acquainted with the self is crucial in all spheres of life.

    Coming back here after a while. I have so much to catch up on. :)

  6. Very well said! And powerfully so :)

  7. hehehe
    keshi lover

    r u les?

    u must visit here

    her posts are real good

  8. I really really really enjoyed this trip..your opening was great.
    You make it sound like a challenge..a dare..c'mon..go for it!
    Yes the road less travelled is the place to be if you really want to see what you are made of...
    yes indeed.

  9. Hi Margie,

    I would stay longer, but I am off to turn a corner.

  10. Very nice!
    (Thanks for visiting my site yesterday, I appreciate your kind words.)

  11. Margie..once more lovely words...we need to indeed make friends with best part of ourself...we can't love others if we can't love ourselves

  12. I keep looking for that best part of me, maybe one day... Good one Margie!!

  13. Beautifully penned!
    Adversity, though painful, often helps you discover hidden strengths and overused weaknesses.

  14. So melodic and rhythmic.
    You write are “everybody’s” voice!
    Such fantastic ability. Beautiful

    Love and joy to you

    Thanks a million for your comments!

  15. Margie,
    So many wonderful, flowing words that you share and you reach right out to those who read them and it is like you are writing them for each one of us. Just beautiful, always.

    Peace, joy and Love flowing to you.

  16. Very nice Margie! I especially love the end. Very true. I walked a really long and different way going to work today and thought something serendipitious might happen. Nothing did, but it's always nice to leave room for the possibility.

  17. **it is high time she marries and stops partying

    LOL Saby dream on!


  18. lovely thoughts.

    Who never left a highway
    For a winding mountain trail

    I love driving up the mountains. :-)) Did i tell you i live at the foothills of the Calaveras mountain range? I drive up whenever i am bored.

  19. Amen.
    Who never left the sandy beach
    To see the inner land
    Of falling leaves?

  20. WOW!! :) YOU ARE on a ROLL!! i really liked this one!

  21. saby
    don't you just love that Keshi girl!
    She is simply tops in my eyes!

  22. alex
    So very nice to see you again!
    How are you?

  23. saby
    Don't you just love that Keshi girl!

  24. HE
    One never knows what one might find
    on those winding mountain trails!

  25. brian
    Maybe a little romance is around that corner... one never knows!

  26. sierrabella
    Thank you!
    I hope you are doing ok!
    It is so hard to lose a loved one!
    Hugs to you!

  27. pat
    Thanks so much!
    But,I do believe you have already found the best part of you...
    you share it with us every day in
    your amazing, witty n funny poetry!

  28. "angeldust"
    Such kind words!
    Thanks so very much!
    And,you are most welcome!

    love n joy to you also!

  29. serenity
    Such kind words you always share
    with me here!
    Thank you so much!
    Your site is such a place of peace n love...and you share so much beauty there...thank you for it!

    Peace, love n joy to you also!

  30. anali
    Thank you so much!
    Always leave room open for that

  31. andrew
    You also share so much of the best
    part of yourself with us at your
    site with all your wonderful words!

  32. ari
    Thank you so much!
    No,I never knew you lived there!
    Must be wonderful to drive up
    the mountains!
    Beautiful I am sure!

  33. eileen
    How is your trip going?
    So nice to see you here!
    Sandy beaches....
    and falling leaves of the inner land... something to experience!
    What an experience!

  34. neers
    Thanks so much for the WOW!
    Really means a lot!

  35. Margie

    keshi is not playing fair
    she started censoring ny comments again

    i wish keshi was like u

    and dont have moderator and annony mouse blocks

  36. i fear keshi
    she may want to marry me

    i am not the marrying kind
    i prefer to browse only

  37. saby
    It is late here...and time for me to get some sleep!
    We will have to talk tomorrow!

  38. saby
    Well, It's morning here....
    and I will give you a quick comment before I head off to work.
    Keshi is all of those things...
    except she's not married like I am!

    Someday, Keshi girl will be married
    though.... and I am going to the
    how about you saby....
    will I see you there?
    well, gotta run.....

  39. Great one Margie! Really enjoyed the message.

  40. i am betting keshi will maarry an indian guy

    in spite of all her big talk
    she is a bharatiya nari

    she wont go to bed with u until u marry mer

    she wont hold hands on first date forget kissing and necking

    so she will marry in india
    and all the bloggers from all the lands will be here

    i long to see u in person

    i hope your hubby dont read your blog

    is he the jealous kind?
    if i had a wife as beautiful as u
    i wud lock u at home

    and kill the guy dat made a pass for u

    i hope he is not like me

  41. jim, my husband is not the jealous
    Sounds like you might be...
    just a little bit....
    Thanks for the compliment!

    Keshi is a sweet person....
    isn't she!!


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker