Thursday, January 28, 2010


I hate to let go of a day
even though it is quite outworn and thin
and dusk is creeping, cool and shadowy
through the widening seams ...

Tomorrow I will gladly face the welcome task
of breaking in a new day
shaping it to me
stretching the narrow hours
to cover the length of my happiness
the breadth of my sorrow ...

But now, I hate to let go of the old day
so completely my size
and so threadbare that I can scarcely hold it together
another moment!
But familiar
and so very comfortable ...


  1. Some days you just want to hang onto a little longer. I so understand. Some days are like that for me too. If I feel so at peace and enjoying the space all around me and just let myself relax into the day, it is awesome. Your words bring joy and warmth to me, dear Margie. I'm so glad your arm is doing well. Hugs.

  2. Oh Margie, there are days I could live in forever, they are just so beautiful. There are also days I just want over with.
    So glad you are back Margie, I missed you......:-) Hugs

  3. Dear Margie,
    You are so right, I do love this one. There are some days when I just want to hang on to the day because I have had a wonderful day. At the end of the day, I always am so content and at peace. As the day ends, I know that I can look foward to another beautiful day.
    Have a great day and enjoy!

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  5. I think of this only when i am having good days. For bad days, i prefer to bring back the previous day :-)

    You have a way with words, Margie! Love this one.

  6. You described the truth which I don't even think about:)

    Gr8 post Margie

  7. Beautiful! You express so eloquently the fleeting time and the gentle melancholy each passing day brings...
    Loved it.
    I also want to thank you for all the sunshine you always bring with you in your words, when you visit me. I love when you stop by and I cherish your kind comments.;)
    Have a lovely Friday dear friend,

  8. sometimes i loose words...its so just had a smile on me :)...i love my day now..


  9. Everyday is a good day, thank you for friends like you. Have a blessed weekend Margie. It's old man Winter's visit for us today here! :)

  10. great poem and could be used as an analogy for change of any kind! just a dusting of snow here and foggy! xo

  11. that is so beautiful, such a fresh outlook too, I love it Margie, and the photo well wow :)

    (so glad you reminded me, you know sometimes you have something you know you want to do, but for the life of you can't remember lol)

  12. oh this is so beautirul anfd true and ... oh tomorrow yes, it'll be another day, or won't it?

    LOts odf love
    And thanks Back!

  13. Margie,
    Beautifully written!! I liked it a lot!!

  14. Margie your lines are beautiful. simple and endearing to the soul.
    Thank you for visiting 'ariel'.I think i'll be a frequent visitor here to read more of your marvellous verses that come from your heart.

  15. Margie,

    This is very well-crafted. The structure is flawless!

  16. Your writing flows so well.
    I like this post. lovely.
    I wish I didn't have to let of those days. =/

  17. your words are knit together are like a song...a song that tells so much in an amazing way. I love this.

  18. .....hmmmm
    yes, that comfortable feeling...

  19. Hi Margie, just brilliant, I am always so glad when I come for a visit. I understand wanted more for today, waiting for tomorrow, and then it comes too soon. So glad you are back in our lives. Have a wonderful weekend.

  20. Great!
    Beautifully written!
    Have a nice day.

  21. Margie, these words have penetrated a deep part of me. Thank you for sharing.

  22. Hi TechoBabe
    Today was one of those amazing and peaceful days that I just want to last but when it does come to an end, I shall just be very thankful for the joy that my day brought to me!

    Always so appreciate your visits and kind comments!
    Thank you so much!

    Yes, I am doing so much better with my arm and happy to be back here again.

    Hugs my friend!

    Hello Bernie
    I know that we all have days that we just want to be over with, me too!
    But, even on those days, I am still very glad to have experienced the day, for better or worse!
    I find I learn so much from every day I am given!

    I too am happy to be back!
    Thank you ... hugs!

    Hi my good friend, Anne
    Over the years we have shared so much about ourselves and our lives.
    It's wonderful, isn't it!

    I know how very happy you are now and I am so glad for you!
    I know you have many more wondeful days ahead of you!
    Enjoy them!

    Thank you for the kind words!

    Hi Aamir
    I wish for you nothing but good days!
    So nice having you here and thank you for the nice comment!

    Thank you Anamika.
    Something to think about, maybe!

    Hello Zuzana
    So glad that you loved my poem!
    Thank you for the kind words!

    Oh, it's always a pleasure to visit you but that was so sweet of you to thank me for my visits!
    And I thank you too for your visits as they do add joy to my day!
    A day of joy is a day to be cherished!

    Hi Hemu
    It's a wonderful thing to love one's day!
    I'm so glad to know that!
    Thanks for the nice comment!

    Hello Asha
    I do believe that every day can be a good day if we just look for the good in each day!
    And it's always a nice day for me when you visit!

    Hope old man winter did not hit you too hard there!
    It was the most gorgeous day here & I so enjoyed it!

    Thank you, Cat.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend!
    We had the most perfect day here!

    Hi Lorraine
    It's lovely to have you visit.
    I am so enjoying visiting your blog.
    Thank you for the follow and also the kind words.

    Hello Dulce
    Yes tomorrow will be another day and I hope yours will be wonderful.
    Make it so!
    We are the only ones that can do that!

    Many thanks for your kind words!

    May today bring you much joy & love!

    Hi alex
    A warm welcome to you!
    I'm glad to know you liked my poem and thank you for the nice comment!

    Hello Ariel
    Nice to have you visit!
    Welcome and I do appreciate your kind words.
    Thank you and I hope you come back again.
    I enjoyed visiting you!

    Hi Jenny
    How very kind of you to say that!
    Thank you!
    And thanks for visiting.
    I do enjoy your poetry very much!

    Hello Isha and welcome to my blog.
    I appreciate your nice comment.
    Thank you and thank you for the follow.
    Hope to see you again.

    Thank you, sarah.
    Your kind words are appreciated!
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

  23. Hello Alicia
    Yes, that comfortable feeling, nothing like it!

    Hope all your art work is going well for you this weekend.
    You create such beauty!
    I am wearing one of your bracelets today and love it!


  24. Hi Cinner
    It is always nice to have you visit.
    I thank you for the kind comment.

    Have a great weekend and take good care!


  25. Thanks David and I hope all is going well in your life!


  26. Hello JBR
    I'm so glad to know that my poem had that affect on you.
    That is wonderful!
    And I appreacite your tellling me.
    Thank you!


  27. Tomorrow and every other day will always be a Happy Day for you Margie :D

  28. You poetry is beauitufl - I'm so glad I found your blog

  29. Beautiful post Margie!
    God Bless You!


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker