Sunday, January 17, 2010


The shadow by my side
is gone
the warm nose resting on my knee .
My fur-ruffed friend
who met me by the door
followed me from room to room
and floor to floor.
We dwelled together
on that rare-found plain
where animals and people
are as one
he was as much a member
of the human race
as our family that he'd loved
since he was young.
A bond between us
woven close of love
happiness and sorrow will survive.
And may we meet
someday beyond this life
where dogs die much too soon
and leave their masters
still alive.
Sammy, who is in the picture, died in 2005, he is missed dearly!


  1. aowhhhhhh
    how darling to have such wonderful sharing and experiences...

    we shall never forget them!

  2. Hi-
    I am SO sorry your dog has passed away. :-( I know the bond with pets and I know the loss is huge when they die. I am holding you close and sending you love.


  3. Dear Margie,
    A beautiful tribute to Sammy. I remember him. He was a very sweet dog. Now, You have your Jake.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.
    Take care.
    Speak to you soon.
    Your friend.

  4. The fact that you are missing Sammy still is a tribute to what a good and loving family pet he was and of course he was part of your family! I hope you are doing well this Sunday evening. Hugs.

  5. Oh Margie, I am sorry about Sammy but I was frighten when I began reading as I thought you were speaking of thankful I was wrong.....I still love your poem and the fact that you still miss Sammy shows how much you loved him and still do. Pets do become such a special part of our family.......:-) Hugs

  6. there is a place called the rainbow bridge where our pets go to play and wait for our arrival to reunited with youse.

  7. OH! what a title of a poem for a pet dog....Blessed one! :)

    Good poem, too, Margie


  8. Sorry to Hear about your dog...Our loved ones go away and life continues and nothing stays but the good memories...

  9. Oh, once we loose a pet, the pain will never really go away..
    What a lovely tribute to your dog, sorry to hear that he passed away.

    Thank you for you always kind words at my place.:)


  10. Sorry to hear it. We had two year ago the same thing when our beloved boxer-dog passed away. Now, we have a labrador! Hugs.

  11. Heartfekt tribute to your compaqnion. My Oscar died last year and I miss him terribly.

  12. i find it so difficult to write about the passing of a pet, but you have done a terrific job here. And what a sweet picture :)

  13. I knoww how you feel. I lost my cat in 1999 and I still miss him!

  14. What a beautiful dog! He seems like he was the best pet.

  15. Loved reading it... And really sorrry for SAMMY...


  16. I am Sorry about Sammy! I was worried it was Jake you were talking about.

  17. Yes, Alicia, never to be forgotten!
    Sammy was such a wonderful dog!

    Thank you, Gail.
    Sammy died a while ago but I still miss him!

    Hi Anne
    Thanks for the kind words!
    Yes, Sammy was very sweet and now I have sweet Jake!

    Hello TechoBabe
    I still do miss Sammy as he was so very special and a wonderful part of my family!

    Hugs to you, my friend!
    Hope you are having a great day!

    Hi Bernie
    No, not Jake, thank God!
    If it was Jake, I would not be able to write about him for a long time!

    Glad to know you enjoyed my poem!
    Thank you!


    Welcome to my blog, Mike!
    I do know about the rainbow bridge.
    Thank you for your visit and comment.

    Thanks so much, Devika.
    I feel I was blessed to have had Sammy as a part of my life!

    Hi Zee
    Thank you!
    I have the most wonderful memories of Sammy!

    Hello Zuzana
    I appreciate the kind words
    You are right about the pain never really going away!
    It's so sad that dogs are with us for so short a time ... much too short!
    I miss Sammy but have Jake now and Jake is a so wonderful!

    Oh, always such a pleasure to visit you so you are most welcome for the comments!

    Hi Philip
    Thank you!
    Sorry you lost your beloved boxer!
    I love boxers!
    But now you have your labador, they are wonderful dogs!

    Hugs to you!

    Thank you, Paula.
    Sorry that you lost Oscar!
    It's so hard when we lose our beloved pets!

    Hello Jessie
    Yes, it's not easy to write about the loss of a pet.
    I was thinking about Sammy all through the day last Sunday and then this poem just came to me.
    But, as I was writing it, I was also in tears!

    Your kind words are most appreciated!

    Hi Dulce
    I'm sure you loved your cat!
    I have a cat named smokey that is very special and I hope she will be with me for a long time!
    She is now 13 years old and sleeps on my bed with me!
    She is a real sweetheart!

  18. Hi Aurora
    Yes, Sammy was a beautiful dog and a most wonderful pet!
    I still miss him a lot!

    Hope all is going great for you in the new year!


  19. Welcome 愛的理由
    Thank you!


  20. Hi Ravi
    I do appreciate the kind words!
    Many thanks!


  21. Hello Adie
    Thank you!
    Oh my, if it was Jake, I would not be on here as I would be a total mess!

    Take care!


  22. A photo of a beautiful boy, attentive with love.

    May you experience such love and loyalty from that ancient race of beings once again and beyond.




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bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker