Monday, August 01, 2011


Jump on behind, you who would ride with me
or in front for we ride bareback
in closer contact with our mount
the source of energy between our legs ...
No one can hold to slower gait
this golden day that freshened
by two days of resting clouds and showers
on the upturned face of August
leaves the restless river dappled green
with algae through which the ducks
make streaks in patterns along the shore
as they chase each other with ardor
or with punishing intent. Must we remain
static in our watching? The road
along the bank is for our riding
and there will never be an end
to our racing river. We must make
the most of this pungent day, the only one
of its special kind there will ever be.
We who find this so penetratingly sweet
in our loving of the earth and of each other
must not let a moment of this glorious day escape.
(The picture was taken by me.)


  1. a lovely share and like these lines:

    "We must make
    the most of this pungent day, the only one
    of its special kind there will ever be."

    thanks for your lovely words in my blog. i like to mix up my writing ~more fun that way.

    happy day ~

  2. seize that the imagery in this...the riding the day bareback...letting the reins go lets run it free and wild...smiles.

  3. Margie, this is beautiful. Love the vivid images you conjure up. Too often, we let life's trials & tribulations cloud our view and we forget to just enjoy living.

    Thank you for taking the time to visit, Margie. Your words are always comforting & encouraging. I appreciate your visits immensely.

    Have a great week ahead!

  4. Oh, this is so wonderful!

    "the only one of its special kind there will ever be"

    every day is as unique as each of us.

  5. Those words of yours seem to float effortlessly from your soul, girl. A very pleasant read, and experience.

  6. Ah- such a beautiful poem! Let's really seize the moments and live them!

  7. Oh my gosh it's extraordinary, you are so brilliant

  8. So rich and full of the love of life..make the most, indeed..thank you for these heartfelt words...

  9. Hi-
    such a powerful image for life and love in full force and glory. Hallelujah!!
    Love Gail

  10. so many lines that jump out at me in this poem, Margie, and a beautiful way to start a new day.

  11. Dear Margie,

    You are a prize winner in the Happiness Is...contest! Check out the details at:

  12. Hello margie
    the photo of the horses is very nice. I also like the poem.
    I hope your enjoying the summer. It's been very warm here with not much rain at all this summer.
    Wishing you a wonderful evening!

  13. Is that what is called a painted pony?
    What a motivating poem, Margie.
    The energy just poured out of this piece.
    I love it!

  14. This is perfect! I love the images I have in my head ;o)
    "leaves the restless river dappled green with algae through which the ducks make streaks in patterns along the shore"
    I love the picture you took to Margie ;o) Have a wonderful day!

  15. This delightful poem is full of energy and joy. What a beautiful horses. Must be great to ride them, with the wind in your hair, along the river.

  16. I've never ridden a horse. I have to admit to being a bit scared of them, but your poem has a rhythm that suggests what it must be like to gallop through the fields on one of those beautiful animals. Thank you for sharing that with me.

  17. I could feel the energy ,excitement and fun in your words.Wonderful !Love the picture . Hugs and regards :)

  18. What a romantic and sensual work Margie. I like how you've combined so much here, subtly. Very good!
    Hugs, G

  19. Beautiful Margie ~

    Thank you for offering your heartfelt condolences ~ ♥ ஆ ~.^

  20. Beautiful image and poem. Great job, Margie!

  21. Making the most of life-this stood out to me vividly, Margie!

  22. Beautiful images! This made me want to go out and enjoy the gift of nature. :) A very inspiring piece!


  23. Bellas letras Margie, y preciosa foto, el caballo es el animal mas bello,
    un placer pasar a leerte.
    un abrazo.

  24. With horse at the background your words seem to gallop. Nice.

  25. You're good in poetry and photography, talk about talented.

  26. I think I read where the Indians of old didn't have horses until the Spanish brought them up from Mexico in the 1600s. I guess they walked everywhere, prior!
    Did you get to ride the paint?

  27. That's a beautiful horse in that picture, Margie!

    Your poem is about things close to us all such as Love ('love of the earth and love of each other') and things that many of us would like to be able to do, such as Horse Riding ('along the bank of the racing river').In any case, thank you for your charming verses.

  28. Beautiful and dramatic. I could feel it and see it. Well done.

    Goodlife my friend,


  29. Margie,

    An overwhelming feeling about making use of every moment of this life. Enjoying the freedom of the open path before us too.

    Best wishes Margie and thank you for your constant visits and comments at my blog page.


  30. is that your horse?

    i really want to go horseback riding, but im scared of horses.

  31. I love horses, never rode one, but I love them.

    The picture is beautiful and so are the lines:)

  32. PS: didn't get address margie, please try again, send to the take... one as in winners post, thanks!

  33. "Must we remain
    static in our watching?" - that line jumped out at me, Margie.

    This poem just encapsulates what life is about - being fully in the moments. Just beautiful.

    I love the photograph - that paint horse looks like he wants to jump out of the page! :)

  34. A beautiful day, indeed..who wouldn't want to savor this forever!

  35. It must had been a great day indeed for you to have been with the horses. Beautiful imagery you've used here Margie. Nature is so beautiful and all its glory are for us to enjoy.

  36. Many, many thanks to all that visited and left comments.
    They are greatly appreciated.
    No time to respond now but I shall later in the week.

    Take care everyone!

    Margie xo

  37. Hello my friends
    My intention was to leave a comment to each of you but my time online these days is very limited and I find I just don't have time to do so.
    But I want you all to know that your comments meant a great deal to me and I shall always remember you for your kindness!
    I hope you are all enjoying summer and life is blessing you with much joy!
    Take care ...



Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker