Tuesday, August 09, 2011


I am surprised at the red of the maples
Amazed at the spriggy young peach tree and plum
the wild berry canes are covered with silver
and here is a hoptoad big as my thumb ...

Astonished am I at the faint of the violet
that flows in among the dawn's softest gray
Delighted with noon so clear in its challenge
and almost amazed at the closing of day ...

But children, the children! Like butterflies flitting
like blooms that burst forth on a stream's
shining brink -
like birds that are spilled hit-a-miss in the
heavens -
so dazzled am I it is futile to think.

(Painting by artist Jack Vettriano)


  1. This is so lovely, Margie! I'm giggling @ the hoptoad big as your thumb :-) The image is beautiful too! A wonderful writing with sweet imagery ~ I leave with a smile and good feeling in my heart ~ thank you! ~x0x~

  2. ahan...so refreshing... i felt like being part of it for a while..thanks for sharing :)

  3. The children really make it nice, Margie. So true! A gem!!

  4. Oh Angel I am amazed at the stories you created with your magical words, you are very very gifted

  5. I've always loved this painting. So much more beautiful combined with your words!

  6. first...i love vettriano...have several in our house, that one hangs in our bedroom...and your word are lovely today as well..i love kids....

  7. Delightful ! I so enjoyed it .love :):)

  8. A lovely read this beautiful morning... thank you for these bright and energic words ~

    You made my day brighter ~

  9. :) That was so prettily fun!

    Me and my 11 year old sister were grinning the whole time we read it..

  10. HI MARGIE -
    oh my, how light and fun and like a dance of summer joys. :-)
    Love Gail

  11. It is a gift to remain able to be delighted and surprised by the everyday things and events in life. You've captured that sentiment beautifully here Margie. I love the painting choice too.

    Many hugs, G :<)

  12. I just loved this, on all counts.
    As I read, I could feel my smile getting wider.
    I like what you do with your imagination!

  13. A beautiful story indeed and love the painting.

  14. Beautiful, so beautiful! Love it Margie ;o) Have a wonderful day!

  15. to be surprised with delight at the everyday, and then to spin that delight into such a beautiful dance play of words... i love this, Margie... it reads like a beautiful dream.


  16. This is beautiful, I enjoyed reading and I do admit I read 3 times because I enjoyed it

  17. The picture is just ..divine.

    I like it how you feel surprised, delighted, dazzled by the daily things and happenings, and by the children who are, as you say, like buterflies, blooms, birds.
    Very enjoyable poem!

  18. Every stanza in this poem has lovely, buoyant images. The final stanza is exquisite. Well done!

  19. Dear Margie, am back online.;)
    What a wonderful post, I love the account of colours, this is the way I see my surroundings as well.;)
    And that painting is one of my favorite ones.;))
    Hope all is well at your end,

  20. I was going to comment on this last night, Margie, but Blogger suddenly shut down temporarily (it's starting to give me a complex - lol). This is so vibrant, so bursting with life and color. Just beautiful!!

  21. I feel I am floating away with your lively, colourful, words. An absolute fantastic poem

  22. Hello Margie
    Just beautiful!
    I love being around children. They brighen my day.

  23. What a wonderful uplifting poem!

  24. Hi Margie,

    Read it's your birthday, at Lorraine's - Happy Birthday and Many many happy returns :)

    nice set of poems too, as always :)


  25. ah this is an excellent piece... surprises life brings, so beautiful indeed.

  26. Stopping in to leave a big hug. I read a post at Lorraine's not sure what it means. Take care Margie and see you again soon.

  27. Margie,

    A most beautiful poetic portrait has been painted with your words Margie.

    Best wishes, Eileen

  28. Joyful surprises. Our stocking is never too full of those.

    Goodlife my friend,


  29. Such a beautiful summertime post, Margie. I enjoyed it!!

  30. Margie, thank you so much for visiting my blog. Any friend of Joanne's is a friend of mine! I appreciate your kind comments about my poetry...I am so glad I have discovered your blog because your poetry is so beautiful and uplifting. I will be back! Thank you also for your comforting words about my dog - I'm so sorry your cat is having health issues, too. I used to have a cat named Smokey years back! She was such a sweetheart. Our pets are so precious, aren't they? Have a wonderful day, Margie - thank you again! :~)

  31. I feel such joy when I read all the special comments from all of you kind people!
    I'd love to leave a comment for each one of you but unfortunately I don't have the time to do so right now.
    I'm on my computer for such a short time these days.
    Just know you much all the lovely comments mean to me and make me smile :)
    They are like basking in warm sunshine on a delightful summer day!

    Thank you all so very much for taking the time to visit and share the kind words!

    May happiness be your constant companion.



Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker