Saturday, July 27, 2013

Little Friendly Lake

You lure us from from duty's hurried street 
to riches not compared with coins of gold 
you offer time to rest the aching feet ...
here, prodded minds and bodies loose their hold 
from care to pause and play in wide-swung doors 
green-lacquered reeds and water lilies doze ...
while rhythmic ripples softly kiss your shores 
here, harmony and happiness repose 
and songs of birds ring heavenward and high ...
though but a mote of mirror, you reflect 
deep calm and peace in wood and field and sky
constructed by a Master Architect ....

(and the pelicans were on the lake that beautiful day
my husband is the photographer. ) 


  1. the master architect does good work...there is a nice peace in your words as well...we took a stroll this eve down by the creek and lake...saw similar ripples and heard similar music...

    happy saturday


  2. so so beautiful, divine as is the photo perfect co-operation you 2

  3. Gorgeous shot, Margie. Hubby is obviously a great photographer and you are obviously an amazing writer. Those little pockets of necessary to keep us sane. This is beautiful.

  4. So peaceful to read your words I really really like this.

  5. How great is that Real pelicans swimming.
    I have never seen them like this in real life
    Usually I see them flying.

  6. Margie, so beautiful! I love the picture! You and your hubby are a great pair ;o) Hugs ;o)

  7. Hi Margie,
    I am so glad your blogging again!
    What a beautiful poem and the pic is nice also.
    I hope your enjoying your summer.

  8. Nice to meet you Margie! See you in a month, hope we have lots of things to share.

  9. Margie, I have a special offer on this book tomorrow and the month of August while stocks last. Do take a look :0)

  10. Margie,

    It was a real treat to find you had been to visit my Blogs. Thank you for your kind comments, which are most appreciated:)
    I had missed your poems Margie, but I am very pleased to find you back again.

    I loved the imagery and your words. The Master Architect is quite simply a genius, who leaves the world in awe.

    Best wishes and lovely to connect again with you Margie,

  11. Water is Mother Nature's gift of relaxation. How wonderful to have pelicans! I live too far north, just ducks and geese for me. :)

  12. Many thanks to all of you that left comments.
    They are greatly appreciated.

    I will reply at a later time to each of you, so little time these days as I'm so busy taking care of my little Rose.


  13. The Lord is good. Today, while packing to move, I located the old gasoline can my father used to carry up the street to the gas station for lawn mower fuel, I was a little boy at the time, and discovered it for the first time in 6 years packed in a box labeled "Dad's Gas Can". It was a nice day! ;)


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker