Monday, July 15, 2013

First Teacher

At our first sentence: "A man ran"
she leaned closer and listened.
Her eyes, when we read "Fan me Ann"
rounded and fairly glistened.
Then when we counted right
that eager, glad September
her smile was far the brightest light
that shone!
Yes, I remember!

(My mom was a teacher and she was my first teacher,
 Remembering that first year with her in Kindergarten, some very wonderful memories)


  1. morning Margie!
    this is lovely! :)

    how's Rose? :)she looks like an angle and the lullaby is brilliant! :)

    p.s: i did see your comment but when published, i lost it :(

    love, nee!

  2. Hi Margie! Glad to see you blogging again. Congratulations on your beautiful granddaughter! : )

  3. smiles. my mom was a teacher as well..and now i have followed her into the kindergarten teacher was ms mosley...she was black, which was significant at the time in my most influencial teacher was my english teacher freshman year and senior year of high school...

  4. Children's books have come a long way since then. Thank goodness. There is not much motivating about, "a man ran" but we still managed to learn to read.

  5. Oh gosh Angel how wonderful, this is precious, like your beautiful little rose

  6. this is lovely, Margie!
    funny, my mum was also a teacher (and a good one, too) but i can't say i have any fond memories of my formative years

  7. Love what you wrote and glad to see you back! How's your granddaughter. I need to scroll through your blogs and see if you have posted pics.

  8. How blessed were you to have such a wonderful mother......such good memories you have Margie and I am so happy you do! Big Hugs, xo

  9. Such a sweet tribute to your first teacher. The love is felt. Best always on to you. Rose Marie

  10. "...some very wonderful memories)", you wrote, Margie. And you shared with us one of the sweetest. Thanks!

  11. Lovely Margie ;o) Beautiful memories of your mom ;o) Hugs ;o)

  12. Hi Margie .. I don't remember much from those days - and not having children/grandchildren the memories aren't there ..but I love your thoughts -and Rose brings out that magic once again ..

    Lovely read .. cheers Hilary

  13. Thanks for your beautiful glad to read you again!

  14. Memories. Available some days and others available other days or nights. Thanks for yours.

    Goodlife my friend,


  15. I love walking down memories and it is time like this that I always count my blessing and hope the time I spent with my love ones will also bring back fond memories :D

  16. Margie...I've missed you and missed your awesome poems. Loved this and how your mom was your first inspiration.

  17. Watching a child comprehend see them open a book and discover whole other worlds is a great gift. What a beautiful tribute to your mother, Margie!

    *shoulder still painful, but physio is helping

  18. It's wonderful to see all of your faces and the comments made me very joyful!
    Thank you all so much!
    I shall reply to each of you when I have more time.
    Until then, take care and be good to yourselves.


  19. I too remember my Elementary school teachers well!

  20. Teachers: learning and teaching, teaching and learning.

    You know.

    Goodlife my friend.


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bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

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