Friday, July 05, 2013

It Was The Mockingbird ...

It was the mockingbird singing at night 
singing for other birds , sleeping or flown 
piping his stolen flute, trilling the light 
measures that were never his alone ...
It was his mockery, pulsing and bright 
carelessly borrowed from all that he had known 
It was the mockingbird, singing at night 
that taught me a song of my own! 


  1. What a treat to read poetry of you again. Beautiful poem. Great if we are affected by the things around us and even better if we learn from it.

  2. I forgot what a lovely poet you are this is stunning, how could I forget you are an angel...and I'm so glad you're back

  3. smiles....really a lovely piece margie...finding your own song...that is a wonderful thing regardless the circumstances...even the mockingbird with its borrowed song...smiles.

  4. Hi Margie - so good to "see" you here and read your beautiful poetry.
    Have a wonderful day
    Love Gail

  5. the ice cream was great...the best one had crushed up reese's in it...mmm...smiles.

  6. i see you haven't lost your magic touch! a great return!

  7. Hi Margie .. thanks for coming over to my blog and connecting - lovely to meet you and Rose!!

    Wonderful poem .. though I have trouble with the screeching the gulls do here (I'm on the south coast of England!) .. to think I'd hear the stolen flute ... but a song of my own I do have ..

    Cheers to you all - Hilary

  8. So beautiful Margie! You made me smile ;o) Hope everything is well my friend ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  9. WOW! I untied the ribbon, opened the box, and..."My Little Margie..." the song was played!

    Sing your own song, Margie
    and sing it well, girl...
    your poems define you as one who can deal with life--on life's terms
    Blessings and PEACE!
    Steve E

  10. Hiya Margie...thank you so so much for visiting my blog and it is good to be reading your poem again :D

  11. Thanks so much Marja, I appreciate the kind words and it's good to be back.

    Lorraine,( haha on the angel bit) thank you for the kind words and it's nice to be back, I will do my best to stay.

    Brian, how kind, many thanks (really appreciated coming from a great poet like you)

    Gail, thank you so very much.
    Hope life is great with you and you are loving the new place.
    I keep you in my good thoughts. x

    Brian, oh, that sounds so good :)
    I love ice-cream, stopped by a great ice-cream place yesterday when hubby and I were out, I had butter-pecan, it was yummy!

    Thank you so much, Polona.
    It's so nice to see you here :)

    Hi Hilary, thank you for visiting and the kind words!
    Very nice to meet you, too.

    Hi Stacy, oh, how nice that I could make you smile.
    Thanks very much. x

    Steve E, your wonderful comment made me smile :)
    Thanks so very much !
    And blessings and peace to you as well.

    Hi Shionge , good to have you visit and I really enjoyed your post. What an amazing trip you had!

    Wishing all of you that have visited a wonderful and joyful day.


  12. very nice..loved these lines..this poem reminds me of that novel by Harper Lee, 'To Kill a Mocking bird' :)

  13. Your poetry is beautiful! I read this one twice over..;)

  14. And this reads like a song, Margie. How lovely to read your writing again! :)

  15. A S , thank you so much!

    Michael, that you read this poem twice over is a true honor and your comment is very much appreciated.
    Thank you very much!

    Talon, many thanks on the kind words!

  16. And you sing it well my friend.



  17. I have decided the mockingbird recites its catalog of calls to tell other birds what sort of place it's safe to nest in. Dove, quail imitation means lazy cats. Hawk call means fewer rodents. Nature is definitely a language of the universe.

  18. What a treat I've had today reading through some of your poems from the past seven years!

    I don't think you needed a mockingbird to teach you the singing of your own song, there are many treasures you have hiding here, long before this poem, unless the mockingbird was there at the very beginning of your writing. :)

    Thanks for visiting "Margie-bird". :)


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker