Tuesday, July 23, 2013

And the Robin Sang ...

How I wanted that day to last forever! How
I wished every one  could have lived it! To
some that day was not an unusual one, for the
sun shone only as brightly as it did on any
other spring day. But those seemingly ordinary
hours were the most sublime I think I shall ever
recall for I was lifted from the despair of doubt
into a great happiness and a more complete

The tall trees stood erect as the warm
breeze rustled their lovely green leaves. A
policeman strolled merrily through the park.
His young wife, wheeling a baby stroller
walked beside him. Through a great love and
some strange power a child had come into
being. From a tiny acorn had sprung the
stately tree beside me. Still I doubted, but at
that moment, a robin sang above me - his
time-old song revealing that which I now
understand. Surely there was a Creator, some
Divine Power to make possible this beauty I
had felt in its fullness only today. I bowed my
head in humility and prayed - prayed to a
God I knew truly existed.

The perfume of fresh lilacs filled the air -
so pure, like Him who had created them.

That day seemed everlasting, it is forever
seared in my memory. A robin had shown me
the light. Some need holy men, others a vision of a miracle but all I
needed was nature and a robin's simple notes.
I walked on, its song still echoing through
my heart and the sun was at my heels ...


  1. Nature never fails to captivate me, enthrall me and replenish me, Margie. And that's why I know you and I are truly kindred souls. :)

    This was gorgeous! I felt I was there with you, giving thanks for that which is responsible for all.

  2. smiles. beautiful. the birth of new life always brings hope and a bright light on any day...wild and free...nature at its finest...smiles...

  3. beautiful words of gratitude and of nature's gifts. My Mom so loved the birds songs, they were nature's prayers
    Love Gail

  4. oh Angel, what a lovely lovely poet you are, i smell what you smell I see what you see and I know Divinity

  5. And this is how faith is strengthened: the song of a bird

    OH! I like your writing, Margie!

  6. Hi Margie,
    Just dropped by to see your blog...and wow...it is truly amazing...so uplifting!
    So glad I found you:)

  7. Oh Margie you set a beautiful scene and I am with you. You can find the creator in his creation
    I love nature

  8. I love this Margie...in an amazing way it gives me this sense of calm and peace. Wishing you an awesome Friday.

  9. So beautifully descriptive, Margie. Thank you.

    Our son walked home from the hospital after the birth of his and his wife's second child. He recalls all the Robins that were singing. A great chorus for a great morning!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  10. Lovely piece,Maggie
    so good to find you again in blogland


  11. Margie, dropped in to re-read because I loved this so...

    Happy Saturday! :)

  12. Talon, kindred souls, indeed.
    Thanks so much for the kind words.

    Brian, many thanks and smiles :)

    Gail, your kind words are appreciated, I thank you.
    Sending the love back to you.

    Phivos, so nice to have you visit again and thank you.

    A Lady's Life, thank you.
    Take care.

    Lorraine, a lovely comment from a lovely lady.
    Thank you, dear.

    Steve E , it's always good to have you visit and I thank you for the kind words.

    Magic Love Crow (Stacy)
    Thanks so much, your comment is appreciated, my friend :)

    Ygraine, thanks for the visit and nice comment.
    Very touching.

    Marja, nature to me is heaven on earth. I'm so glad you were there with me.
    Many thanks.

    Nikki, I am so glad to see you here and that my poem gave you a sense of calm and peace is wonderful.
    Thank you.

    Rob-bear, I can imagine the joy your song felt on that joyous morning and the robins joined in his joy with their song.
    Many thanks for the kind comment.
    Blessings to you.

    Dulse, how nice to find you here.
    Thank you for the kind words.

    Talon, oh, that is a great compliment that you came by again for another read.
    I'm very happy that did so.
    Thank you and I hope you had a great Saturday.
    Mine was kind of lazy :)

  13. You sound like a kindred spirit.
    I love this that you said....

    "Some need holy men, others a vision of a miracle but all I
    needed was nature and a robin's simple notes.
    I walked on, its song still echoing through
    my heart and the sun was at my heels ... ..."


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker