Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Listener ~

I stood aside and watched a while 
the little acts that made me smile 
your doing this, your saying that 
the pleasant things you're busy at 
some little quirk and then you'd half 
begin to frown but quickly laugh ~ 

It was as though I looked into 
the lively, private world of you 
then suddenly you turned to me 
to query why so quietly 
I sat there with no word to say 
as though it was a tiring day ~ 

I hope you really understood
when I was telling you how good 
it was to see and hear and know 
that all was well with you, and so 
I'm writing now to make accord
assuring you I was not bored 
a visit's not all say and do 
it can be happy listening too ~ 


  1. Such a beautiful piece!
    This sounded so real. Captivating :)

  2. ah a big part of it is listening...that is how we know them...
    just being together is big...we can always do
    but often get to busy doing...

  3. Very well said! I enjoyed your poem.

  4. Oh, so true, Margie! Sometimes my best visits are ones spent listening and learning. PS You probably already know this, Margie, but if it gets too warm and starts softening the snow, your x skis might stick. At this time of year, we have to go after new snowfall or very early when the snow remains frozen (also a little perilous going downhill). Have fun!

  5. You capture so much of what being a human is, in your poetry. How beautiful this is.

  6. So beautiful. Listening and watching, but mostly listening is one of the most important things we can do. I am a listener.

  7. Beyond Beautiful...Listening is a gift, a real one angel xxx

  8. Such a beautiful, heart-warming poem dear Margie...yes, listening is indeed a rare gift! xxx

  9. Wow!!! I absolutely love this with all my heart, Margie!!! While reading your beautiful poem, I pictured you sitting there with your lovely granddaughter, Rose~

    Big Hugs

  10. Boa tarde,
    Sua bela poesia tem o dom de cativar o ser humano.

  11. So sweet! I am always so happy to come upon one of your poems. They are full of such love and light.

  12. So true - listening is an essential part of any conversation.

  13. Many thanks for all the lovely comments.
    I shall reply to each one of you very soon.
    Going skiing tomorrow.

    I wish all of you a wonderful weekend.

  14. I love this Margie! Spoken from the heart! I hope you had fun skiing ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  15. Anyone who reads your poetry knows you are a listener. I imagine that many of the sounds of life transition to the words in your poems.


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker