Sunday, December 31, 2006


I placed another calendar
today upon the wall
and pondered on the coming year
and just what may befall . . .
in all the days and weeks and months
before the year has fled
I wondered about
the road that lies ahead.

The days, like jig-saw puzzles, pass
Some happy, full of fun
Some full of sorrow and of pain. . .
We take them as they come.
We strive to put each in its place
as through the year we thread . . .
Sometimes, a hopeless puzzle seems
the year that lies ahead.

I look at the new calendar
and wonder that I might see
what beyond tomorrow lies
what's waiting there for me.
But, God in His far wiser way
makes a time book unread
and we must walk in hope and faith
the road that lies ahead
Warmest New Year wishes to all those who have visited me this year!
May 2007 bring much joy to your lives!
Thanks so much for all your wonderful visits!
I have loved having you here!

And I have loved visiting all of you at your wonderful sites!



  1. ohhhhhhhhhhh dear Margie

    I am not sure how this is "affecting" me... balancing light and shadow - hope and fear of the unknown. Hmmm

    Somehow, a new year for me has always been a brand new page full of possibilities and no doubts; as if everything would be/is possible, as if all dreams would/will come to flourish as the year unfolds.

    Today is a good day ... THE END

    Big Hug

  2. A wonderful way to launch us into the New Year. Thank you Margie.

    A happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year to you. It is such a joy to come to your site and "hear your heart". I look forward to more of your beautiful prose in 2007!

  3. "But, God in His far wiser way
    makes a time book unread
    and we must walk in hope and faith
    the road that lies ahead"

    Amazing lines!

    Happy New Year Margie
    Lots of love and hugs


  4. A Wonderful New Year Wish to U Too Margie! I am glad I chanced upon ur blog and lucky enough to hear ur heart out! u seem to be a very warm and lovely person! ur poems tels so! :)

    ..and Praying that God in His time book 2007 that He has already charted out for u is just lively, lovely and cheerful!..and brings u lots f smiles too!

    Take Care!

  5. thank G-d we don't know what tomorrow will bring....

    Margie I wish you and yours a New Year blessed with love joy and happiness

    thank you for uplifting my spirit and my heart with your beautiful words

    lotsa luv ann xxxx

  6. life is a mystery Margie ... full of suprises and wonder. Wonder is a beautiful gift from God.
    Happy New Year darling Margie.
    Keep writing and inspiring us all to write too.
    hugs and kisses

  7. a calender is a cage Margie and so is a watch

    Happy New year!
    wish you loads of imagination Margie!

  8. A happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year to you Margie. It is such a joy to come to your site and "hear your heart". I look forward to more of your beautiful prose in 2007!

    Dont change
    i love u just the way ur

  9. happy new year

    luv u
    u too Kai

  10. Hi Margie,

    Wishing you and your dear ones all the very best in the Year 2007 and beyond.....

    Keep writing marvellous poems... :-)

  11. 2007 The Year with best

    Do you know the specialty of this NEW YEAR?????

    It starts with MONDAY and ends also on MONDAY


    This year has got highest number of SUNDAYS and SATURDAYS

    Enjoy the least working year in your life


  12. You couldn't have summarised better.

    Happy New year to you and your family, Margie!

  13. Good morning Margie
    You write so beautifully. Wishing you and your familya very happy new year. May your days be filled with lots of beautiful people and incidents that would give you another reason to write such beautiful things for yet again another year and all the coming years!!

    Have a wonderful day!!!!!

  14. I love this one. Perfect ending! Keep warm!! :)

  15. Happy New Year Margie,
    I wish you and yours only the best for this year!

  16. perfect, margie!
    it's been a pleasure getting to know you through your wonderful poetry and comments. looking forward to more in 2007 :)
    best to you and yours,



  18. And a good new year to you too Margie. Thank you for all the smiles you've brought to my life this past year.


  19. Very well said! Happy New Year to you, too, Margie. All the best.

  20. hi wishing u a vry happy new year!!
    nice post...

  21. Thank you for your wisdom and good cheer Margie. I have certainly enjoyed visiting you.


  22. Oh, Margie, this is so inspirational! And so very well written, too.

    Your blog has quickly become one of my favourites, because of your quality work, and because of YOU.

    Best wishes for 2007! :)

  23. hey Margie.. a very Happy New year!!

  24. loved the poem .. a story telling style .. :) .. hopefully it will bring peace .. i doubt it though.
    Happy new year to you too and warmest wishes.

    Why is the day a jigsaw puzzle?

  25. Margie, no truer words have ever been spoken. I love this!!

  26. Ditto on the breakfast in bed.
    Its wonderful for role to reverse.
    Your Ladyship hugs for you. :o)

  27. Angel, I hope it will be a year of much joy for you!
    May all your hopes and dreams be fulfilled!
    So wonderful having the long talk!

    Eileen, thanks for your kind words!
    It is so very nice to have you come here and read my poems.
    I love to share them!
    I look forward to reading all your wonderful inspiring words in 2007!
    May it be a year of much joy and peace for you and all your loved ones!

    Arti, thanks for the lovely visit!
    Happy new year!
    love and hugs to you!

    Shammu, thanks for your wonderful wishes, and kind words!
    I too am glad we met!
    May God bless you with all good things in the coming year!

    Ann, thank you for all the kind words you share with me!
    I do appreciate them so much!
    May you be blessed with much happiness in 2007!

    Trinity, you keep writing also!
    You are inspiring!
    Thanks for your kindness!
    Hugs and kisses back to you!

    Kai, happy new year to you!
    luv you too!

    Rauf, happy new year!
    Thanks for your wishes!

    Saby, seems like those comments I have seen already!

    Sreejith, it is nice to have you visit again! Thanks so much!
    Hope it will be a very happy new year for you and all your loved ones!


  28. Kiran, thanks so much for your visit,
    and all that info...good news!
    Happy new year!

    Gautami, thank you so much!
    Happy new year to you!
    Hope it will be a wonderful year for you and all your loved ones!

    Preetha, thanks so very much for all your sweet words!
    I do appreciate them very much!
    May you be blessed with a wonderful new year full of much joy!

    Andrew, thanks so very much!
    Keeping nice and warm!

    Liz, thanks for your kind wishes!
    May you have a wonderful new year!

    Polona, thanks very much!
    It had also been a pleasure to get to know you also!
    I look forward to more in 2007!
    Hope you have a wonderful, creative year!

    Magiceye, thanks so much!
    Hope it's a great year for you!

    Tom, thanks so much!
    May it be a wonderful year for you!
    Your poetry is so beautiful, and had brought many smiles to my face too!


  29. Gudl, thanks so much!
    A very happy new year to you!

    Stanley, thanks for your visit!
    Hope you have a wonderful new year!

    Robert, thanks very much!
    And, I have enjoyed very much visiting you! You have so much to share!

    Aurora, you are sweet! Thank you so very much! Your words mean a lot to me!

    White forest, thank you for the wishes!
    A very happy new year to you!

    Nabeel, thanks very much!
    Hope you have a wonderful new year!
    Jigsaw puzzle just seemed to fit the poem...

    Pat, gosh, really? thank you so very much! I do appreciate that pat!

    Trinity, happy for you!
    Yes, wonderful for role to reverse!
    Hugs back to you, Ladyship!


  30. Happy 2007 Margie. I hope it is a very good year for you.

  31. Thoughtful poem and thank you for your kindnesses. I'm delighted to have met you in the blog world. Wishing you a terrfic 2007!

  32. Margie,

    wow, interesting poem. I do wonder what this year will bring...hopefully some new and exciting adventures! It's so nice to re-read old posts and reminisce.

    Happy New Year to you! I've enjoyed reading all of your poems, so inspirational and thought provoking! Thanks for all of your comments, they truly make my day!

    Take care,

  33. Barbara, thank you!
    I hope 2007 will be a wonderful year for you!


  34. Gel, thank you for your kind words!
    So very nice to have met you in the blog world also!
    You have a wonderful blog!
    May 2007 be a great year for you!


  35. Robyn, thanks for all your very nice comment!
    It is so very nice to have you here!
    I always enjoy reading your posts!
    You are so nice!
    Happy new year, Robyn!


  36. well i hope the year was good for you...many times i find it is all what picture you paint with the pieces you are given...

  37. well .....this is so beautiful. I had a few free moments - in between vacuuming and detailing my bedroom so sat to take a break and thought - i'll go look at your archives. this is the first one i came to.


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker