Sunday, March 04, 2007


Come sweet springtime, oh springtime come quickly
Banish the chilly winds of winter again . . .
Open your doors of your treasures . . .
to gladden the souls who are weary of winter's reign!

Touch with your soft carressing fingers
the buds that are swelling on shrub and tree . . .
Linger a while among the birches . . .
Waken them from their dormancy!

Stop a while to flirt with the maples
Whisper sweet nothings where willows sway . . .
Sing to all creatures a song of gladness . . .
Loosen the bonds of winter today!

With magic touch awaken the flowers
Beckon the birds to sing to me . . .
Smile on the face of the ice bound rivers . . .
And send them tumbling down to the sea!

For we are weary, weary of winter
Its charms have faded and are no more . . .
Come sweet springtime, oh springtime come quickly . . .
Bring us the joys we are looking for!


  1. beautiful, margie..

    so glad u had fun!


  2. Amen. It can't come quickly enough. Nicely said.

  3. Love the poem, but I'm actually still waiting for winter, lol.

  4. It's coming Margie, it's coming!! HOLD ON!!:))

  5. Springtime. Always referred to as the rebirth of life and nature after the winter. We rarely call it the death of ice, but for anything to live, something else must pass on. So, I guess it is wishfully bye bye to the cold and hi to the warmth.
    Rock on!

  6. awwwww ur in Spring and Im in Autumn :(


  7. I love fall and winter, but you're turning me into a spring fan with this poem, Margie. :) Good stuff!

  8. oh margie,

    i love your seasons. your poem said it all...

    my country has practically summer all year long. and our "spring" comes in june.

  9. Love this verse

    Stop a while to flirt with the maples
    Whisper sweet nothings where willows sway . . .
    Sing to all creatures a song of gladness . . .
    Loosen the bonds of winter today!

    Beautiful imagery comes to mind.

    Hugs for you Margie on this bright
    but windy day.

  10. Yes, we are weary:) Thanks, Margie!

  11. Yes, Colorado needs the beautiful Spring. It is on it's way. Sending warmth to you now.
    Hope all is well.

  12. beautiful as always Margie!!! its going to be spring around heree too,although its not that much of a spring in here, even then its beautiful!!
    i hope uhave a lovely day!

  13. You really speak from my heart, too! Great poem with great words!

  14. At the moment it is coming here. Good one Margie!!

  15. Hello, Margi! How are you. This poem is fantastic! I have an English poem. I love you coments.
    Thank you

  16. I agree Margie...can't wait till spring is really here...beautifully said.

  17. Stop a while to flirt with the maples
    Whisper sweet nothings where willows sway . . .
    Sing to all creatures a song of gladness . . .
    Loosen the bonds of winter today!

    Margie u r awesome:)

  18. i wish spring comes soon to your neck of the woods, margie!
    in the meantime, beautiful poem as always!

  19. you capture spring so beautifully in your words

    wind, snow and cold here, below zero temps tonight, I don't get impatient for Spring until April..

    I talked to my dear friend in Boulder this morning and she is enjoying a beautiful I miss the mountains!

  20. after reading your beautiful poem I'm even more ready for Spring.
    This has been a hard winter so Spring will be embraced.

  21. Margie I lived in a country whereby there is no four seasons but just by reading this I could feel spring is coming :D

    Hurray! Thank you my dear!

  22. Hi sweet Kai
    Thanks hun....and yes, I had tons of fun!

    Huggggs to you!

  23. Thank you Barbara.
    I agree...spring can't come quickly
    enough, but it felt like Spring here was a gorgeous day!

  24. Thanks Kathi...
    You are actually still waiting for winter!LOL!
    You should have came would have found plenty of winter!
    I am really looking forward to spring!

  25. I know Asha!
    I'm holding on...can't wait!
    You too???
    Hope you had a nice weekend!

  26. THanks for the visit and comment Rex...

  27. Keshi
    Spring is springing here and Autumn is keeping you company!
    I do love Autumn though!
    Spring and Autumn are my fave seasons!
    Great post you have up now Keshi...
    I am glad you did this one!
    It is not an easy one!
    Kudos to you!

  28. Glad to know I am able to turn you into a fan of Spring, Aurora!
    Thanks for the nice comment Aurora!

  29. Hi Shnaggy
    Thanks for your visit and kind comment...I have been to your country and did enjoy the weather there!

  30. I know you are ready for spring, as I am Andrew!
    It will be grand when it arrives!

  31. My favorite verse too, Trinity!
    Thanks for your nice comment!
    I send hugs back to you...
    on this gorgeous Colorado day!

  32. You are welcome Art!
    The wearniness will soon end...
    Spring will soon be here!

  33. Shammu, I did have a lovely day...
    Thank you!
    And thanks for your kind words!
    Enjoy your beautiful weather there!
    Take care now!

  34. Gudl...I am happy that I could speak from your heart!
    I know you must be wanting spring so very much...with all the cold weather and snow there!
    Thanks for your nice comment!

  35. Thanks Pat...
    It must feel good to have spring coming there!
    It will be here soon too!
    I am so glad!

  36. Hi David
    I am fine...thank you!
    I appreciate your nice comment!
    Thank you!
    And your poem was wonderful!
    I am so glad you posted in english!
    The poem touched my heart!

  37. Me neither Janice!
    It will be here soon!
    Thank you for your kind words!

  38. Priya, what a sweet thing to say!
    Thank you!
    Same goes for you!!!

  39. It will be coming soon Polona!
    And it will be so wonderful!
    As always...thanks for the kind words!

  40. Thank you Donna!
    It was a beautiful day here!
    Boulder is one of my favorite places in Colorado!
    The mountains here are incredible...
    I can understand how you miss them!
    Stay warm cold there!

  41. Hi TC
    Yes, spring wiil be embraced by all who had such a hard winter!
    I am so excited that spring is on it's way!
    Thanks for your nice comment!
    Fuuny post you had today! LOl!

  42. Hi Shionge
    Thanks for your visit and comment!
    I always enjoy it when you visit!
    And, you are welcome!
    Oh, I did enjoy your post today..
    You are a cool mom!

  43. My friend Choices
    Missed you in here!
    The warmth you sent was here today!
    So, it came from you...huh?
    It was a beautiful day here...
    sunny and warm!

  44. yeah but I'd rather be in Spring/Summer than in Autumn :(

    Hows ur friend Margie?

  45. This is right up my alley in everything and especially in thought. I'm tired of winter, too. Nice.

  46. I'm just hanging around waiting tp put my post up for Tuesday, Keshi!
    I am glad you dropped by again...
    wish it could be in person though...
    I would make you a nice cuppa tea!

    Spring/Summer are beautiful times of the year, but I do love Autumn too!
    Keshi, my friend is just hanging in there...but one never knows!
    I never give up on hope!

  47. Hi Rethabile
    So many are tired of winter, like you are....spring will soon be here....hang on!
    Thanks for the visit!
    I appreciate the nice comment!

  48. Hi Margie!
    I'm sure Heaven heard your voice. Beautiful Spring will be soon.
    Thank you!

  49. Krystyna
    You think Heaven heard my voice!
    Thanks so much!
    You are welcome!

  50. Wowwwwwwwwwwww!!! that was sooo beautiful!!!

    :) :)


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bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker