Sunday, March 11, 2007


I like the radiance of the sun
and the friends in my life . . . that add so much joy and fun!

I like the beacon in the light
and the stars at night.

I like the ebb in the tide
and the ocean deep and wide.

I like the ripple in the sea
and the thrill that's left to me.

I like the silver in the moon
and the summer's sweet bloom!


  1. Me too!!! But mid March to mid June is allergy season for me,not at all looking forward to it.I love the Summer and the Sea though:))

  2. Lovely. I like all your poetry. How's the puppy?

  3. Hello, Margie!
    this poem is very good, thank you.
    "Like the beacon in the light
    and the stars at night."
    Eu gosto da deminuição da maré
    e o oceno fundo e largo.
    Have nice week
    By, by

  4. u like some very sweet n natural things babes...HUGGGGGGGGZ!

    hey Im doing abt u? TY for that very sweet note in my blog!


  5. I like to read your poems. (couldn't help it.:) )

  6. Hi Such a nice blog you have. Your creations are such a joy to read. Beautiful. I posted this in a lower thread without realizing. Very nice looking puppy you have.

  7. Hi Margie. So glad to see that you've got a nice four legged person with as much heart as you have as a two legged I'm sure - and also that with your new addition you still have time to offer your words of beauty.

  8. me too me too!!
    Such a lovely happy poem...brought a smile to my face!

  9. Nice words! Margie, you are like a radiant beacon. The radiant beacon of the blogosphere:)

  10. What else I can say ..this is so magical send me to gigle
    with hapiness

  11. great appreciation of the simple best things...nice poem margie.

    how's jake? did he chew on something yet???heheh

  12. wowww!!
    Beautiful things u love!
    shows the beautiful heart behind the poem!

    i hope u r doing Great!!!!


  13. i keep coming here more than once,to takke a look at Jake! :D :D!

  14. well if u wud like to no

    I dislike ppl who keep animal pets

    I dislike the size of my wifes butt

    I dislike indian women who enter the swimming people without a bikini

    I dislike fat pot bellied men who enter the pool

    I dislike me

  15. u shud be glad u didnt keep a cat
    dat REX is a sex maniac

    watch out

  16. I like all these things, too, Margie, and I like this poem! :)

  17. I agree with the's always a pleasure to read your cheery poems everyday Margie!

  18. Hi Margie!
    And I like YOU!
    Good luck and happiness!

  19. I like the radiance in the sun too.
    hugs for you Margie
    daughter was due to fly out this morning ... change of schedule ...
    hope to be back posting soon ... trying to get through a few comments.
    Have a wonderful day.

  20. I love that ripples in the sea margie;)

  21. You are so sweet and give me a FIVE Margie coz what you like is EXACTLY what I like too :D

    Hmm....are we sisters from far away land :D

    YOu are wonderful it so much!

  22. 'the thrill that's left to me', I like that. The reason you feel good inside that is inexplicable to others, simply because it is yours and yours alone.

  23. margie did aurora tell you she has a new nickname?

    she has a new nickname. it is cute and silly.....

  24. I see that I have quite a bit to catch up with, over here.. lemme get started right now...

    Hope u have been doing well, Margie..


  25. Margie.all the things I love put it together so well.How is Jake doing.

  26. so many things to look forward to...
    i love this one!
    hope you ajd jake are getting along fine :)

  27. And i like the poet in you, you write such sweet words!!

  28. I like very very too much that marvellous poem!

    A litle kiss for you
    from Pepe.

  29. hey Margie!! Long time...! How have you been? really like:

    "like the ripple in the sea
    and the thrill that's left to me.

    I like the silver in the moon
    and the summer's sweet bloom!"


    and jake is super cute!

  30. I like your poems Margie and this is a good one!

  31. Asha
    Alergy season can be hard to get through...I used to have it very bad, but since we moved to Colorado, I have not been bothered at all...been here since '92 now.
    Hope it will not be too difficult for you this year!
    Nothing like summer and the beautiful them like you do!
    Thanks for your visit Asha...always so nice to have you here!

  32. Thanks Rex....We all love her!

  33. Thanks so much Barbara!
    And, I like all your postings...especially your bird pictures....I have had some wonderful visits in my backyard from some bird friends this morning!

    My puppy is great!
    Keeping us soooooo busy!
    But, we are having the most wonderful time with him!
    We sure do love him!
    Now, if we can just get our cat to love him!

  34. Thanks very much, David!
    Hope you have a good week as well!

  35. Keshi, the sweet and natural things in life are what make me feel the most joy!
    HUgggggz to you!
    I am doing good...thank you!
    You are so very welcome for the comment...shucks, 'twas nothing!

  36. Andrew, thanks so much!
    And, I like to read your poems too!
    They are wonderful!

  37. Hi Eric, it's very nice to have you visit me.
    I appreciate your kind comment!
    Thanks very much!
    I did enjoy very much visiting your blog...some wonderful poems there!

  38. Hi Robert
    My little four legged creature is adding so much joy to my days!
    Very busy with him, but I do so enjoy writing and sharing....
    Will do my best to find time to keep writing!

    I appreciate your very nice comment!
    Thanks so much Robert!

  39. Hi Ekta, it's nice to have you visit me again!
    I am so glad my poem brought a smile to you!
    Thanks so much!

  40. Art, your most kind words made me smile...I thank you very much!
    You are too kind!

  41. Nasra, that I could make you giggle with happiness...awwww!
    That makes me feel good!
    Thanks for your sweet comment!

  42. Thanks for your visit, pri!
    Always nice to meet new people!
    I enjoyed visiting you!
    I appreciate the nice comment!

  43. Thanks very much Shnaggy!
    The simple things are the most beautiful things...they really are!
    As for Jake, he is being a good boy...has not chewed up any slippers or shoes yet!
    He has lots of toys, and is chewing on them!
    He is such a sweetheart!

  44. Hi Shammu
    I bet these are some of the things you love too....from all your beautiful writings about nature, I just know it to be so!
    Your kind comment is very much appreciated....thanks so much!

    Don't you just love that sweet little face on Jake!

  45. Hi kai
    Hope all is well with you!
    Love all your beautiful blogs!

  46. Jim, ok then...we all have certain dislikes.
    I have some too!
    But, I would never dislike people who keep animal pets!
    Animals are my friends and I love them, and the people who care and love their pets are very nice people!
    Sorry you feel that way!

  47. Aurora, I am glad to know you like all the things I like...I figured you would.
    I am so happy you liked my poem!
    Thanks so much!
    And, I like you Aurora!

  48. Thanks so much Janice!
    It's always a pleasure to read all your wonderful poems too!

  49. Krystyna, thanks for the kind words!
    I like you too!
    Wishing you happiness and good-luck also!

  50. Hi Trinitystar
    Nothing like the radiance of the sun...we are being blesed with it here this morning!
    I have been out in the backyard with Jake most of the morning!

    I send hugs back to you!
    Hope you enjoy every minute with your daughter!
    Hope to see you back soon.

  51. Hi Priya
    Don't you just love it?
    Me too...

  52. Hi Magiceye
    Haha...almost, almost!

  53. Shionge
    Awwww how sweet!
    All the things I like are exactly the things you like!
    A FIVE to you then!

    My sister from a far away land...
    you are wonderful too!
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment, Shionge!

  54. Kathi
    I am glad you liked that part!
    And, isn't that the truth...
    The reason one feels good inside that is inexplicable to others, is simply because it's ours and ours alone!
    Thanks for your visit Kathi, and nice comment!

  55. Kai
    I have to find out about this new nickname Aurora has...I will come by later...maybe we can chat.
    I do like cute and silly!

  56. Velu
    So nice to have you visit!
    I am doing well....thank you!
    How are you?
    Hope all is well in your life!

  57. Starry, I thought you would love all these things as well...I am glad!
    Thanks so much Starry!
    Jake is great...we love him lots!

  58. Thanks very much Polona!
    It makes me happy that you love it!
    Jake and me are becoming very good buddies!

  59. Thanks so much Pat!
    I like the poet in you too!
    Your poems are...
    the very best!
    Love them!

  60. Pepe, thanks very much for your kind words, and the little kiss!

  61. Hi Neers
    I'm doing are you?
    I'm glad you liked that!
    It's been a while....
    Will visit you soon!

    Yeah...we think Jake is super cute too!
    Thank you for the visit and nice comment.

  62. This is my first here and I can tell you it won't be my last time here. Your poetry brings such freshness to my spirit, I love it!

  63. 1blkquill
    I am very glad to have you visit me, and thank you for your kiind words!
    I'll come visit you soon.

  64. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  65. ha i found one i had not your list...i love the ocean and finding rhythm there...

    i wish i was as profound as the guy who commented above me too...smiles. you might want to delete that...i dont think it says good things...smiles.


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker