Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Here's to the friends of yesterday
We know not where they are . . .
But the fragrance of their friendship . . .
steals to us from afar.
Here's to their smiles and happy songs . . .
that mingled with our own.
Here's to the loving thoughts we send
to them, when we're alone.

And though we cannot see them
Tonight, we know they're here.
The knowledge of their presence
comes to us, sweet and clear.
Though they are absent and silent . . .
With us, many a vacant chair . . .
like the vase, all shattered and broken . . .
the rose fragrance lingers there!


  1. this is so lovely ...Im so touched by it ...Firends some their touch leave prints in our hearts

  2. Good and best friends will always be with us where ever they are!

  3. Margie, I remembered and treasured all my friends but sadly some are so unappreciative.....*sob*

  4. Beautiful Margie!! I went to see some old friends week before last. This has a special touch for me.

  5. Margie:

    Its always a wish to go back and be ther and have fun but its hard when you are so far away.

  6. Hear! Hear! Old friends are the best,we just drift apart unfortunately.Good one Margie:)

  7. So beautiful Margie!...love the metaphor

  8. "like the vase, all shattered and broken . . .
    the rose fragrance lingers there!"

    Girl, that was an amazing statement. I'm copying it down and framing it. I love that. Thank you darlin'.

  9. Margie, there are friends that I think of fondly. Thanks for bringing them back today.

  10. Friends the greatest gift we can give ourselves.

  11. Aw, Margie, this is beautiful!

  12. Hi Margie!
    My mood becomes little nostalgic.
    Best wishes!

  13. This made my heart hurt a bit for old friends- it's a good hurt, though!

  14. They live in your memories as if they are here ...
    hugs for you.

  15. Beautiful. It brought back many wonderful memories of old friends that just faded off due to living circumstances or change of life, and even death. It's wonderful that our senses, our memories still hold them near.

    I'm sure your friends of yesterday still think fondly of you and wonder where you are today.


  16. It is the good memories that we live with. Just beautiful margie.I wonder sometimes if my friends from yester year still think about me. because I do.

  17. I like it! And I can very much relate. I have them, too, Friends of Yesterday ...and you wonder where they are. ... and sometimes you miss them. May God bless them all.

  18. it was really beautiful Margie!good friends always stay in our heartsss,even if the bond has faded off...i do think of some of my frends who have left,and wondeer where they are now,and how they would be now!and at times, i feel happy when i get a mail from an old friend saying about her wedding or graduation or job..that does bring a smile!
    Tahnk you for the lovely poem,Margie!

  19. Hello, Margie!
    This poem is fantastic, thank you!
    Longs day for you.

  20. oh, yes "the rose fragrance lingers there"

    Lovely way to express the energy of those dear to us...

    ((Big Hug))

    Hope you had a whole lot of fun on the hills!

  21. oh, margie, this is wonderful!
    i've been thinking about friends - old and new - a lot lately...
    thank you

  22. I love the sentiment of this poem. Have a great day Margie!

  23. aww i loved this one alot.

    **like the vase, all shattered and broken . . .
    the rose fragrance lingers there!

    beautiful n so true!


  24. hi margie,

    my...as i read ur wonderful poem, it brings me back in time and reminisce...
    and decided that today is a nice day to send them sms or just call them for nothing...
    before we talked countless days of men...now am sure we'll talk of boys...our kids that is...

    c yah!

  25. Nasra
    Thank you!
    I am happy to know my poem touched you....

  26. I am sorry to know that Shionge..
    The same happened to me...just one time though!

  27. Hi Pat
    It is wonderful to visit old friends...
    Thanks so much for the kind comment!

  28. Yes, I know it's hard to go back and visit old friends when you are far away!

  29. Thank you Asha.
    Nothing like old friends!
    I have one that lives far away, but we talk every week!
    Been friends for what seems like forever!
    I am so glad we have not drifted apart..it does happen though!

  30. Thanks so much Janice!
    Glad you liked the metaphor!

  31. Kathi, it is so sweet that you are copying the last part of my poem and framing it....awwwww!
    you made me smile!
    Thanks Kathi!

  32. Brian....you are so welcome!
    Happy I could bring the memories back to you!

  33. Yes, they are Dave!
    No better gift than friends!
    I treasure all of mine!

  34. Krystyna, nostaglia is always a good mood to be in...
    Thank you, and you are welcome!
    Best wishes to you too!

  35. Lizard princess
    I am glad it was a good hurt!
    Thinking about old friends can do that to us!

  36. Yes, they do live in our memories...always!
    Hugs back to you!

  37. Thanks for your nice comment Deb!
    Glad I could bring back some wonderful memories of old friends!
    My poem made me do the same!

  38. Thanks so much Starry!
    I wonder the same thing.

  39. Gudl, thanks for the nice comment!
    I am glad you liked my poem!
    And, yes...may God bless them all...all of our friends..old and new ones!

  40. Shammu, thanks so much for your kind words!
    It is so wonderful to be in touch with old friends...adds much joy to our lives!
    And, you are so welcome!

  41. Glad you liked it David!
    Thank you!

  42. Hi Angeldust
    How are you?
    Being creative now?
    Thank you for the very nice comment!
    Big hug back to you!

    Oh, had lots of fun on the slopes!

  43. Me too Polona!
    Thinking so much about one friend that I lost touch with.
    I'm trying to find out where she is now!
    I appreciate your kind words, Polona!
    Thank you!

  44. Barbara, so glad you liked it!
    Thanks so much!

  45. Glad to know you loved that Keshi!
    My favorite part as well!
    It is true, isn't it!

  46. Hi shnaggy
    It was great that you decided to do that...I actually did the same, and called an old friend I had not spoken to in some time!
    Thanks fo rthe kind words!

  47. Thanks so much Andrew!
    You too, huh?

  48. I loved this poem Margie....truly loved it with all my heart!!

    it got me thinking of the days after I pass out from college..its just a few months away..

    I had tears in my eyes when I read this...

  49. Just do not know what to say!
    It is so touching ... straight from the heart!

    Another one for my collection!



Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker