Thursday, March 15, 2007


The way to nowhere is a beautiful road
that winds through the Garden of Fairest Dreams . . .
No pebbles of Cares are ever found there . . .
And Nature with softest rays of soul light gleams!

Where the highway to Nowhere comes to an end
there gorgeous flowers of haunting Heartsease grow . . .
and rest lies deep within the shadows that creep . . .
in the land where the winds of contentment blow!

There are no hours of time in this magic land
For the sun never rises, nor does it set . . .
For the light that shines apart comes from the heart . . .
in the throbbing breasts of those who live . . .
in the land of "Contentment, No Cares, No Fret!"


  1. You just have a way with words that brightens up my day! Thank you!!

  2. Hi Margie... hope all is well and I've just seen your newest family member; welcome Jake, he is gorgeous.

    Oh this poem is a joy, as always. Do you have a map? Is it easy to find? Sounds the perfect place to picnic with your nearest and dearest.

    Missed you and your fine pen

    lotsa luv ann xxxxx

  3. The winds of contentment.

    Find me this place Margie.
    I would like to be there.
    lovely, lovely.
    hugs for you. :o)

  4. hi margie,

    yes the world just keep on spinnin'

  5. Lets walk the road through the Garden together Margie...such a delightful poem!

  6. What wonderful whimsy! Well done, Margie!

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  8. Hi Margie,

    I think this road is very crowded. A beautiful poem of hope. :)

  9. Beautiful words as always, Margie. Keep up the good work!

  10. perfect, margie! just beautiful!

  11. For the sun never rises, nor does it set . . .

    How true. Sun never sets and works all day every where. Nice margie.

  12. Margie,

    I'm here next to the Poet David Santos in Portugal, but I am American. He showed me your poem and speaks very highly of your talent. Thankyou for sharing your insights.

    My name is Shannon and I'm from Utah. I'm here in Portugal serving a mission for my church for a year and a half.

    Thanks again. And David sends his highest compliments!

  13. This puts a picture in my mind of how I always picture Heaven, with fields of flowers and lot's of willow trees, with the wind blowing lightly through them...and a peaceful stream flowing through it. Your words bring this sort of peace to people.

  14. Margie, it seems like Nowhere but deep in my heart....I get the contentment & satisfaction Somewhere and this Somewhere is HERE :D

    Thank you so much for your Birthday wishes to me and I truly, honestly and sincerely appreciate your lovely dedication :') Make my eyes teary knowing that I've crossed path with you through blogging...Luv you so much Margie. Thank you!

  15. Lovely poem, Margie. Nicely done. Hope you are well.

  16. A "no worries" kind of place. Make me a reservation, please.

  17. The way to no where is now here. Just move the w and go there.

    Margie, I love this poem. It has a place in my computer room and I look and read often.

    Thank You

  18. Heavenly Margie...simply adorable this world you have described it !!
    You do it just right...not more not less !!
    What a lovely way to start the weekend !
    Thanx a ton for creating such a lovely ambience !
    You have a great weekend..n hope Jake is good !

  19. After reading this I do believe that yesterday I flew back home to "nowhere" - the magic land of Hawaii. Thanks for the beautiful poem and for your sweet, caring heart.

  20. Nice place. You talk about it so well!

  21. Margie lets take a road trip to nowhere :) I'm sure its an adorable world :)

    Stay Beautiful..!

  22. reminds me of 'nowhere man' by beatles....


  23. Just love this Margie....and thankyou for your prayers they are very much appreciated...

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  25. i thought this is supposed to be very carefree and gentle, but you ended every phrase with strong exclamations. reminds me of lake ilse of innisfree by william butler yeats. nice one.:)

  26. hello sweetie,
    You made me smile but I kind of don't like the sound of going nowhere, I'm the kind of person that always wants to be heading in the rite direction,can u imagine? LOL!!

    Do take care.

    Love always

  27. hey margie,
    hope u have a good day!
    i'm going to the St. patrick day dance tonight & i can hardly wait!

    hugs & pet jake for me..


  28. Hello dear Margie (and baby Jake)

    "The road to nowhere"?
    Been on it - do not remember it quiet like this!!!


    Hope to find you all well.
    I managed to (also) get some painting in yesterday... poated.

    I am somewhat caught-up...
    My bathroom ceiling is being replaced on Monday, them paint - hope is not goin to take long.
    Thought you might call... (?)

    ((Big Hug))

  29. Hi Margie!
    Lovely beautiful poem.
    Take good care!

  30. man, I've been on the road to nowhere for a long time. the really nice thing is ya don't have to be in a hurry.

  31. beautiful poem Margie!! i hope alls well with you!

  32. Thank you all for your wonderful comments!
    I appreciate all of them so very much!

    You all brighten up my day!
    I am sorry I have not replied to each one of you, but I am just soooo very busy at this time in my life.
    Joy and love to all of you!


  33. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  34. The power of your pen shines through...beautiful...

  35. Hi Margie!
    Wishing you good health and sweet weekend time!

  36. does not sounds like a bad place to land every once in a while...smiles.


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Untie the ribbons.

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