Monday, January 28, 2008


Our little friends
who speak another language ...
dumb animals you say? Dumb?
Not you, my feathered beauty ...
making music for me when skies are grey!
Not you, my playful fluff of feline mischief ...
waiting at the window for my return at night!
Most of all, not you, lovable
barking approval of all I do ...
fetching my slippers ...
and lying in contentment beside our fireplace.
Dumb! Not they, who speak through silence
of loyalty and trust and love incomprable!

Suppose we build a bridge for you
our little friends so tried and true ...
When everthing on earth goes wrong ...
and life forgets to sing her song ...
you perk your ears and wag your tail ...
and say: "No fear, I'll never fail
Hold on, old pal, what'er you do
Close at your heels, we'll see it through
I'm all for you! I'm all for you!"


  1. full agreement from me :)
    i really like the way you gegan in free verse and then switched to a formal stucture
    it really added pace and stress to your point

  2. it was really a busy day. i enjoyed a lot. :D well, change of plan. he's not coming anymore but i still wanna go. hehe ;D i guess, i really have to make up my mind asap. thanks!
    take care


  3. I enjoyed that Marigie and so true. I have been looking after a four legged little friend ... and he so mischeivious ... yet, when he looks into your eyes and licks your face and cuddles up to you on the settee you know you have a friend.
    Friends of nature what joy they bring us as we gaze upon their beauty.
    hugs for you

  4. Happy Monday friend. Yeah, those are the real loyal kind!:)

    You know I saw a Swallow the other day sitting on my flower pot. It had it's half the body completely red like Cardinal and half of it grey like regular Swallow!!! So beautiful!! Some "Hanky Panky" going on in here!;D

  5. That's nice Margie. And very true!

  6. So true, so true. The animals are so much for us are they not.

    Goodlife my friend.

  7. beautiful ode to all the creatures who keep us company.
    sometimes i think thay're smarter than us.
    love it, margie!

  8. Wow Margie!
    This one brought tears to my eyes!

    Reminded me of our Doberman who died of food poisoning :(

    GBU and Regards

  9. This was beautiful as always Margie!

    The best sound in the world when I woke up every morning upstate where I used to live were the doves. They have that unique little "coo" - I always used to think it was an owl until I started getting really into what kind of birds were out there. Here - watch this - it's where I used to live. You'll appreciate this!!!

    Now, I live where the only sounds are cars, trucks, and trains.

    Ah well. :)

  10. It's true...They are beautiful creatures that sometimes could be our best friend and so loyal!

    Happy Monday Margie.

    All the best.

  11. awwwwwwww so darn cute and sweeeeeeet! :)

    HUGGGGGGGGGZ my friend!


  12. Aw Margie, how so true.

    Where would I be without my daily dose of the fine feathered friends that visit us each day by the window.. Very nice Margie.. :)

  13. Thanks very much, Floots!
    I tried something different in this poem, and you noticed!
    So glad you liked it!
    I appreciate your nice comment!



    Hi Cez
    Happy to hear that!
    Take care!



    Hello Trinitystar
    I'm happy to know you enjoyed my poem.
    Thanks so much!
    So, you have a been taking care of a four legged friend that gives you cuddles and adaorable!
    I just love all my furry friends, and the birds in my backyard!
    They make my day complete!

    Hugs returned to you!


  14. Happy Monday to you too, my friend, Asha
    Loyal friends, Indeed...they are!
    The best friends...for life!

    That swallow you saw must have been quite beautiful...
    I love to watch birds!



    Thank you, Art!


    Hello Robert
    Yes, the animals are so much for us!
    Thank you!


  15. Hello Polona
    You know, I think that too, that all those little creatures are smarter than us!
    Thanks for your nice comment!
    I appreciate it!



    Hi Arti
    Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your sad he died that way!
    You must miss him!
    Gosh, I did not mean to make you cry!

    I give hugs back to you!



    Hi Priya
    Thank you!


  16. Hello Deb
    Waking up to tha sound of doves...must have been wonderful!
    Thanks for your kind words and that link...I'll be watching it soon.



    Hi Noushy
    Best friends and loyal friends...our furry friends!
    I've had so many of them, and have loved them all!

    Happy Monday to you, or I should say, Happy Tuesday!




  17. Hi Keshi
    Thanks, my friend!



    Hello Eric
    I'm sure those fine feathered friends that visit you each day give you much joy!
    Thanks, Eric!


  18. Beautiful as always .. Margie.. i just love the way you perceive n think..

    God bless you!

  19. smiles. i have an affinity for animals as they are crazy cat knows how to get what she wants...we hope to get a hound dog for the boys soon...


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Untie the ribbons.

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