Thursday, January 15, 2009


In my haste
to explore the vastness
of all that surrounds
and centers on my life ...
I forgot
to look closely, sensitively
at the delicate pink petals
and intricate green leaf
of the little flower
you pressed
into my hand.

In my haste
and mundane preoccupation
with lesser things
all through this day ...
I forgot to tell you
I love you ...
therefore something beautiful
and too precious to waste
was lost
to both of us.


  1. YUP! Preoccupied with mundane things every day, we do forget to say how much we appreciate others. Good one, Margie.

    Good news; Trisha just got accepted to UNC at Chapel Hill this morning, she will leaving home in August. The only college she applied for, wanted to attend and she got it. Sigh.. kids grow up so fast,no? I am happy and sad at the time.

  2. To forget is usually the result of lifes pressures.

    You express your true feelings so beautifully Margie ~ very nicely done. :)

  3. those wich I care about I always tell them how much I love them...because life is going to fast and you must enjoy every minute of life

    hug, p

  4. true, we are so busy with our lives that we forget the little things and time goes by.Love this poem Margie.

  5. awww now can it get any PURER than this! I loved it.

    Only ppl like u u'stand how imp it is to show ppl u love that they r not forgotten.



  6. you're right- it has been too long! funny how life flies by.
    beautiful work.

  7. btw u got that right Margie...abt the biggest flirt on Earth lol!

    hv a good nite and a great weekend!


  8. Even me, I really can understand the entire picture. It's getting worst than ever. I just hope that he is worth the wait. It's getting harder and harder everyday since I am seeing the two of them all the time. But then, I have to act that nothing is wrong and yet, pretending is not really easy to do. I just wish that everything will be okay. This is actually the issue I am talking about in my previous posts. Thanks Margie! :)

    Your post is too sad. :(


  9. Margie,
    Beautiful! just beautiful!!!!!! It made me smile!

  10. how true! the truth is the little things in life are the most important ones and they r the ones we always forget to do like a simple "Ilove you".

    May I never be in a hurry to forget to cherish each moment.

    Beautiful Margie, as usual.

  11. U said it for all Margie and beautiful.

  12. I am happy that you noiticed.
    It may be the tiny obscure which commands the greatest meaning.
    I keep looking and sometimes finding.

    I like your poem.

  13. Lovely poem, Margie. How are you? Best wishes.

    Do you like photography? If so...

  14. And yet one can always leave a message for the other world and it's sure to be delivered.

    Truly you may not hear a response but if you listen closely perhaps you will.

    Goodlife my friend.

  15. Hi Margie, oh it has been such a long time since I paid you a visit. I have been tied up with my new grandaughter...

    A lovely poem.. Thankyou happy new year to you..

  16. Hey Margie this is so beautiful and yes all of us are guilty one way or another that in our haste we neglect or forget to appreciate people or things around us ;)

  17. Thanks so much, Asha & congrats on your good news....oh grow up in the blink of an eye.
    My son has been away at college now for 2 years....we miss him but he's doing so well in his life & we are so very proud!

    Hi Eric
    Thank you for your kind words!

    Hello Art
    Your nice comment is appreciated.
    Thank you.

    Me too, Patricija.
    But, slip up once in a while.


    Hi Starry,
    So glad you loved my poem.
    Thanks so much.

    Hi Keshi
    Your sweet comment means so much!
    Thank you.


    Thanks so much, Andrew.
    Yes, too long & time flies much to quickly.
    I've enjoyed reading your posts again...wonderful as usual!

    I guess I did get that right.
    "BIggest flirt on Earth! LOL!

    My weekend was not what we planned....the ski trip will have to wait due to my fall but my hand is much better's amazing how quickly we can heal.
    Just hung around & watched movies.
    It was fun though.
    Hope ur weekend was great!

    It will be okay.
    Hang in there!
    You are welcome.

    Hi Anne,
    Thanks so much for the nice comment & so glad my poem made u smile.

    Thanks very much, Christabelle

  18. this is so beautiful, margie, and yes, some of those moments can never be retrieved...

  19. Hi Priya & thank you very much.

    Hello Goatman,
    I enjoyed your comment & glad you liked my poem.
    Thanks so much.

    Hello Don,
    I'm doing well & best wishes to you.
    Thank you very much.

    Indeed, Robert, indeed!
    TC, my friend....and thank you.

    Hello Carol,
    So nice to have a visit from u again.
    Congrats on the new granddaughter.
    Thanks very much for your kind words.

    Hi Shionge & thanks so much, my friend.

    Hi Polona
    You are so right....some of those momments can never be retrieved.
    Thanks so much for the kind words.

  20. Wow. This is one of your best Margie!
    What a poignant poem and a good reminder to live each moment with the most love we can give.

  21. Hi Janice, thank you so much!
    It meant a lot to me when I was writing it,


  22. Hello kai
    Your awwww made me smile!
    Thank you.



Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker