Sunday, January 25, 2009


I hear sad and haunting soft played music
as the wind moans in the pines above
playing a harp of sorrow for tears that fall
in mourning for a long lost love.

The dancing leaves of reckless summertime
bring happy tunes for every tree
creating a light and lilting sweet refrain
borne by a vagrant breeze to me.

The sound of raindrops on a sloping roof
remind me of small fairies scampering here and there
lulling me with a symphony of sound
that drives away each worry and care.

The booming of the surf along the shore
the waves that lap the glistening, patient sand
sing songs of strange exotic far- off places
sometimes in chords I do not understand.

I hear music ... I need no instrument or strings
no trappings of a modern world can ever attain
perfection, like the scores of natures tunes
that ever match my moods of joy or pain.


  1. beautiful! (but I'm going to love anything about music :)

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  3. i hear people clapping...:)...its so beautiful...:)...


  4. Good Monday morning, Margie. Beautiful thoughts to start the week, enjoy! :))

  5. beautiful things make good music

  6. Enjoyed these lines Margie:

    The sound of raindrops on a sloping roof
    remind me of small fairies scampering here and there

  7. What a lovely poem Margie - wonderful imagery!You're so right - there is so much music no matter the season if we only stop and listen.
    Delightful write once again.

  8. margie,
    Just beautiful! I need to remember this poem in times of stress and worry. It is very soothing to the soul.


  9. Margie...
    i love to read and re-read your poetry...with every repeat i feel something differently...and this just reaches right into my heart and expresses so perfectly how i feel when i am anywhere that nature is singing...

    i wake up every morning to the sweet songs of birds and i think there is no music anywhere that could start my day as magically as this...

    beautiful poem...(it's so so wonderful to have you back again)

  10. Thanks! Thanks! I knew the results of my two exams and it was all good. Just waiting for the other two.

    Babies are so cute and I'm too excited as we have them in our crew pretty soon.

    If it's cold there, it's hot in here. Summer is just few months. Time to hit the beach.

    The poem is really beautiful. :)


  11. A beautiful poem Margie. You describe the sight & sounds of spring & summer so well, even as winter here still holds us in its icy grip. Well done my friend. :)

  12. Thanks very much, Andrew!
    And, yes I know how you feel about music....I'm sure it lightens your heart & soul!

    Hello Hemu
    Oh, thanks so much!
    I can "hear" your clapping!

    Thank you very much, Asha!
    Enjoy your week.
    Starting the week on a happy theme always is good for me & I'm sure you feel that way too.

    I agree with you, Vila.
    Thank you!

    Hi Priya
    Thanks so much!
    I'm kind of partial to those lines also.

    Hello Janice
    I appreciate your kind comment about my poem.
    Thank you very much!
    Yes, always beautiful music in each season..we just need to listen & enjoy it.

    Hi Anne
    It makes me happy that my poem was soothing to your soul.
    A very high compliment!
    Thanks so much, my friend!

  13. Hello Joanne
    How special it is to me that you would read and re-read my poetry and with every repeat feel something differently.
    Wow! that is awesome!
    I really like to hear that.

    Joanne, it is good to be back & it makes me very glad to know you are appreciative of my being back.
    Thanks so very much!
    You are very kind!

    Hi Cez
    Good work on your exams...I'm sure the others will bring good news also.

    Aren't babies just wonderful...I should have had more than two.
    But, God graced my life with two of the most amazing children!
    You will so enjoy being around those little babies than bring so much joy!

    Awww...the beach...I miss beaches in Co.

    Thanks very much for the kind words on my poem!

    Hello Eric
    Thanks very much!
    Take care, my friend.
    And, think about is just around the corner...Yay!

    Thanks so much, Art!

  14. too beautiful!

    I hear music in Nature, in chidlren's lil voices and in my mother's deeds...cos she's an angel, just like u!


  15. What would life be without music Margie....I love music in life.

  16. Awwww, Keshi, I'm sure your mother is an Angel as she has an Angel of a daughter!

    Thank you, dear for the kind words!

  17. Hi Shionge
    Life without music would be very sad and it's everywhere we go...I love the music of birds singing.
    Take care.

  18. Wonderful poem and beautiful flowers!

  19. Thank you, Venus66 for the kind words.



Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker