Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Denver Summer Night ~

This night each starry stab of light 
across the river trails a wriggling 
snake of silver 
in the water ...

A distant sadly comic saxophone 
cries faintly in the black and sultry summer 
Who ... stole my heart away?
Who ... an old piano mingles soft 
into the blessed Colorado breeze
crickets chirp and rasp a song as your 
slow breathing in my ear blends with 
the heat, the scent of dewy clover and 
the not quite heard strum buzz of stars.

It is a night for nakedness 
of soul.

(wildflowers are from my garden) 


  1. Flowers--the first attraction here, and they are your OWN! LOVE 'em.

    For some reason I pictred me and one other on a houseboat, pulled up on a river bank, tied u for the night, grilling smells, and stars showing, the whole scene inspired by your words, Margie. Lovely words. thanks!

  2. Beautiful floral riot. Your poem is lovely. My daughter spent July in Central City, Assistant Costume Designer at the opera house there --Wilder's "Our Town"-- and fell in love with Colorado. Photos she sent me were remarkable for clarity of air, water, sharpness of reflection.

  3. OH heavenly, oh my gosh Margie this is stunning, poem especially and the photo is pretty good too, but your poetry oh angel you are wonderful

  4. really nice visual on the silver of the moon on the river...and i love your use of music in this as well...an important question as well there in the middle...smiles.

  5. That is absolutely beautiful!!!

  6. Gorgeous pic, Margie. Beautiful garden. And breathtakingly beautiful poem...the melancholy mood is captured perfectly.

  7. Your writing is heavenly and your photo is, too (love the muted background with the "pops" of color)...you are very talented, Margie! I can't write like this, no matter how hard I've tried...


  8. Beautiful picture Margie! And, beautiful poem! I have to say, the last line, "a night for nakedness of soul", I find very seductive! I love your imagery in this one!
    (Margie, I am honored you are considering buying something from my shop! Please give me a hint if you, personally, like baby crows or adult crows. I don't mind putting something extra in for you! Big Hugs!)

  9. Beautiful poetry as ever, Margie, and thank you for your encouragement, much needed.

  10. I absolutely love all of this. All of it. The ending had me yelling "yes! YES!"

    Thank you!


  11. beautiful!! :)

    p.s: just got back... lots happened!
    maybe in an email, send me one on neerja.yadav@gmail.com

  12. Love the wild abandon of the photo. And lovely words too.

  13. You make me want to write poetry. I did years ago - nothing great - but it always happened when I had my hands in warm water or bathing my kids. weird.

  14. Wild flowers - so beautiful just like your poem :D

  15. Wonderful poem Margie!
    I always love reading your poems.
    Have a great day!

  16. Such a beautiful poem, Margie!
    A moment in time recorded forever...and such a Soul-stirring moment too.
    Just perfect...:)

  17. Night in Dever, Colorado sounds great, judging by your lovely poem.
    The wild flowers in your garden; I could almost smell their fragrance.

  18. Hello everyone
    If you should happen by and read this , I want to thank you all for the visits and wonderful comments.
    Such nice people!

    Once again, I find I do not have the time to reply to each comment as I'm just so tired after a long and busy week with my granddaughter Rose.
    But, she is the delight of my heart and I treasure every moment with her.
    I just put her to bed, and she fell fast asleep, we had such a fun and busy day ((she will be at my house for a week while her parents are on vacation)
    Now, I shall make a nice cup of apple cider and relax with hubby :)

    I so appreciate all the comments.
    Many, many thanks to all of you .


  19. sharing your love for flowers <3 thank you for another inspiring post

  20. Beautiful poem! I love the wildflowers, they are so sweet and lovely.

  21. so very many lovely images here!


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bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker