Sunday, August 25, 2013

Do You Remember?

Do you remember
how they looked and spoke and moved about 
so many years ago?
How their voices 
long since stilled by time 
once spoke your name?
Do you sometimes 
think of them 
trying to make the memory of their faces
come sharp and clear and beautiful 
only to discover 
that like old and yellowed photographs 
quaintly posed 
tranquil and faded 
there is sadness even in their smiling?
Sometimes do you wonder 
if they could see you now 
that it would be 
so beautiful for them 
an occasion for 
Now that all their ancient love 
has long since burned to hallowed ash
do you remember 
how much of all that love
which warmed their hearts 
and stirred their hopes 
was preciously ...
just you? 

(photo is from Google ) 


  1. My parents both died in their sixties before they could see me married and set up in a career. They never met my daughter, their granddaughter.
    What it would be like if they were here now?
    Nice post!

  2. I remember...vividly...this made me weep, Margie.

  3. smiles...the consolation is that the love they gave still burns inside...and they i am sure are smiling somewhere...

  4. They are still here, inside me --the people who have meant so much but couldn't live forever. I still consult them! Beautiful poem!

  5. Yes I remember What a deep touching beautiful poem Margie Thanks

  6. No one in my life has ever loved me like my mom Love for her is Eternal...tears fall because she was so sick nobody wanted to see her, but I did 'cause she was my mom and I saw her - her heart through any storms and she always always loved me...Even when she stopped being herself, sometimes I still feel her and will forever

  7. Margie, this is so touching and beautiful that it is easy to tell that it came from deep within your heart.

    At my age I often think back to yesteryear and remember all of the happiness and love that made me who I am.

    I miss all my family and friends that have passed and wish they were all alive and still here on this earth. But I am grateful that I have those faded photos and memories...they still comfort me.

  8. Margie - I have been feeling your passionate sadness, brokenness, longing and darker shadows gloriously written in poem and memory. I remember too, your words opened my fragile heart.
    Love Gail

  9. Oh yes - I remember!

    So beautifully written.

  10. Margie, this excellent journey into the past (passed?)caused a flood of thoughtful memories. Thank you.

    Oh, very PLEASANT trip... :-)

  11. This poem brought me back to a place I wasn't at today my friend, tears, sorrow and pain, but it's all good, for I feel it's healthy to cry now and then.

  12. Yes, I remember them and think of them often.
    I miss their unconditional love for me,and wish they could be around to offer it again.

    Thanks Margie for your moving little poem.

  13. you have a lovely blog.. thank you for your kind comment over on mine. xo

  14. So beautiful, but so sad! I am so lucky to have my mother still! I am grateful for everyday! Many of times I think of my Uncle Nester! He smiled so much and was a great person! He died very young!
    Take care my friend ;o) xooxx

  15. As long as one remembers,
    a person never truly dies,
    they live on in our memories.

  16. How beautiful Margie. Very moving.

  17. Oh wow, wonderful haunting poem and image. Made me so miss my parents. Their images fleeted through my inner vision while reading this.

  18. Wow...this truly took my breath away, Margie...I am moved to tears.
    Powerful, poignant images of all my lost loved ones flitted across my mind as I read is incredible. xxx

  19. Hello to of you wonderful people!
    Your comments are so very much appreciated!
    I want to reply to each of you and I shall but not tonight as I'm just too tired.
    That little granddaughter of mine completely wore me out today!



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Untie the ribbons.

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