Friday, August 30, 2013

Fog ~

Fog is like a big gray wall, except that it is all soft and misty. It 
seems to ensnare you in a realm all your own and set you entirely 
apart from the outside world. You may walk on and on and never 
appear to be going anywhere. Time seems to stand still.
   Some people think of fog as dreary and forbidding. I think it is
beautiful and mysterious. When you approach a light very closely 
you can see the fog softly floating about like beautiful billowy 
clouds . It seems as though it is trying to enclose the light and hide it 
completely from view.
   I love the musty damp smell that accompanies a fog. It is utterly thrilling
to wander aimlessly when mists change the world, making everything
even yourself, feel unreal.


  1. How I look forward to the tule fogs of the Sacramento Valley in Autumn --especially after this very hot summer. Fog indeed transforms the familiar into somewhere magical.

  2. Margie, my dear friend, that is absolutely beautiful, and I must say . . . that I love the fog!!!

  3. How wonderful, Margie! A balm to any inner turbulence. I agree. Such a nice always...beautiful! :)

  4. I love fog. It is beautiful and mysterious, and changes one;'s experience of the landscape. It reminds me of outdoors times and places I have enjoyed. Relaxing, sleepy. Time to build a nice fire, and relax.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  5. So pleased you liked my excerpt from First Wolf, Margie. You would love it here when fog freezes on the trees and bushes, every twig. Quite magical. Hugs to you x

  6. oh me too..i think of it as mysterious...of opportunity and things we just cant see yet just the other side of it....

    happy saturday margie. hope you have a magical day

  7. unquestionably pure bliss ...wonderful, soothing angel x

  8. I love fog, too. It softens and blurs our world. We're heading into a foggy time of year for us so I'm excited. Mind you, when I lived on the ocean, fog could make the world a scary scary place. Totally impenetrable. But still cool (except when driving) :)

  9. HI MARGIE - I so love and appreciate the mystery of fog. The misty shadows and water droplets swirling in a gray form inspire me and soothe me. Lovely post.
    Love Gail

  10. Margie, this is beautifully written and you have expressed how I feel about the fog, also...thank you for that~~~


  11. Very mysterious fog is! I love fog too Margie ;o) Hugs ;o)

  12. I've never really liked fogs, until now.

  13. Oh I know exactly what you mean...fog is so ethereal, so mysterious. I love the way it transforms even ordinary everyday things into something unfathomable...makes venturing outdoors such an adventure.
    On a foggy day I feel like a child again, on the verge of a fabulous adventure!
    I can't wait for October, and all those foggy mornings!!!

    Many thanks for this, Margie.
    I love it xxx

  14. Beautifully written - i love fog also.

  15. Geo, thanks for the visit.
    I agree with you about fog transforming the familiar into something magical.

    Lon, thanks so much for the kind words.

    Michael, your nice comment is very much appreciated.
    Many thanks.

    Rob-Bear, I see that you love fog too, from your comment.
    Enjoy it, next time it makes an appearance.
    Blessings to you as well.

    Carole, I have seen that which you speak of, fog freezing on the trees and bushes and I agree, it does have a magic to it.

    Brain, yes, such a mystery to the fog, I love that.
    I had a wonderful Saturday, thank you.

    Lorraine, thanks so much.

    Kim, another fog lover... Yay!
    And I can imagine it could be very scary living on the ocean and driving, well, that is so awful!
    Once when I was driving in the fog, I could not see a thing.
    I had to pull over till the fog passed and it was a long time.

    Gail, your words were poetry to me.
    You should write!
    Thanks for the kind words.
    Love & peace to you.

    Jan, many thanks for the nice comment.

    Stacy, you love fog too like I do.

    Damyanti, thanks for the visit and now you like fog, I like that my poem changed your mind ...LOL

    Ygraine, well, you loved my poem and I loved your comment.
    Thanks so much.

    Sandy, many thanks for the kind words.

    I thank all of you for the visits and wish you all a wonderful week ahead.


  16. I also love to it in a's magical indeed

  17. We don't get a lot of fog here, but I agree that it's definitely mysterious! You put it so beautifully.


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