Monday, August 05, 2013

Silence is for Listening

There are songs to be heard in silence! 
Melodies interweaving the pensive quietude 
psalms of fruitfulness and harvest to come
proclaiming life beneath the canopy of winter 
the river's mystic lament for freedom 
where bold canyons contain  its breadth ...

Once I felt the eloquence of a joyful hymn
seeing a doe in silent vigil over her fawn ...

I have heard anthems ascending mountain heights 
and Brahms Lullaby in a somnolent valley.
The songs in silent interludes! To hear them
is to banish loneliness from our solitudes.


  1. so true... and silence can be the most deafening sound of all... xx

  2. HI - oh yes, the sounds of silence are vast.
    Love to you

  3. So beautiful Margie, I am so pleased to discover your blog. Thank you :)

  4. Wow! I'm so happy to be reading your poems again. The title itself is arresting. Silence is invaluable. Even our minds talk or sing in silence and it sometimes help us to slow down,to pause amidst the cacophony of voices in our everyday life.

  5. ah lovely....i saw a fawn once...i was kayaking a river and glided right by peaceful...that was a joyous silence for sure...

  6. OH Margie, THANK YOU! You just enabled me to find why I am never bored. There is always some works of music playing in my head, opera, symphony, quartet, ballet, something almost ALWAYS.

    (And I'm blessed (allowed) to hear all the different instruments, rather than a simple melodic line.

    And yes, music also has it's silences such as you so well describe--while the doe watches over the fawn...


  7. Margie, I think this is your most beautiful poem ever. You hit the pulse of what life is about. Yes, music in the silence. So often overlooked and taken for granted. This made my heart sing. :)

  8. Ah. the beauty is felt and the embrace known..." banish loneliness from our solitudes."

  9. oh....gasp this is beyond compare angel

  10. ...and all we have to do is listen!
    How incredibly beautiful this is...I cannot find the words to express how deeply this has touched my Soul.
    Thank you so much xxx

  11. Silence is golden ;o) Truly, you do hear so much ;o) Love your writings ;o) Big Hugs Margie ;o)

  12. What a beautiful expression, Margie. My Pastor is 87, and when he was widowed, he said, "I learned how to be alone without being lonely". He remarried about 8 years ago and is very, very happy!

  13. Yes, I need silence to write or to paint. I like your phrase "canopy of winter."

  14. How lovely - silence is vast!

  15. Cat, indeed it can be the most deafening sound. x

    Gail, they are vast and wondrous, music to my ears.
    Love to you.

    Rose, thank you so much.

    SusaN, thank you and I like your comment very much!

    Brian, many thanks. I love to kayak but go very seldom, just no time these days.
    What a beautiful sight to see the fawn on your kayak trip.

    Steve. E, hope the music never leaves you, thank you for sharing that.
    And you are welcome.

    Talon (Kim) oh my, how very kind you are. Thank you so much.

    Rose Marie, many thanks.

    Lorraine, thank you so much.

    Ygraine, your kind words are much appreciated. Thank you very much. xx

    Magic Love Crow (Stacy) thank you, dear. xx

    Michael, thanks very much. And I loved that story about your pastor. He is blessed.

    Sarah, so nice to have you visit and thank you so much.

    I wish all of you a great weekend full of joy.

    Margie :)

  16. Caterina's comment "stole my thunder"--no pun intended. I agree that silence can be potent!


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker