Sunday, August 18, 2013


If time would stop 
sundials stand at noon
winds not blow
leaves not fall below
on your command 
I would listen 
to the words you hurl 
and they would hurt.
But time does not wear patience 
in her hair 
weather vanes blow north and south 
acorns grow 
fall upon the ground.
And I will braid your multicolored words 
into a rug 
and throw it down 
to hide the dirt.


  1. dang....with attitude...smiles
    love the braiding of the words and throwing them down to hide the dust....

  2. I love the sentiment here and those last lines are beautiful. In the Jewish religion gossip is greatly frowned upon and called 'loschen horra'.

  3. Oh my gosh a masterpiece, now why can't i write like that it's similar in sentiments to my doubt, but yours oh yours is MAGNIFICENT

  4. "And I will braid your multicolored words
    into a rug
    and throw it down
    to hide the dirt."

    love these lines...

    (thanks for your kind words over at my place, too!)

  5. That last line, Margie - wow! Just a perfect poem. Loved it!

  6. Ahhh... in counting time, time counts... not the words of that time!

    Nice Margie!

  7. Margie - I sense in my core, I feel in my soul that you are wrestling with a doubt. I am taken in by your depth and truth and search and wisdom. I believe you know.....
    Love Gail

  8. Excellent Margie! Stamp on it, when it's in the dirt ;o) Hugs ;o)

  9. BEautifully written.

  10. Some really nice images crafted

    Much love...

  11. This is so beautiful! You write from your heart and so there is so much feeling shown here in these few lines...excellent!!!


  12. wow, and the braiding rugs to throw over the dirt - wow, love that sentence.

  13. The image of a rug braided to cover the dirt is perfect.

  14. Awesome ines, again Margie! Great to see you back!

  15. Delightfully written. Gotta do something about the dirt; at least you're being creative!

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting
    Life in the Urban Forest (poetry)

  16. Thanks so much, Brian.
    Yes, with some attitude ... LOL
    Smiles ~

    Many thanks for your visit Rosalind and the kind words.
    Yes, gossip in the Jewish religion is much frowned upon.
    I do my very best to refrain from gossip ~

    Lorraine, how kind but a Masterpiece, well, I will just say, thank you very much ~

    Thank you, Leslie, so much ~

    Kim, I so appreciate the kind words and thanks very much ~

    Magyar, I really like the words you shared and many thanks ~

    Gail, you have a great sense and yes, I do know.
    Your kind words are appreciated.
    Thanks so much ~
    Love and peace to you, my friend ~

    Magic Crow Love (Stacy) Yes, that is just what I shall do. LOL
    Thanks very much.
    Hugs ~

    Many thanks, ladyfi for the kind words ~

    Gillena, thanks for the visit and nice comment.
    It is appreciated ~

    Jan, so nice to find you through Stacy.
    Thanks for the follow and kind words.
    I do appreciate them ~

    Sandy, thank you very much ~

    Thanks so much, Carol ~

    Sreejith, so nice to see you here, after some time.
    Hope life is great!
    Many thanks for the nice comment ~

    Rob-Bear, I appreciate the kind words, thanks so much ~

    Wishing all of you a wonderful and delightful day ~


  17. Words can heal or wound. Language is so powerful, and this is such a timely post, Margie! :)

  18. "...sundials stand at noon..."

    Have never seen four words joined better.

  19. So so true....'multi-colour' if I may add....'filter multi-colour' ehhehee.....nope...yours is better :D


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker