Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Eyes of Youth

Sweet sky and sun that seem
to reach through covering
of stern belief holding youth 
to black or white or sometimes 
gray of doubt. Unlock his mind 
to find its own young simple way.
His genes are good, his aims
are high, he needs to be released 
to try, and if he falls
it only adds to his resolve
to try again. Some say 
it is our failures that teach us 
to be strong. I only know 
there is a special haunting look
of dreams in his young eyes
a straightened back of courage
and grip of reason in his hands.
He will do well 
if he can make more good choices 
on his own.


  1. oo the haunting look of dreams in the eyes of truth so true....yes, we have to live and learn and fail...and hopefully listen a bit along the way....

  2. The dreams of youth, Margie, so beautifully described in your poem. Yes, it's in their eyes...and letting them go and letting them find their own way is so hard as a parent. Harder still, when they inevitably fall, but how wonderful to watch them dust themselves off and get up again.

  3. Ah yes, so true! Very beautifully written.

  4. so beautiful angel and so true for everything....reminded me of the baby bird first time he sought to fly ....amazing

  5. Hi Margie,
    Well said. Our failiers and wrong decisions do make us stronger.
    Have a great day!

  6. I wish I am young again heheheh....

  7. HI MARGIE - one of your darker and more mysterious poems, where fear, hope, truth and faith blend. Haunting and beautiful.
    Love Gail

  8. We all have to find our way! Beautiful poem my friend! Hugs ;o)

  9. Very moving poem. I still feel that pain of having had to let go with my two (and they're both in their 40s now!)

  10. So very touching.
    I know well the pain of having to watch helplessly as the young ones learn through making mistakes.
    To intervene and save them from getting hurt would be somehow wrong...would prevent them from learning...never stopped me yearning to do just that though!

    Hauntingly beautiful.

  11. I love this and will copy and pass to a friend who's son is having difficulty finding his way. Lovely work as usual. x

  12. That -straightened back of
    __Nicely posed Margie, and I thank you for your visits! _m

  13. I could so relate to this, having four sons who are not adult men with their own families and their own challenges. Enjoyed reading this.

  14. Youth: I've seen old men at 22 and young men at 60. What an evocative poem. You write so beautifully, Margie! :)


Each day comes
bearing its own gifts ...
Untie the ribbons.

-Ruth Ann Schabacker