Monday, September 23, 2013

Lines To My Daughter ~

My daughter
I would place a shining token 
in your hand tonight
not wrought of silver ~  neither yet of gold 
for silver tarnishes and gold is bought 
my gift must be of substance 
shining stuff from which my dreams of you are made 

its center and circumference is love
without love one cannot be part of pain 
or glory or of lilting laughter 

it must be tinted with the flush of early dawn 
as on the day you came to me 
all blanketed in newness 
with the star-dust of eternity
within your eyes ~  so strangely used to seeing 

encircling it ~  there is a mist of blues 
the blue of evening when we watched 
the quiet stars appear ~ the smiling blues of April 
when we sought the first green tender bud 
and there is just a trace of blues or grayish cast 
when in our hearts and all about  ~ showers threatened 
and you'd lay your hand protectingly in mine 

over all there is the peace of cloistered pools 
I'd sit upon a rock ~  while you
would place your firm dancing toes into the stream
and laugh ~ and laughing nourish me!
much more I'd offer you ~  my daughter 
courage, constancy and faith 
but these are not my gifts to give 
but His who gave to me ~  the gift 
of the utter loveliness of you!


  1. What a beautiful tribute to your daughter.

  2. the star dust of eternity in her eyes....smiles....a lovely verse for your lovely is she as well...

  3. Oh, Margie, this is so tender and so touching poem!

    These are the very precious gifts we can offer to our daughters- constancy ( always being for them in good times and in the times with porblems), courage and faith. Faith in them no matter what will happen.

    He taught us to give these gifts, and to love, love and love.

    Beautiful verses filled with deep wonderful thoughts.

    I also love the picture of both you. You are both beautiful and so young!

  4. That's such a beautiful picture, and poem, my friend!!!

  5. What a sweet tribute to your daughter! She's beautiful like her mom :)

  6. Margie - what a wonderful gift to your daughter. Love wraps itself around each word.

  7. Oh, this is a beautiful poem for your daughter!

  8. I love this whole tribute to motherhood and daughterhood, but MOST I was drawn to these final words:

    "...courage, constancy and faith
    but these are not my gifts to give
    but His who gave to me ~ the gift
    of the utter loveliness of you!"

    Your humble truth which equals LOVE, is of what heaven is made.

    I am enthralled.......

  9. Magnifique poème à ta mère. Un très bel envoi.


  10. Yes, Margie, as your friends have already said, a truly touching tribute. What a lovely photo, too!

  11. oh ....angel, I don't have the words, so touched, feel the Love for your daughter and i know she feels the same, part you, part handsome...she can do no harm ...and neither can you

  12. What a beautiful tribute poem. Daughters are so special...magical...and you captured her beauty perfectly, Margie.

  13. Hi Margie, Daughters are so wonderful! I feel blessed to have a daughter myself.The picture of you and your daughter is very nice. She is beautiful Margie.
    I love the poem!

  14. still showing your magic touch for us to enjoy

  15. (sniff)....this had me tearing up - it is so awesomely beautiful and although I don't but wish I had a daughter - my sons will have to do - and they do good. Beautiful photo of you two.

  16. Oh Margie - this is so beautiful. I am overwhelmed.
    Love Gail

  17. Margie, I am crying happy tears! This is so beautiful! Big Hugs ;o)

  18. So very sweet. This is such a lovely and touching poem.

  19. Your daughter is beautiful as well is your tribute to her very touching

  20. Oh Margie...what a touching tribute to your full of love. I simply adore it.

    And your picture is amazing. You are both so

  21. All are blessed by and your daughter, both beauties, and we to share this..thank you..

  22. Margie...thanks for the lovely comment on my blog. Thanks to you, I've come out of my three month bloggy break.

    What a delightful poem. Both of you are so fortunate!!

  23. Hi Margie! So happy to find your blog today!

    I hope you have shown this to your daughter? Or is she your twin? She looks just like you! And what a happy soul she seems to be too.

    Where would we be without the love of our family? You have seen the love in her, but that is a reflection of the love that you have given her. Beautiful :)

    Nice to meet you!

  24. I am truly touched by all of the lovely comments.
    Thank you all so much.
    I shall reply to each one of you over the weekend when I have some spare time, not much time when I'm taking care of my 'little Rose' but oh! the joy of being with her is so heartwarming.

    Wishing all of you a wonderful day!


  25. And this to BE - Birth Eternal.. "...with the star-dust of eternity..." Much love...


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Untie the ribbons.

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